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IEMs & Earphones


S: Must try. Experience what the best has to offer.
A: While not at the top of the summit, Grade-A IEMs are still very respectable performers that would still be considered as some of the best by many.
B: Can essentially be described as “very good”, or excellent performers in their own right.
C: Average in the grand scheme of things, anywhere from “passable” to “good”.
D: The threshold for “bad” starts here.
E: The truly horrible.
F: The failures. One needs to literally sound broken to reach the depths of F-tier.

Value Rating

★: “Worth the price” (MSRP)
– Only those with a grade of “C” or above are considered for their first star.
– Discontinued models are not eligible.
★★: “Redefines the price bracket”
★★★: “Revolutionary” (For its time)
– Needs to be eligible for at least a ★ rating before ★★★ can be considered.
– Discontinued models may still be considered.

“You’re the measurements guy! You measure more than you listen! I’m not going to listen to you!

Great, I’m not telling you to. My work on measurements is separate from my reviewing work. It takes me 2 minutes to measure an IEM, you honestly think I don’t have time to listen to it as well?

↓↓↓ READ THIS: Notes & Disclaimers ↓↓↓

  • The IEMs are ranked purely by sonic performance. Fit, isolation, durability, build quality etc. are ignored unless they interfere with the sound itself.
    • The IEMs are not ranked in terms of price-to-performance value. They are ranked according to what I think is “objectively” the best.
  • The IEMs in each tier are sorted alphabetically.
  • Most of the IEMs in this list are determined based off (universal) demo units from shops.
    • Customs tried will be specified as “custom”. A “Third party custom” is someone else’s customs that I forcefit into my ears. Any other use of the term “unit” will be universal.
  • The positions are not set in stone. I’m only human; I may miss out on certain details or traits that may only be apparent with repeated listening. Expect changes.
  • Ranks will be determined based on the best unit tried. Because of this, I am not accounting for unit variation. I cannot guarantee that what I’m hearing is what you will be hearing.
    • This will revert to the most recent unit tried if there is a significant time gap between the last and most recent times I tried a particular model.
  • Unreleased products will not be included in the ranking list until they are officially out of preorder stages or have production units sent to distributors. I will still be talking about them in my subreddit if I ever get the opportunity to try such units.
  • Prices are at MSRP in USD. Prices not directly available in USD are based off the exchange rate during the time of writing.
  • A (non-complete) list of IEMs that I’ve tried can be found on my measurements database.
    • If you can tell, a lot of IEMs on the database (that I’ve tried) are not in this list. This is could be due to lack of interest or lack of enough ear time to make a proper decision on tier placement.
  • Yes, this is the opinion of one person on the internet. Please do not get too offended if your favourite IEM isn’t graded as highly as you’d like. (vice versa applies)
  • This list is meant to be used as a reference point. I highly recommend against blind-buying and suggest to have a listen to the IEMs yourself. By all means, use this to shortlist what you should try in the future but don’t take it as gospel.

To aid searching, ranks without the + or – symbol will be marked with a “=”. That also includes the E & F ranks.

RankValue RatingModelPrice (MSRP)SignatureCommentsSetupBased onNote weight
S=★★★64 Audio A/U12t2000Mild U-shapeAmazing bass (for a BA), top-tier resolution and detail-oriented signature.12BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0
S=★★Hidition Viento950VariableBest-in-class tuning and tonal balance with near-perfect coherency.4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-3
S=qdc 8SL/Gemini/Anole VX1410Neutral with bass boostReference tuning with good tonality and top-level resolution. Similar tunings across top tier models.8/10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-2
S=★★★Sony IER-Z1R2000Mild V-shapeHighly defined sound, realistic sub-bass focus and spacious imaging capabilities.1BA 2DDPersonal unit-3
S=Vision Ears VE82700Warm neutralExtremely coherent signature with a pleasing tuning and high technicalities.8BAE1 demo unit2
S-★★★64 Audio Tia Trio2300WarmA more correct sounding version of the Fourte with slight cutbacks in staging and sheer resolution.2BA 1DDE1 demo unit1
S-★★★InEar Prophile-81600NeutralVery "studio" like sound, heavy priority on technicalities8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-1
S-Jomo Flamenco2200Warm neutralTuned to be more pleasing and tonally accurate compared to the old Flamenco at the cost of sheer detail.11BAShowfloor demo unit-4
S-Jomo SambaV-shapedLively and engaging with big clarity and detail, perhaps too much for some8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-4
S-★★★Shure KSE12002000Bright V-shapeEasily at the top in terms of resolution and definition, but comes with a big treble spike and slightly odd mids.ElectrostaticA2A Melbourne demo unit-5
S-Unique Melody Legacy1650Neutral with bass boostBeautifully tuned yet highly technically proficient12BAStereo SG demo unit0
S-Vision Ears Erlkonig4800VariableGood tonality, high resolution and an overall decent all-rounder.13BAThird party unit2
A+64 Audio A/U18 Tzar3000Warm V-shapeA rather simple and "mainstream" tuning refined to an extremely high level.18BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1
A+A&K T8iENeutral with bass boostHard-to-dislike tuning with excellent clarity and resolutionDDZeppelin & Co demo unit0
A+Beyerdynamic Xelento1000V-shapedLike the T8iE, with a little more trebleDDZeppelin & Co demo unit0
A+★★★Campfire Andromeda (S)1100Warm U-shapeHighly coherent, easy-to-love tuning and spacious headstage5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit2
A+Empire Ears Legend X2300V-shapedHigh resolution hybrid flawed only by lack of control in the bass regions.5BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1
A+Empire Ears Zeus-XIV2730Bright neutralTop tier detail and resolution with poor tone and timbre reproduction.14BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-4
A+Jomo Trinity SS2800Upper mid focusedHighly detailed, well separated imaging though severely lacking in treble extension.2EST 4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit-3
A+★★Kumitate KL-Sirius815NeutralExcellent technical ability, well tuned with a dash of Japanese flavour.4BAThird party custom-4
A+★★Moondrop S8700Harman-neutralMore faithful to the Harman target compared to the A8, with a smoother bass response.8BAOardio demo unit
A+PEARS SH31100NeutralGreat detail pickup and solid all-rounder, perhaps a little strident.3BAThird party unit-4
A+★★★Sony MDR-EX1000Bright DF-neutralOutstanding imaging and detail retrieval though can be intense to listen to.DDThird party unit-3
A+Sony IER-M91500Warm neutralNeutral tonality, highly coherent and decent detail pickup.5BAShowfloor demo unit2
A+StereoPravda SB72500Bright DF-neutralTechnically proficient but marred by a sharp timbre. Interesting concept.7BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-5
A+Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro Gen 2Warm neutralSomewhat reference tuning with emphasis on tonal accuracy and naturalness6BAPersonal unit3
A+★★★Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM)NeutralThe benchmark of an era, dead-flat with an upper treble boost3BAPersonal custom-3
A+Vision Ears Elysium3200Mild V-shapeFirst decent implementation of Sonion's EST tweeters.2EST 1BA 1DDE1 demo unit
A=64 Audio tia Fourte3600W-shapedUnique sound; high clarity and bass response with immensely wide staging, held back by a wonky tonality.3BA 1DDE1 demo unit-3
A=64 Audio N81700BassySub-bass focus, rich and smooth yet relatively neutral in tone.8BA 1DDPersonal custom4
A=★★Audeze iSine 20 (Cipher)600Harman-neutralDSP corrects the glaring tonality issues and brings out the iSine driver's full potential.PlanarStereo SG demo unit0
A=Campfire Solaris (SE)1500"Balanced"Coherent and well balanced hybrid though with slight midrange hollowness.3BA 1DDE1 demo unit0
A=Elysian Hades V21550VariableUpper-mid forward signature with intense upper treble response.6BAShowfloor demo unit
A=Elysian TerminatorWarm V-shapeWell rounded smooth signature that doesn't offend.8BAShowfloor demo unit3
A=Elysian Terminator V22500V-shapedA more intense, upper-mid forward Terminator V1 with the same level of technical ability.8BAShowfloor demo unit
A=★★Fearless S8F/S8Pro490V-shapedTonally pleasing V-shaped signature on a solid technical foundation.8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-3
A=FitEar MH334SR2000Warm neutralA MH334 with more treble extension and more opened imaging.4BAThird party unit3
A=★★★Hidition NT61050DF-neutralIf Etymotic made a multi-BA IEM, this would be the closest to that dream6BANull Audio demo unit-1
A=Hidition NT81850NeutralColoured neutral kind of sound that works better with Asian genres.8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit0
A=Hyla CE-5915U/W-shapedProbably the best bass response I've ever heard. Thin-ish midrange that sounds unnatural on certain instruments.1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-4
A=Hyla TE-5B1300U/W-shapedSimilar to the CE-5 though ever-so-slightly thinner in the midrange.1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-4
A=JH Roxanne1745WarmRich and smooth, perfect for male vocals12BAA2A Melbourne demo unit4
A=Jomo Trinity Brass2800WarmThe warmer of the Trinity models, sacrificing technical ability for a more pleasing and smoother tone.2EST 4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit2
A=Lime Ears Model X1000VariableTechnically capable IEM that goes from decently neutral to warm and smooth in a pinch.4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0
A=Lime Ears Aether1350Neutral with bass boostExcellent clarity and tone but marred slightly by slightly lackluster resolution5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1
A=Moondrop A8667Harman-neutralAn odd but surprisingly decent take on the Harman signature, with added midbass compared to the S8.8BAOardio demo unit
A=NCM Bella1050U-shapedPowerful bass combined with clean sounding mids, though perhaps a tad aggressive at times.8BA 1DDReview unit-1
A=Noble K10Neutral with bass boostVery safe tuning, almost to the point of boredom. Does nothing wrong but nothing right either10BAStereo SG demo unit0
A=Noble K10 Encore1850NeutralReference oriented sound focused on technicalities10BAStereo SG demo unit-1
A=Noble Katana1850Neutral with laid-back trebleLike the K10, except with less bass9BAStereo SG demo unit-1
A=Noble Khan2300U-shapedClean yet lean, solid low-end rumble but treble get splashy. Technical but lacking naturalness for top performance.1Piezo 4BA 1DDThird party unit-5
A=Oriolus MK21100WarmLively yet non-fatiguing hybrid experience3BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-2
A=qdc 4SS700NeutralHigh clarity, high resolution reference-type monitor with spot-on tone.4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0
A=qdc 5SH900V-shapedFun, lively signature that retains high levels of performance.5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0
A=★★★Sony MDR-EX800ST/MDR7550350Bright neutralA more forgiving, warmer version of the EX1000.DDThird party unit-2
A=Sony Justear XJE-MH2 "Club"2150Warm DF-neutralNice, pleasant signature that is reminiscent of a more textured HS1551.1BA 1DDThird party custom1
A=Soranik Ion1100WarmClearly inspired by the 334, follows the same strengths in female vocals5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit3
A=Stealthsonics U9 JDM1100Neutral with bass boostDoes away with the timbre issues of the standard U9.8BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit0
A=Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered (UERR)1000Neutral with laid-back trebleWarm with good tonality. Good all-rounder albeit definitely not a reference signature.3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1
A=Unique Melody Maestro V22000"Balanced"It's... there. Hard to find words for this one12BAStereo SG demo unit-3
A=Westone ES601300Neutral with laid-back trebleGreat timbre and well-tuned, held back by its resolution6BAA2A Melbourne demo unit2
A-64 Audio tia Fourte Noir3800W-shapedA bassier and warmer Fourte though also strangely sharper and less technical.3BA 1DDE1 demo unit0
A-Acoustune HS1650650V-shapedWell textured and energetic with a sub-bass focus.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-2
A-Dita Dream1800V-shapedExcellent resolution and detail let down by its metallic tonality and thin midrangeDDZeppelin & Co demo unit-3
A-★★Drop + JVC HA-FDX1280NeutralHighly technical sound with a clean, well-tuned neutral signature.DDReview unit
A-Elysian Artemis V2700NeutralA detailed, somewhat neutral-sounding IEM that should fit most people's tastes.3BAShowfloor demo unit
A-Elysian Poseidon1940Neutral with bass boostGood, inoffensive midrange tone and bass tuning, marred by the lack of low-level detailing.6BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit
A-★★★Etymotic ER4XR350DF-neutralA more mainstream tuning of the ER4S/SR with slightly boosted bass.BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-4
A-Fearless S6Pro390DF-neutralTechnical tuning with very forward detailing.6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-3
A-FitEar MH3341900WarmPerfect for female vocals, but otherwise quite coloured4BAThird party custom3
A-FitEar TG3341400DarkLike the MH334 with quite a bit less treble4BAPersonal unit4
A-Hidition NT6 Pro1100Neutral with bass boostA V-shaped version of the NT6. The change in tuning kills the technical ability slightly6BANull Audio demo unit1
A-Hidition WaltzHarman-neutralNeutral-fun signature that works both as a reference monitor and a rock-out IEM.3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit0
A-InEar SD51100Warm V-shapeExcels in timbre reproduction and has an overall pleasant signature.5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit2
A-Moondrop Blessing400Harman-neutralAll rounder that comes the closest to the Harman Target.4BA 1DDReview unit-4
A-NocturnaL Atlantis600NeutralReference signature with immense clarity and energy.4BATreoo demo unit-3
A-Sony IER-M7800Warm neutralBalanced across the board, though doesn't seem to excel in any particular area.4BAShowfloor demo unit2
A-Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro Gen 31500"Balanced"Perceived more neutrally compared to the Gen 2; less emotional, more boring.6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0
A-Unique Melody Mason V3+3200Bright neutralDecent resolution, nothing really special otherwise.16BAMunkong Gadget demo unit
B+AAW ASH800Warm neutralSmooth tonal balance with decent technicalities.6BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit3
B+Acoustune HS1551500Warm V-shapeWarm and smooth tonality with a pleasing tuning not many would hate.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit3
B+Custom Art Harmony 8.21300WarmSmooth and easy signature. No fatigue whatsoever. The definition of a lounging IEM.8BAPersonal unit5
B+★★★Etymotic ER4PT300Warm neutralSlightly rolled off treble with good detail and resolution, though imaging is too two-dimensional.BAPersonal unit-3
B+Campfire Atlas1300BassyGobs of bass with added treble sparkle that prevents complete congestion and muddiness.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit4
B+Dita Dream XLS1850NeutralStandard Dita house sound with a non-standard bass roll-off. Decent, not amazing.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B+Empire Ears EVR800NeutralA nicely tuned flat-ish signature with good technical ability all around.3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-4
B+Empire Ears Valkyrie1600Extreme V-shapeLots of sub-bass with extremely thin mids. Adequate technicalities.1EST 1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B+Empire Ears Vantage1400V-shapedA Legend-X-mini, essentially. Nice alternative on a "budget".1BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit3
B+Empire Ears Phantom1800WarmHeavy, rich and decadent, great for male vocals and bassy instruments.5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit5
B+★★Etymotic ER2SE/ER2XR160DF-neutralSlightly less detailed than the ER4, but without the usual BA timbre.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B+FitEar Parterre1200WarmIntimate, smooth and laidback sound2BA?Jaben SG demo unit2
B+HUM Reference1300DF-neutralBasically sounds like a shallow-fit ER4S.BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-4
B+HUM Pristine Reference1400WarmGood detail pickup and generally inoffensive. Much better than the universal.2BAThird party custom2
B+Hyla TE-5T1300Upper mid focusedVery Japanese-sounding with a massive upper harmonic focus, too much for many genres.1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-5
B+iBasso IT04500U-shapedA nice improvement over the IT03 though midrange hollowness still exists.3BA 1DDE1 demo unit-1
B+Jomo Quatre1500V-shapedNicely tuned hybrid that serves as a good all-rounder.3BA 1DDEuphoria Audio demo unit1
B+Massdrop Plus300DF-neutral with bass boostReference-targeted sound with excellent clarity and detail, with a slightly more fun tuning.3BAReview unit3
B+Oriolus Mellianus2400Mild V-shapeThin and sterile signature that isn't the most natural, but still technically proficient.10BAThird party unit-4
B+Sennheiser IE800800Mild V-shapeGood bass with shimmery treble. Decent tonality.DDJaben SG demo unit1
B+Sony XBA-N3300Neutral with bass boostExceptional tonal balance only limited by its slightly smoothed over definition1BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit3
B+Tanchjim Oxygen270Harman-neutralOne of the best-tuned DDs tuned somewhat to Harman. Defined and detailed.DDReview unit
B+Unique Melody Martian700Neutral with bass boostWell-tuned hybrid with excellent bass response and smooth midrange.2BA 2DDStereo SG demo unit2
B+Westone W801500Warm neutralNicely balanced, intimate and slightly dry. Perhaps the least Westone-sounding Westone.8BAA2A Melbourne demo unit3
B=AAW AXH (2019)430Bright neutralSharp treble though not to the point of being piercing. Decent rendition of the bright-neutral signature.4BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit-3
B=AAW Mockingbird1450NeutralA "nothing special" kind of sound that is neither wrong nor exciting, even on a technical level.8BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=AAW Canary2170V-shapedPoor implementation of the EST driver. Decent in tonality and timbre, but that's about it.2EST 4BA 2DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Acoustune HS1501500Warm V-shapeA more textured, bassier and more energetic version of the HS1551.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Acoustune HS1670800V-shapedMetallic and shrill timbre makes this hard to enjoy.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=ACS Encore1130NeutralGood all-rounder. No slouch in the technicalities.3BAJaben SG demo unit
B=AKG N50051000Neutral with bass boostAmazing bass control only let down by plastic timbre.4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=ARC Pollux300NeutralWell-tuned neutral single-BA IEM.BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Audeze LCDi4 (no Cipher)2500"Balanced"Low distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre.PlanarStereo SG demo unit2
B=Audio Technica ATH-E70400Neutral with bass boostClean and clear sound with a slight warm tilt without losing treble sparkle.3BAJaben Melbourne demo unit
B=Campfire Polaris V1600V-shapedPseudo-Japanese tuning focusing on female vocals and a very lively signature.1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Campfire Jupiter800"Balanced"Great clarity and staging though with odd upper midrange.4BAConnectIT demo unit1
B=Custom Art FIBAE Black500Warm neutralSmooth, neutral-ish signature that serves as an all rounder.1BAThird party custom
B=Custom Art FIBAE3625Mid-centricA clarity-focused IEM. Weak in staging, perhaps too thin on the note weight but ultimately does its kind of sound without hiccups.3BAReview unit-4
B=Dita Truth Brass1000Warm V-shapeVery nice tonal characteristics with good bass, though nothing special technically.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Dita Fidelity1300V-shapedThe more technical and less natural sounding of the Dita twins.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-4
B=Dita Fealty1300Mild V-shapeThe more natural sounding and less technical of the Dita twins.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Dunu DK-3001500Mild V-shapeWell-tuned and coherent. Does little wrong and very easy to like.3BA 1DDLMUE demo unit
B=Earsonics EM102300WarmOddly low dynamics makes this sound rather dead and lifeless.10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit2
B=Elysian Cora (2019)1230Neutral with bass boostA decent hybrid weird slightly odd midrange tonality.4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit
B=Empire Ears ESR1000Bright V-shapeHas the technical chops but is sharp and fatiguing.3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Empire Ears Bravado700V-shapedA basic hybrid sound with big bass and energetic treble.1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Empire Ears Nemesis1600V-shapedA lot more treble compared to the Vantage.3BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1
B=Fearless S4290V-shapedTonally accurate though can be a little heavy with its upper midrange.4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Fearless S5H330V-shapedSimilar if not identical to the S4, though with a little less upper mids.5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Fearless S6Rui390V-shapedSimilar to the S4/S5H though with smoother upper mids and treble response.6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Fearless La Hire610NeutralWell-tuned neutral-style monitor with subpar treble extension.2EST 2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Fidue A91 "Sirius"900Mid-centricUniquely tuned hybrid. Not very powerful DD bass with Diffuse-Field midrange.4BA 1DDLMUE demo unit
B=FiiO FH5260Neutral with bass boostStellar bass response and decent technical ability, not much to fault.3BA 1DDE1 demo unit
B=FitEar F/A111780Warm neutralA laid-back take on reference with Suyama's FitEar colouration mixed inBAJaben SG demo unit3
B=FitEar Private 3331500BrightVery exciting and sharp signature. Almost seems like it's made for higher-pitched vocals.3BAJaben SG demo unit-5
B=FitEar EST1300WarmSmooth and relaxing listen, though definition is not its strong suit.1EST 1BAJaben SG demo unit
B=FLC8S350VariableVery good technicalities with a well-tuned signature. Filters change the sound a lot.2BA 1DDPersonal unit
B=Hifiman RE20002000Mild V-shapeLively sound with great technicalities and substandard tonality.DDA2A Melbourne demo unit
B=JH Audio JH13v2 Performance Series1000V-shapedGood all rounder, slightly warmer and more coherent than the custom version8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=JH Audio Layla2725VariableSuppressed upper mids and odd treble tuning. Decent technicalities.12BAJaben Melbourne demo unit
B=Kumitate KL-REF Type-S1350VariableWell tuned but unfortunately suffers from very odd timbre.3BA 2DDThird party unit
B=Lime Ears Aether R1350VariableA downgrade from the original with weirder midrange tonality.6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Meze Rai Penta1100Warm V-shapePleasing tonality with subpar technical ability.4BA 1DDE1 demo unit
B=Moondrop KXXS190Harman-neutralWell-tuned single DD with proper timbre and decent technicalities.DDReview unit
B=★★Moondrop Starfield110Harman-neutralA cheaper KXXS.DDReview unit
B=Noble Tux 51300U-shapedDeep, sub-bass focus with potentially sibilant treble. Scooped midrange.4BA 1DDStereo SG demo unit
B=Periodic Audio Be300Mild V-shapeMeaty with decent sparkle in the treble, whilst remaining clear and clean.DDReview unit
B=qdc Anole V3600VariableThe bassier of the Anole brothers. Better timbre but worse technicalities.3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=qdc Anole V61100VariableThe more mid-centric of the Anole brothers. Better technicalities but worse timbre.6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B=Rhapsodio Galaxy1450V-shapedLively and engaging but avoiding fatigue still. Rare comboDDZeppelin & Co demo unit1
B=★★Samsung Galaxy Buds130Harman-neutralA surprisingly well-tuned TWS with the technical chops to boot.DDPersonal unit
B=★★Samsung Galaxy Buds+150Harman-neutralTuned even closer to the Harman IE target compared to the original.2DDPersonal unit
B=Sennheiser IE400 Pro350V-shapedHeavy bass boost balanced out by good treble energy along with decent midrange tonality.DDConnectIT demo unit
B=Shozy & Neo BG280Bright neutralWell balanced tuning with decent resolution, though suffers from slight timbral issues.5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Shure SE8461000Neutral with bass boostDeep reaching bass but with an odd tonality in the rest of the spectrum.4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B=Sony WF-1000XM3230Neutral with bass boostProper tonality, solid technicalities yet with a consumer-friendly signature.DDConnectIT demo unit
B=Sony XBA-A3480Neutral with bass boostCoherent hybrid with a warm-ish tilt to its tone.2BA 1DDThird party unit
B=Sony XBA-Z5700"Balanced"All-rounder. Somewhat neutral both in FR and tonality.2BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit
B=Stealthsonics U91100NeutralAn otherwise capable hybrid caught out by nasally and odd midrange.8BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit
B=Unique Melody MacBeth600U-shapedExtremely clear but may be too thin for some.1BA 1DDThird party unit
B=Vision Ears VE3.21200Warm neutralVE8 in tonality, but lacks its technical abilities.3BAE1 demo unit
B=VSonic GR07XNeutralJack of all trades. Has all the fundamentals down to a T.DDPersonal unit
B-Apple AirPods Pro250NeutralSomewhat Diffuse-Field tuning with a smooth and natural midrange tonality.DDThird party unit
B-Audio Technica ATH-IM02Warm neutralWell-balanced, excellent tuning and good technical ability.2BAThird party unit
B-Audio Technica ATH-LS200250NeutralSomewhat Diffuse-Field neutral with its own quirks. Good technical ability.2BAStereo SG demo unit
B-Bose SoundSport Free200NeutralSolid tonal balance with wide soundstage, though not the best in detailing.DDConnectIT demo unit
B-Campfire Vega1300V-shapedPowerful bass, sharp treble and muffled midrange.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-Campfire Dorado1000WarmExtremely coherent albeit slightly congested. Great for intimacy lovers.2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-Elysian Artemis600WarmThick, warm and smooth signature without complete sacrifice in technicalities.3BAReview unit
B-Empire Ears Wraith3500Dark neutralA Zeus with almost nonexistent treble and clarity.4EST 7BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-Fearless S10 Genie700DF-neutralSounds like an attempt at DF-neutral gone wrong. Tonally evokes a sense of "uncanny valley".10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B-Fearless Lancelot1300WarmRather generic tuning with no redeeming qualities for its price and status.2EST 6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B-Fearless HyperS 12BA900DF-neutralSimilar if not identical to the S10 Genie.12BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B-FiiO FH7450V-shapedWhat is otherwise a pretty good hybrid marred by a strange tonality.4BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit
B-Hyla Nerva X2730DarkLow dynamics, rolled off and nothing that it really excels in.10BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-ikko OH1140Upper mid focusedWell controlled sub-bass focus, high clarity and has an inherent "Asian" signature.1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-InEar Stagediver SD2450Warm neutralWell-balanced, excellent tuning and good technical ability. Similar to IM02.2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B-Jabra Elite Active 65t190NeutralExcellent tonal balance and timbre, though technical ability isn't the best.DDConnectIT demo unit
B-Kinera Nanna850Mild V-shapeSurprisingly good implementation of the EST tweeters, but lacking details.2EST 1BA 1DDE1 demo unit
B-★★Lypertek Tevi90DF-neutral with bass boostProbably the closest thing to an ER2XR in TWS form.DDJaben Melbourne demo unit
B-Oriolus Forsteni375U-shapedGreat sparkle, deep-reaching DD bass and high clarity. Spacious staging.2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-qdc Fusion920WarmDulled transients and lacks detailing. Tonality is merely okay.4BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B-Rhapsodio Solar1550Mild V-shapeAn all-rounder to a fault. Truly a master of none.10BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-1
B-★★Sony MH7558Harman-neutralClean notes, proper sub-bass extension and a tonal balance beyond expectations.DDPersonal unit
B-Tansio Mirai TSMR-5430VariableAlright tonality, decent detailing but nothing that makes it stand out.5BAOardio demo unit
B-★★Tin HiFi T4110Bright neutralA worthy successor to the legendary GR07.DDReview unit
B-Ultimate Ears UE6 Pro700"Balanced"A capable hybrid with little weaknesses.1BA 2DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
B-Ultimate Ears UE7 Pro850Warm neutralGood clarity and detail with boosted, warm bass and controlled treble.3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
B-VSonic GR07 ClassicMild V-shapeWell-balanced, well-tuned, good technicalities. The $100 benchmark since ever.DDLMUE demo unit
B-Vision Ears VE4.21440V-shapedDecently tuned monitor with adequate resolution, but nothing that hasn't been done before for cheap.4BAE1 demo unit
C+AAW A3H Pro V2370WarmDecent technicalities with well controlled bass and treble rolloff.2BA 1DDPersonal custom
C+Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro150V-shapedImpressive sub-focused bass response, limited by its shouty and sharp midrange and treble.1BA 1DDThird party unit
C+Audeze iSine 10/20 (No Cipher)400UniqueLow distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre.PlanarStereo SG demo unit
C+Audio Technica ATH-SPORT7TW200U-shapedClean bass and decent midrange tonality, though comes with strident treble.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C+BGVP DM6200Warm V-shapeWarm tilt in tone, decent detail retrieval though definition is a little too smoothed over.5BAThird party unit
C+★★BLON BL0338Warm V-shapeVery pleasing and safe tuning with subpar technical detailing.DDReview unit
C+★★CCA C1040V-shapedSurprisingly well-tuned hybrid from a KZ-style company. Definitely the best in its lineup.4BA 1DDOardio demo unit
C+Edifier TWS580V-shapedGood tone and bass response, but unfortunately lacking detail retrieval.DDThird party unit
C+★★Final Audio E100030NeutralBalanced tuning with good clarity and acceptable resolution. Surprising pick.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C+Final Audio E200045V-shapedNot too dissimiliar to a GR07, though lacking in that last octave of bass extension.DDE1 demo unit
C+Final Audio E300055WarmA warmer, bassier E2000.DDE1 demo unit
C+Final Audio E4000180V-shapedRather standard sounding, non-offensive and neutral in tone.DDE1 demo unit
C+Final Audio E5000280WarmLess treble than the E4000 for a slightly different flavour.DDE1 demo unit
C+Final Audio Heaven II90Bright neutralSolid technical ability though might be a little too sterile at times.BAA2A Melbourne demo unit
C+FiiO F9100V-shapedGood technicalities, average timbre, perhaps a little excessive on the highs.2BA 1DDReview unit
C+Fostex TM2300V-shapedA little thin, a little bright and a little shouty, but not bad overall.DDThird party unit
C+Future Sonics MG5HX875V-shapedTypical V-shaped DD signature with minimal focus on technicalities.DDThird party custom
C+iBasso IT01S200V-shapedBalanced tuning, slight lean towards brightness. Should be pleasing for most ears.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C+iBasso IT03260U-shapedExcellent bass and clarity. Hollow midrange and somewhat metallic treble.2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C+IMR R2 Aten500VariableDecent sounding mids with bass that ranges from bleeding to non-existent.1Piezo 1DDThird party unit
C+KZ E1060DF-neutralA little bright, almost edging on shoutiness, but overall a decent attempt at neutrality.4BA 1DDReview unit
C+Oriolus Finschi180BrightEnergetic and bright, overall a well built hybrid that can be strident for some ears.2BA 1DDE1 demo unit
C+Periodic Audio Mg100WarmNot the most clear or detailed but a very clean sound with good timbre.DDReview unit
C+★★QCY T535NeutralAn odd take on a reference-style signature, but definitely not the worst attempt out there.DDThird party unit
C+Shuoer Tape130V-shapedDecent technicalities but it basically screams in your face."Electrostatic"Oardio demo unit
C+Shozy & Neo CP165WarmReference-style tuning, decent tonal balance, solid technical ability.3BALMUE demo unit
C+Tanchjim Cora50V-shapedWell-controlled bass boost, though coupled with a slightly odd midrange tonality.DDOardio demo unit
C+TFZ King Pro170V-shapedPowerful yet controlled bass response, good snap in the treble, doesn't sacrifice too much in the midrange.DDThird party unit
C+TFZ Secret Garden200V-shapedDecent bass response and peaky treble, not much to say.2DDLMUE demo unit
C+Tin HiFi T250NeutralWell-balanced tuning and an all-rounder signature that works for most.2DDReview unit
C+Tin HiFi T380Mild V-shapeSomewhat generic hybrid signature, tuned well with good transient ability.1BA 1DDReview unit
C+Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro1150BassyQuite a bit of low-end emphasis. Overly-congested and smeared transients.4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C+Vive XE800Mild V-shapeA mini GR07. Need I say more?DDThird party unit
C+★★Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT40V-shapedA well-tuned V-shaped signature that maintains solid midrange and excellent clarity.DDPersonal unit
C=1Custom SA02"Balanced"Odd take on neutral with a coloured tonality.2BAJaben SG demo unit
C=AAW A3H (2019)290V-shapedEmphasised midbass and upper mids. Generic hybrid.2BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C=AAW W100V-shapedBassy and has that typical "chifi DD" sound.DDJaben SG demo unit
C=Alpha&Delta D695BrightWell balanced bright response. Good detail and doesn't sound odd in any place.DDReview unit
C=Acoustune HS1503400V-shapedShrill, odd timbre and way too intense for normal listening.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Advanced Evo X60NeutralA well-balanced Bluetooth IEM. A very nice surprise.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=AKG N40400VariableA rather typical hybrid tuned to the Harman Target. Nothing special especially for the asking price.1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Audiosense T800300V-shapedGeneric tuning that's nothing special in terms of tonal accuracy nor technicalities.8BATreoo demo unit
C=AVIOT TE-D01b/TE-D01d177V-shapedStandard V-shaped siganture with passable transients.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=BGVP DMG140BassyDecent tonal balance though bass response is not up to par.4BA 1DDReview unit
C=BGVP ES121500VariableSlightly honky midrange tonality with the usual EST tweeter roll-off.4EST 8BAOardio demo unit
C=Campfire Comet200WarmRolled-off at the top end, warm and bassy single-BA sound reminiscent of Final's offerings.BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Campfire Lyra II700V-shapedCampfire's take on a V-shaped dynamic sound. Wouldn't call it exceptional.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=CCA C1250V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.5BA 1DDOardio demo unit
C=Creative Aurvana Trio250WarmSurprising lack of BA timbre, but still rather average in technicalities.3BAConnectIT demo unit
C=Dynamic Motion DM200H180V-shapedGeneric V-shaped hybrid without any special traits.1BA 1DDThird party unit
C=Earsonics SM3WarmNon-fatiguing, relaxing listen. "Normal".3BAAV One demo unit
C=Edifier TWS150V-shapedDecent bass response, subpar treble, overall passable.DDThird party unit
C=Elysian Eros400WarmTypical "dual driver" sound. Not very impressive.2BAShowfloor demo unit
C=Fearless Start180V-shapedTypical chifi V-shaped sound, nothing much to report on.DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C=★★FiiO F325U-shapedWell-balanced U-shaped sound that's rather atypical of a chifi dynamic IEM.DDE1 demo unit
C=FiiO F565V-shapedTypical chifi V-shaped sound, nothing much to report on.DDE1 demo unit
C=FiiO FA1100NeutralA pretty standard reference-style tuning that just works.BAConnectIT demo unit
C=Final Audio LAB 1WarmPretty standard tuning that doesn't live up to its build, pricing or prestige.2BAThird party unit
C=FitEar Air 2/Titan1700Warm V-shapeGeneric hybrid sound. Doesn't really perform up to par either.1BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit
C=Focal Sphear150Mild V-shapeGood timbre, good bass and well-balanced tuning.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Fostex TE1001800Warm neutralA little boring and dead in dynamics. Not fun but not really reference either. Average.1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=iBasso IT01110V-shapedNothing really stands out as "excellent" to me, but it does a lot of things well and little wrong.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=iBasso IT03w260Bright V-shapeIts sibilant and sharp treble is a tough trait to endure.2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=IMR R1 ZenithVariableNot very detailed with a persistently odd tonal balance regardless of filters used.1Piezo 1DDThird party unit
C=Intime Sora45U-shapedWell controlled bass boost with slightly skewed tonality. Potential is there.DDThird party unit
C=JH Billie Jean350V-shapedFollows the JH house sound but otherwise nothing special.2BAAV One demo unit
C=JH Michelle500WarmStill sounds typically "JH" with a slightly V tuning, with slower transients and a non-fatiguing signature.3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=JVC HA-FW01380DarkVery heavy and very dark sounding IEM whose signature marrs technical ability slightly.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Kinera Odin800NeutralSounds like a rather basic tuning and a resolution not fitting of its driver count.8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=★★KZ ZSN Pro20V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.1BA 1DDOardio demo unit
C=Lear LCM-BD4.21030Bright V-shapeHarsh, overly-textured and extremely fatiguing. Excellent technical ability completely shut down by tuning and timbre mismatch.4BA 2DDTreoo demo unit
C=Massdrop x NuForce EDC3100NeutralWell tuned, though not the most technical nor the most natural sounding.3BAReview unit
C=MEE Pinnacle P1200Warm V-shapeUpper midrange emphasis with soft, warm bass. Nice for mainstream listening.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Noble M3600V-shapedStrident and harsh midrange only saved by its somewhat competent bass presentation.1MS 1DDMunkong Gadget demo unit
C=Noble Savant 2500WarmDecent tonal balance with subpar detail retrieval.2BAStereo SG demo unit
C=Nuarl NT01150Warm V-shapeGeneric V-shaped tuning with not much clarity or detailing capability.DDOardio demo unit
C=Nuarl NT100100V-shapedGeneric V-shaped tuning that doesn't stand out technically from other similar IEMs.DDOardio demo unit
C=NuForce HEM1150NeutralReference tuning with tonal balance. Unfortunately limited by its technicalities.BAE1 demo unit
C=Oriveti New Primacy300Warm neutralRather balanced, almost neutral hybrid. All rounder.2BA 1DDJaben Melbourne demo unit
C=Rose BR5 Mk2305NeutralNot a bad IEM, though BA timbre comes in strong with this one. Not the most technical but it does the job when called for it.5BAThird party unit
C=Shanling ME100120V-shapedAn odd take on the typical "chifi DD" sound, rolling off the bass for extra clarity at the expense of tonality.DDReview unit
C=Shure SE535500Mid-centricTonally dead. One-note bass. No treble worth mentioning.3BAStereo SG demo unit
C=Simgot EN700100Mid-centricGood clarity and energetic signature.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C=Stax SR-001 Mk1 w/ CES-A1NeutralSounds surprisingly dull and undetailed for a "true" electrostatic.ElectrostaticThird party unit
C=Stealthsonics U2250V-shapedSharp, emphasised treble and boosted bass, sounds more mainstream than audiophile.1BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit
C=Symphonium Audio Aurora220Warm neutralSolid tuning, though average in technicalities.2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C=TFZ 5S80V-shapedWarm and somewhat slow in transients. Good timbre, average tuning.DDLMUE demo unit
C=TFZ King100V-shapedBetter tuned than the 5S with a little extra treble which improves clarity and overall staging.DDLMUE demo unit
C=Tiandirenhe TD125V-shapedGeneric V-shaped DD with alright midrange tonality and technicalities.DDThird party unit
C=Tin Audio T2 Pro50Bright neutralA T2 tuned with less sub-bass and more treble. High clarity but may not be for everyone.2DDReview unit
C=Tin HiFi P1170Warm neutralOne of the rare few IEM-style planars with proper tonal balance without EQ, but lacking detail retrieval.PlanarReview unit
C=Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 "TF10"WarmDecent tonality and timbre. Not as detailed as the new kids on the block but has the fundamentals down.3BAPersonal unit
C=Ultimate Ears Live2200WarmSoft, muddy, low resolution and lacks any sort of definition.6BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C=Unknown Custom UCD-2220Warm V-shapeA common 2-driver signature with passable resolution.2BAE1 demo unit
C=Venture Electronics BIE20V-shapedGeneric V-shaped DD with alright midrange tonality and technicalities.DDThird party unit
C=VSonic VS7120WarmA less fatiguing, less technical version of its predecessor.DDReview unit
C=Warbler Prelude1100DarkRolled off on both ends with a very typical single-BA sound.BAThird party custom
C-1More Quad Driver200"Balanced"Okay-ish technical ability in a mainstream tuning. Can get congested.3BA 1DDJaben Melbourne demo unit
C-AAW Nebula Two150U-shapedExcellent clarity and wide staging due to semi-open design. DD bass manages to shine through.1BA 1DDNull Audio demo unit
C-Advanced Elise30BassyBoomy and heavy sounding. Smoothed over details but not the worst out there.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C-BGVP Q2100Bright neutralPoor bass, thin notes, shouty midrange and sharp treble.2BAReview unit
C-Brainwavz B400150NeutralDulled transients and dynamics makes this a boring listen.4BAThird party unit
C-Campfire Nova500Neutral with laid-back trebleSomewhat dead-sounding with no shimmer or sparkle in the upper registers.2BAConnectIT demo unit
C-Campfire Polaris V2500BassyOverwhelming amounts of bass only slightly balanced out by a midtreble emphasis.1BA 1DDThird party unit
C-Cayin YB04500"Balanced"An odd take on neutrality that sounds weird and uneven.4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
C-Elysian Minerva900Warm V-shapeWonky tone with blunted notes, not very revealing.4BAShowfloor demo unit
C-Fatfreq Eden220"Balanced"A strange sounding monitor with no clear direction in its tuning.2BAThird party unit
C-Fearless Crystal Pearl200WarmVeiled, weird sounding and lacking details.2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C-Fearless Roland1010DarkAn almost total lack of treble results in a muffled, dark presentation.2EST 2BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit
C-FiiO FA7300WarmBoring, overly warm tuning that lacks detailing.4BAConnectIT demo unit
C-Fostex TE-02WPNeutral-brightBalanced and clear. Very good value.DDA2A Melbourne demo unit
C-Heir Audio Tzar 350BrightIts detail would be appreciated if it didn't come with ear-splitting treble.2BAThird party unit
C-Heygears Anora80Neutral with laid-back trebleVery good tuning, well-balanced signature.BALMUE demo unit
C-I-INTO i825"Balanced"Somewhat downsloping signature. It's an IEM that exists.3DDThird party unit
C-Jabra Elite 75t180U-shapedOverdone sub-bass response, sharp treble, thin midrange.DDConnectIT demo unit
C-Kinera Idun (Deluxe)140V-shapedNot a bad hybrid, considering Kinera's track record.2BA 1DDThird party unit
C-KZ ZS310V-shapedSimple DD tuning. It's an IEM that exists.DDOardio demo unit
C-Meccaudio ME-04NeutralA not-quite-neutral "neutral" monitor.4BAE1 demo unit
C-Noble Falcon156V-shapedHarsh midrange with strong bass and treble. Very mainstream sound.DDStereo SG demo unit
C-Oriveti Basic100BassyLots of sub-bass rumble with an energetic midrange. Roll-off for non-fatigue.DDJaben Melbourne demo unit
C-Pai Audio DM2A140V-shapedWeird midrange. Oddly similar to the Kinera IDUN.2BA 1DDThird party unit
C-Rhapsodio Zombie1800BassyNot the cleanest bass and with coherency issues that shouldn't exist for an IEM of its asking price.8BA 1DDReview unit
C-Sennheiser IE40 Pro100NeutralAn odd take on a balanced signature that sounds dead and lifeless.DDConnectIT demo unit
C-Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear100V-shapedFuzzy, typical V-shaped sound but nothing too egregious.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C-Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless300V-shapedSimilar but not identical to its wired counterpart. A weirdly tuned V-shaped response.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
C-Spiral Ears SE5U2000"Balanced"Weird phasing, horrible tonal balance with near zero regard for treble.5BAThird party custom
C-Stax SR-001 Mk1WarmSounds like an old-school on-ear headphone from the 80s.ElectrostaticThird party unit
C-Stealthsonics U4500WarmAn odd character, simultaneously bassy and thin at the same time.4BAShowfloor demo unit
C-Super Audio "Supermeme" 2BA+2DD150V-shapedA decently tuned V-shaped hybrid with energetic upper midrange. May be intense for some.2BA 2DDPersonal unit
C-Tin HiFI T136WarmCould use some more high frequency response. Seems like squandered potential.DDOardio demo unit
C-TRN BA570V-shapedLow resolution, passable tonality.5BAThird party unit
C-Ultimate Ears UE5 Pro600WarmDead dynamics, overly warm and congested.2BAJaben SG demo unit
C-Venture Electronics DukeWarmOddly tuned dynamic, but at least it's not the Monk IEs.DDThird party custom
C-Whizzer A-HE03 "Kylin"160Warm V-shapeOdd tonality and lacklustre technical ability overall.2BA 1DDReview unit
C-Westone 4RDarkLow resolution, extremely blunted and narrow imaging.4BAThird party unit
D+1More Stylish100BassyPretty standard "consumer signature" that panders to those who want bass and nothing else.2DDE1 demo unit
D+1More Triple Driver100V-shapedSubpar tuning with unfortunately thin midrange. Flat bass, not in a good way.2BA 1DDStereo SG demo unit
D+Advanced M5-5D650Bright neutralAn otherwise capable hybrid unfortunately let down by its ridiculous treble spike.4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D+Advanced Model XV-shapedExtreme treble and bass response to a fault.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D+Advanced GT3 Superbass200"Balanced"Acceptable resolution though the tone is off in many ways. Filters don't seem to address that issue.DDPersonal unit
D+Ambient Acoustics AM71750VariableUnreliable switches, mediocre technical ability and the tone is slightly off.7BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
D+Cozoy Trio450UniqueOdd tuning, doesn't sound too bad but it's overall not very impressive at all.3BAE1 demo unit
D+Fearless S5T330WarmTonally off and lacking details. Not enough bite or energy either.5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
D+fineEars TSH-HR1000K70V-shapedPretty decent tonality but is severely lacking details.DDThird party unit
D+Jaybirds Vista180V-shapedExtremely scooped out midrange with piercing treble.DDConnectIT demo unit
D+Kinera SEED50"Balanced"Lacking in bass extension and tonally skewed too much to the higher frequencies.1BA 1DDThird party unit
D+KZ AS16125V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.8BAOardio demo unit
D+Master & Dynamic MW07300V-shapedExtremely boosted treble and bass. Prioritises wow factor over fidelity.DDConnectIT demo unit
D+Rose Mini2110WarmIt's somewhat natural in timbre but lacks a lot of technical proficiency.2BAThird party unit
D+Symphonium Audio Mirage150DarkTypical single-BA sound that doesn't offer anything special.BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
D+Unknown Custom Quad 2.0390V-shapedLow-resolution, low-detail, passable tonality.4BAE1 demo unit
D+Unknown Custom Juno640VariableSomething odd going on in the midrange. Same issues in resolution.6BAE1 demo unit
D=AAW ACH/Kingfisher190WarmPersasive warmth just puts a blanket on all the transients. Lacks definition.1Piezo 1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=AAW Nightingale1000"Balanced"Horribly tuned midrange that sounds wrong and lacks energy.PlanarZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Advanced GT3200V-shapedSharp, shrill and overall unpleasant.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Advanced M5-1D400V-shapedTypical chifi DD sound. Nothing special.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Ambient Acoustics AM16"Balanced"Sounds weird and is completely average in pure technicalities. Disappointing.16BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Ambient Acoustics AM24"Balanced"See above. Perhaps even slightly worse.24BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Astrotec Delphinus 5500"Balanced"Sounds plain wrong. Instruments are nowhere close to how they should on proper gear.5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Audio Technica ATH-CK3TW100V-shapedLoose and uncontrolled bass in combination with a sharp and piercing treble.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Audio Technica ATH-IEX11200V-shapedSounds weird, sounds wrong, needs a complete overhaul.2BA 2DDStereo SG demo unit
D=Audiofly AF160430DarkNot just dead but almost completely devoid of treble. Double whammy.3BAJaben Melbourne demo unit
D=B&O Beoplay E8350"Balanced"An extremely odd take on a neutral sound signature that simply doesn't work.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Campfire Equinox1500BassyExtremely different from the Atlas. It's a lot worse.DDConnectIT demo unit
D=CCA A1060Bright V-shapeTypical KZ-style tuning with even shoutier midrange.5BAOardio demo unit
D=Earsonics SM64v2500WarmWeirdly incoherent and disjointed. Good warmth, though.3BAAV One demo unit
D=Earsonics Blade610WarmTypical Earsonics house sound of "screwed up midrange", now with DD bass.2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Earsonics Stark1540WarmTypical Earsonics house sound of "screwed up midrange", now with DD bass.4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Effect Audio Symphony890WarmA muddy, overly warm sound with that struggles with surface-level detailing.3BAThird party unit
D=Eternal Melody EM-2290V-shapedIt just sounds "meh" to be. Nothing much to say.2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Fearless ACME81100BassyWeird and bloaty bass in conjunction with tonally weird midrange.8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
D=Fidue A7180BassyBoomy and bleeds into the mids. Not a lot of definition.2DDE1 demo unit
D=Hifiman RE10001000V-shapedA strange take on a V response. Intense yet with no upper treble to speak of.DDA2A Melbourne demo unit
D=Jomo PLB510DarkBloated, congested and oh-so-slow.3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit
D=Jomo Haka365DarkMushy, blobby and low resolution.BAEuphoria Audio demo unit
D=NuForce Primo 8500DarkTone is off, detailing is low, things sound wrong. Lies on a spectrum of "average" to "no".4BAE1 demo unit
D=Rhapsodio Clipper55Extreme BassLots and lots of bass. Slams you in the face with bass.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Seahf AWK-00915BrightPhasing issues, weirdly incoherent and yet a strangely compelling listen.DDThird party unit
D=Sennheiser IE80S350V-shapedWarm, bassy, congested and lacking in dynamics. Oddly sharp yet lacking in sparkleDDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D=Sennheiser IE500 Pro600DarkHeavy, undefined sound with bloated bass and little energy.DDConnectIT demo unit
D=Shure SE215100V-shapedSounds like a typical dynamic IEM. Slightly bloated bass and narrow staging.DDJaben Melbourne demo unit
D=Sound Linear Fitz 10 Flat2200"Balanced"It sounds dead and boring. Nothing about it stands out at all and it doesn't even achieve the passing mark for technicalities.10BAE1 demo unit
D=TFZ 3S65V-shapedIt's okay. It's a Chinese dynamic IEM, nothing special.DDLMUE demo unit
D=Unique Melody ME1760WarmSoft transients, low definition and odd timbre makes this the worst planar I've listened to.PlanarStereo SG demo unit
D=Unknown Custom UCD-3270WarmMushy, blunted transients with a warm yet strangely sibilant tuning.3BAE1 demo unit
D-AAW A2H-Pro V2220DarkGood coherency but sub-par tuning and sluggishy slow.1BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit
D-Audio Technica ATH-CKS5TW150DarkMuddy bass with virtually nonexistent treble.DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
D-Audio Technica ATH-CKR7TW250BrightShrill, sharp and screams in your face.DDConnectIT demo unit
D-Campfire IO300"Balanced"Tonality and timbre is all sorts of wrong. Lacks the technicalities to redeem it.2BAThird party unit
D-Effect Audio King Arthur7000DarkA joke, both in price and sound. Nobody's laughing.16BAThird party unit
D-Geek Wold GK320DarkIncoherent, imaging is all over the place and sounds like a mess.3DDThird party unit
D-Kinera YH26370BassyAlmost nothing but bass. Zero semblance of any sort of balance.DDReview unit
D-KZ ZST30V-shapedDecent bass. Odd timbre. Odd tuning.1BA 1DDThird party unit
D-RHA CL750100BrightEar-piercing treble makes it hard to listen to.DDAV One demo unit
D-TFZ 1S40V-shapedA little bloated at times and definitely congested.DDLMUE demo unit
E=AAW A2H Pro V1DarkDead, bloated, congested. Feels like I have to strain to hear even surface-level detailing.1BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit
E=Fender Thirteen 61800DarkInstruments sound wrong. Everything is underwater. Help.6BA 1DDE1 demo unit
E=Fischer Omega Spark60BrightSomeone should harvest their drivers for tweeters since I hear nothing below the upper mids.DDE1 demo unit
E=Hifiman TWS600200Mid-centricTelephonic mess. The worst TWS IEM I have ever heard.DDConnectIT demo unit
E=JH Audio Diana700DarkMushy transients and the detailing capability of free phone earbuds.3BAConnectIT demo unit
E=Kinera H3100Extreme V-shapeCompletely off timbre, extremely recessed midrange and sharp, painful treble.2BA 1DDPersonal unit
E=Nuforce HEM4330WarmDead as a doornail. Missing bits and pieces in its tuning.2BAJaben SG demo unit
E=Nuforce HEM6450WarmRefer to the above.3BAJaben SG demo unit
E=oBravo Ra C-Cu10000"Balanced"An indescribable affront to God and humanity both in sound and pricing.1AMT 1DDThird party unit
E=RHA CL1280BrightSo much treble to the point where nothing sounds correct. Like raining metal balls on a tin roof.DDAV One demo unit
E=Sendiy M1221200V-shapedIt literally sounds out of phase. It's an accomplishment in itself.1BA 1DDE1 demo unit
E=Sensaphonics 2MAX850Bright neutralOdd timbre. Technical ability isn't even that great.2BAJaben Melbourne demo unit
E=Sensaphonics 2X-S750Bright neutralSharp and shrill yet surprisingly dead. Like shoving blunted icepicks into your ears.2BAJaben Melbourne demo unit
E=Sensaphonics 3MAX1050WarmIt's a slight improvement over the 2MAX but not by much.3BAJaben Melbourne demo unit
E=Shozy x AAW Hibiki60BrightSharp, shrill tonality. Average everything else.DDPersonal unit
E=Shozy x AAW Pola800DarkDark, muffled, veiled, muddy, congested etc. etc. basically every permutation of similar descriptors.2EST 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit
E=Unique Melody 3DD-Ti700BrightIt's not the quantity of the treble, but the quality. Reserved only for the most esoteric of tastes.3DDStereo SG demo unit
E=VE Monk IE SmallsDarkSounds exactly like what would happen if you shoved an earbud driver into an IEM housing.DDThird party unit
F=Delta Air complimentary earphones0Complete failureIt's a telephone in IEM form. It is physically unable to play bass or treble.DDThird party unit
F=Oppo MH13014Complete failureThe horribleness of this can only be experienced in real life.DDThird party unit
F=SIA complimentary earphones0DarkIts full potential can only be unleashed by an Airbus A380.DDPersonal unit
F=VE Monk IE BiggieDarkAbsolute mud and congestion. Could work as a subwoofer since it barely plays anything above 500Hz anyways.DDThird party unit