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S: Must try. Experience what the best has to offer.
A: While not at the top of the summit, Grade-A IEMs are still very respectable performers that would still be considered as some of the best by many.
B: Can essentially be described as “very good”, or excellent performers in their own right.
C: Average in the grand scheme of things, anywhere from “passable” to “good”.
D: The threshold for “bad” starts here.
E: The truly horrible.
F: The failures. One needs to literally sound broken to reach the depths of F-tier.

Value Rating

★: “Worth the price” (MSRP)
– Only those with an overall rank of “C+” or above are considered for their first star.
– Discontinued models are not eligible.
★★: “Redefines the price bracket”
★★★: “Worth the Blind”

“You’re the measurements guy! You measure more than you listen! I’m not going to listen to you!

Great, I’m not telling you to. My work on measurements is separate from my reviewing work. It takes me 2 minutes to measure an IEM, you honestly think I don’t have time to listen to it as well?

↓↓↓ READ THIS: Notes & Disclaimers ↓↓↓

  • The IEMs are ranked purely by sonic performance. Fit, isolation, durability, build quality etc. are ignored unless they interfere with the sound itself.
    • The IEMs are not ranked in terms of price-to-performance value. They are ranked according to what I think is “objectively” the best.
  • Most of the IEMs in this list are determined based off (universal) demo units from shops.
    • Customs tried will be specified as “custom”. A “Third party custom” is someone else’s customs that I forcefit into my ears. Any other use of the term “unit” will be universal.
  • The positions are not set in stone. I’m only human; I may miss out on certain details or traits that may only be apparent with repeated listening. Expect changes.
  • Ranks will be determined based on the best unit tried. Because of this, I am not accounting for unit variation. I cannot guarantee that what I’m hearing is what you will be hearing.
    • This will revert to the most recent unit tried if there is a significant time gap between the last and most recent times I tried a particular model.
  • Unreleased products will not be included in the ranking list until they are officially out of preorder stages or have production units sent to distributors. I will still be talking about them in my subreddit if I ever get the opportunity to try such units.
  • Prices are at MSRP in USD. Prices not directly available in USD are based off the exchange rate during the time of writing.
  • A (non-complete) list of IEMs that I’ve tried can be found on my measurements database.
    • If you can tell, some of the IEMs on the database (that I’ve tried) are not in this list. This is could be due to lack of interest or lack of enough ear time to make a proper decision on tier placement.
  • Yes, this is the opinion of one person on the internet. Please do not get too offended if your favourite IEM isn’t graded as highly as you’d like. (vice versa applies)
  • This list is meant to be used as a reference point. I highly recommend against blind-buying and suggest to have a listen to the IEMs yourself. By all means, use this to shortlist what you should try in the future but don’t take it as gospel.
Ranking List Updates

The Almost-Thousand Update

78 new IEMs enter the fray, bring the total number of IEMs ranked at 993.

RankValue RatingModelPrice (MSRP)SignatureCommentsTone GradeTechnical GradeSetupBased onNote weightRanksortTonesortTechsortPricesort
S★★ThieAudio Monarch Mk2
1000Neutral with bass boostS+S2EST 6BA 1DDReview unit4131000
S64 Audio A/U12t2000Neutral with bass boostAmazing bass (for a BA), top-tier resolution and detail-oriented signature.SS12BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit06332000
SElysian Annihilator (2021)3700U-shapedSS2EST 4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit6333700
SSony IER-Z1R1700Mild V-shapeExtended yet natural treble, realistic sub-bass focus and spacious imaging capabilities.SS1BA 2DDPersonal unit-36331700
S-qdc 8SL/Gemini/Anole VX1410 (8SL)
2180 (Gemini)
2560 (Anole VX)
Mild V-shapeReference tuning with good tonality and top-level resolution. Similar tunings across top tier models.S-S+8/10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-28711410
S-★★ThieAudio Monarch730Neutral with bass boostA clean-sounding monitor with a bass boost near-exclusively in the sub-frequencies.S-S2EST 6BA 1DDReview unit1073730
S-64 Audio Tia Trio2300Neutral with bass boostA more correct sounding version of the Fourte with slight cutbacks in staging and sheer resolution.SS-2BA 1DDE1 demo unit110372300
S-Vision Ears Erlkonig4800VariableGood tonality, high resolution and an overall decent all-rounder.S-S13BAThird party unit210734800
S-★★Hidition Viento
(B-mode, custom)
950VariableBest-in-class tuning and tonal balance with near-perfect coherency. Recommended as a custom-fit.S+A+4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-314113950
S-Empire Ears Odin3400Mild V-shapeA Legend X with the bass properly controlled and the resolution one step higher.S-S-4EST 5BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit14773400
S-Sony IER-M91000Warm neutralNeutral tonality, highly coherent and decent detail pickup. The all-rounder of the IER lineup.S-S-5BAShowfloor demo unit214771000
A+64 Audio Nio1700VariableA decent bassy set with the m15/m20 modules, but really shines with the mX modules.SA+8BA 1DDReview unit163131700
A+qdc 8SS1450NeutralThe neutral "studio monitor" of qdc's 8-series of IEMs, lacking a bit in overall extension.A+S8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit161331450
A+Jomo SambaDiscont.V-shapedLively and engaging with big clarity and detail, perhaps too much for someA+S8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-4161331700
A+Vision Ears VE82700Warm neutralExtremely coherent signature with a pleasing tuning and high technicalities.A+S8BAE1 demo unit2161332700
A+★★Moondrop S8700Harman-neutralMore faithful to the Harman target compared to the A8, with a smoother bass response.S-A+8BAOardio demo unit20713700
A+Campfire Andromeda (2020)1100Warm neutralBasically an Andromeda without the treble spike and slightly boosted midrange.A+S-5BAThird party unit201371100
A+Softears RS102100Harman-neutralA little shouty and intense but very resolving and well-defined. A somewhat refined Moondrop S8.A+S-10BAShowfloor demo unit201372100
A+64 Audio A/U18 Tzar3000Warm neutralA rather simple and "mainstream" tuning refined to an extremely high level.A+S-18BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1201373000
A+Elysian X4600V-shapedA+S-4EST 4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit201374600
A+Oriolus Traillii6000Neutral with bass boostS-A+4EST 8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit207136000
A+Unique Melody MEST Mk21500Neutral with bass boostPretty much the same as the Mk1, though with extra sub-bass presence.A+S-1BC 2EST 4BA 1DDThird party unit201371500
A+Unique Melody MEST1400Neutral with bass boostA smooth, relaxing listen (in custom form) backed up with good technicalities. A+S-1BC 2EST 4BA 1DDReview custom201371400
A+InEar Prophile-81600NeutralVery "studio" like sound, heavy priority on technicalities if a little dead-sounding.S-A+8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-1207131600
A+Jomo Flamenco2200Warm neutralTuned to be more pleasing and tonally accurate compared to the old Flamenco at the cost of sheer detail.A+S-11BAShowfloor demo unit-4201372200
A+Kumitate KL-Sirius815NeutralExcellent technical ability, well tuned with a dash of Japanese flavour.S-A+4BAThird party custom-420713815
A+★★ThieAudio Clairvoyance700Neutral with bass boostInoffensive, pleasant tuning specialising in extremely balanced tonality and bass control.SA2EST 5BA 1DDReview unit24321700
A+qdc 8SH1450Mild V-shapeTonally, a slightly wonkier variation of the top-tier qdc IEMs.AS8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit242131450
A+★★★Moondrop Blessing 2
320DF-neutralVery well tuned from bass to treble, perhaps lacking in the last octaves of extension.SA4BA 1DDReview unit24321320
A+Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro Gen 2Discont.Warm neutralSomewhat reference tuning with emphasis on tonal accuracy and naturalnessSA6BAPersonal unit3243211500
A+★★Moondrop Variations520Harman-neutralSub-bass-focused signature with Moondrop's clean tuning makes this one of the best $500 tribrids.SA2EST 2BA 1DDReview unit24321520
A+Empire Ears Legend X2300V-shapedHigh resolution hybrid flawed only by lack of control in the bass regions.A+A+5BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit12613132300
A+Hidition NT61050DF-neutralIf Etymotic made a multi-BA IEM, this would be the closest to that dreamA+A+6BANull Audio demo unit-12613131050
A+Empire Ears Legend X SE3250V-shapedA more upper-mid-forward variation of the original Legend X, which could come off as slightly more mid-recessed.A+A+5BA 2DDBKK Audio demo unit2613133250
A+qdc Anole V142740VariableRather bassy even in stock form; fun and engaging, though at the expense of sheer technical performance.A+A+4EST 10BAJaben SG demo unit2613132740
A+PEARS SH31100NeutralGreat detail pickup and solid all-rounder, perhaps a little strident.A+A+3BAThird party unit-42613131100
A+Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM)Discont.NeutralThe benchmark of an era, dead-flat with an upper treble boostA+A+3BAPersonal custom-32613131000
A+★★Sennheiser IE600700U-shapedWell-tuned mids, powerful yet controlled sub-bass, with highly extended (and somewhat spicy) treble.A+A+DDReview unit261313700
ACampfire Andromeda (S)1100Warm U-shapeHighly coherent, easy-to-love tuning and spacious headstageAS-5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit2282171100
AEmpire Ears ESR Mk21100Warm neutralPossibly the most pleasant-sounding of the Empire Ears lineup with decent detailing to boot.S-A2EST 3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit287211100
AMofasest M14Discont.Neutral with bass boostEssentially a more tonally "correct" version of the ThieAudio V14.S-A14BAThird party unit2872199999
AElysian Hades V21550VariableUpper-mid forward signature with intense upper treble response.AA+6BAShowfloor demo unit3421131550
AElysian Terminator V22500V-shapedA more intense, upper-mid forward Terminator V1 with the same level of technical ability.AA+8BAShowfloor demo unit3421132500
ATansio Mirai TSMR-12 "Zodiac"1330NeutralVery clean, monitor/reference-style sound.A+A12BAReview unit3413211330
ASoftears RSV730Neutral with bass boostVery well-balanced tonality with surprisingly good timbre, though slightly lacking definition.SA-5BAReview unit34331730
A★★ThieAudio Oracle540Neutral with bass boostFunctionally similar to the Clairvoyance with slight cutbacks in overall clarity and resolution.SA-2EST 2BA 1DDReview unit34331540
AHidition NT81850NeutralColoured neutral kind of sound that works better with Asian genres.AA+8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit03421131850
AHidition Waltz900Harman-neutralNeutral-fun signature that works both as a reference monitor and a rock-out IEM.A+A3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit0341321900
A★★Fearless S8Z590Warm neutralSolid all-rounder with a safe, pleasing tuning.A+A8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit341321590
AHidition Violet3300Neutral with bass boostStrong sub-bass presence, slightly cut-back upper mids. A fun IEM through and through.AA+11BAZeppelin & Co demo unit3421133300
A★★Kiwi Ears Orchestra500Mild V-shapeVery well-tuned reference-y signature with a mild bass and treble emphasis for added energy.A+A8BAReview unit341321500
AKumitate KL-Focus1600U-shapedSelectable bass response with the rest of the FR following a more "Japanese reference" tuning.A+A5BATreoo demo unit3413211600
Aqdc 4SS700NeutralHigh clarity, high resolution reference-type monitor with spot-on tone.A+A4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0341321700
AStereoPravada SB72500Bright DF-neutralTechnically proficient but marred by a sharp timbre. Interesting concept.A-S7BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-5343132500
AVision Ears Elysium3200Mild V-shapeFirst decent implementation of Sonion's EST tweeters.A-S-2EST 1BA 1DDE1 demo unit383173200
A★★DUNU SA6550Neutral with bass boostTonality reminiscent of the Anole VX, though not up to the same level of technicalities.S-A-6BAReview unit38731550
A★★Sony IER-M7500Warm neutralBalanced across the board, though doesn't seem to excel in any particular area.S-A-4BAShowfloor demo unit238731500
AMoondrop A8667Harman-neutralAn odd but surprisingly decent take on the Harman signature, with added midbass compared to the S8.AA8BAOardio demo unit422121667
AFiR M31200Warm neutralInteresting tubeless technology, though the imaging improvements are minimal.AA2BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit4221211200
AFiR M41900Warm neutralToo similar to the M3 to be worth the price markup.AA3BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit4221211900
AMoondrop Solis1100Warm DF-neutralA good implementation of the EST drivers with Moondrop's signature tuning specialties.AA4BA 2ESTReview unit4221211100
AThieAudio Voyager 14 (V14)1000NeutralEvokes a qdc-ish house sound, though stumbles in both tuning refinement and technicalities.AA14BAThird party unit4221211000
AFitEar MH334SR2000Warm neutralA MH334 with more treble extension and more opened imaging.AA4BAThird party unit34221212000
ASymphonium Helios1100Neutral with bass boostAA4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit4221211100
AVision Ears VE71300Warm neutralFairly inoffensive tuning with solid technicalities.AA7BAE1 demo unit4221211300
ALime Ears Aether1350Neutral with bass boostExcellent clarity and tone but marred slightly by slightly lackluster resolutionAA5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit14221211350
ALime Ears Model X1000VariableTechnically capable IEM that goes from decently neutral to warm and smooth in a pinch.AA4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit04221211000
ANoble K10 Encore1850NeutralReference oriented sound focused on technicalities.AA10BAStereo SG demo unit-14221211850
AMassdrop x Noble K10700Neutral with bass boostVery safe tuning, almost to the point of boredom. Does nothing wrong but nothing right either.AA10BAStereo SG demo unit0422121700
ANoble Katana1850Neutral with laid-back trebleLike the K10, except with less bass.AA9BAStereo SG demo unit-14221211850
AUltimate Ears Reference Remastered (UERR)1000Neutral with laid-back trebleWarm with good tonality. Good all-rounder albeit definitely not a reference signature.AA3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit14221211000
A★★★7Hz Timeless220Neutral with bass boostEasily the best-tuned planar IEM by a country mile, the Timeless is also no slouch on the technical front.AAPlanarReview unit422121220
A★★Fearless S8F/S8Pro490V-shapedTonally pleasing V-shaped signature on a solid technical foundation.AA8BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-3422121490
AWestone ES601300Neutral with laid-back trebleGreat timbre and well-tuned, held back by its resolutionAA6BAA2A Melbourne demo unit24221211300
A-Softears Turii1400Mild V-shapeResolving and fairly well-tuned dynamic-driver IEM.A-A+DDShowfloor demo unit4431131400
A-JVC HA-FW100002200DF-neutralIntense and shouty DF-style signature with solid resolution.B+S-DDStereo SG demo unit504372200
A-Elysian Poseidon1940Neutral with bass boostGood, inoffensive midrange tone and bass tuning, marred by the lack of low-level detailing.AA-6BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit5221311940
A-FiR M52800WarmWarmer than the M3 and M4 with lower resolution.AA-1EST 3BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit5221312800
A-★★Drop + JVC HA-FDX1280NeutralHighly technical sound with a clean, well-tuned neutral signature.AA-DDReview unit522131280
A-Etymotic ER4XR350DF-neutralA more mainstream tuning of the ER4S/SR with slightly boosted bass.AA-BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-4522131350
A-Hidition NT6 Pro1100Neutral with bass boostA V-shaped version of the NT6. The change in tuning kills the technical ability slightlyA-A6BANull Audio demo unit15231211100
A-ThieAudio Excalibur530V-shapedProbably the weakest of the ThieAudioA-A2EST 2BA 1DDReview unit523121530
A-Unique Melody Mason V3+3200Bright neutralDecent resolution, nothing really special otherwise.A-A16BAMunkong Gadget demo unit5231213200
A-InEar SD51100Warm V-shapeExcels in timbre reproduction and has an overall pleasant signature.AA-5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit25221311100
A-Moondrop Blessing400Harman-neutralAll rounder that comes the closest to the Harman Target.AA-4BA 1DDReview unit-4522131400
A-NocturnaL Atlantis600NeutralReference signature with immense clarity and energy.AA-4BATreoo demo unit-3522131600
A-Sony Justear XJE-MH2 "Club"2150Warm DF-neutralNice, pleasant signature that is reminiscent of a more textured HS1551.AA-1BA 1DDThird party custom15221312150
A-HYLA CE-5915U-shapedProbably the best bass response I've ever heard. Thin-ish midrange that sounds unnatural on certain instruments.B+A+1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-4564313915
A-HYLA TE-5B1300U-shapedSimilar to the CE-5 though ever-so-slightly thinner in the midrange.B+A+1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-45643131300
A-HYLA Sarda1250U-shapedStandard "HYLA" house sound, doesn't do much different from the CE-5 and TE-5B.B+A+1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit5643131250
A-Shure KSE12002000Bright U-shapeEasily at the top in terms of resolution and definition, but comes with a big treble spike and slightly odd mids.BS+ElectrostaticA2A Melbourne demo unit-5585712000
A-Dita Dream1800V-shapedExcellent resolution and detail let down by its metallic tonality and thin midrangeBSDDZeppelin & Co demo unit-3605731800
A-Acoustune HS1650650V-shapedWell textured and energetic with a sub-bass focus.A-A-DD-2623131650
A-Acoustune HS1695TiDiscont.U-shapedSub-bass focused emphasis balanced out by midtreble peaks.A-A-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit6231311050
A-Etymotic ER4BDiscont.DF-neutralA-A-BAZeppelin & Co demo unit623131350
A-qdc Dmagic1900NeutralProbably the best triple-DD IEM out there by virtue of not being a hot mess tonally.A-A-3DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit6231311900
A-See Audio Neo1100Neutral with bass boostWell-balanced tonality with good resolution; emphasised bass with good control.A-A-10BAZeppelin & Co demo unit6231311100
A-Vision Ears EXT3000U-shapedA-A-2EST 2DDE1 demo unit6231313000
B+★★★Etymotic ER2SE/ER2XR
110DF-neutralSlightly less detailed than the ER4, but without the usual BA timbre.AB+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit642143110
B+64 Audio N81700BassySub-bass focus, rich and smooth yet relatively neutral in tone.B+A8BA 1DDPersonal custom46443211700
B+Elysian TerminatorDiscont.Warm V-shapeWell rounded smooth signature that doesn't offend.B+A8BAShowfloor demo unit36443212500
B+Fearless S6Pro390DF-neutralTechnical tuning with very forward detailing.AB+6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-3642143390
B+FitEar MH3341900WarmPerfect for female vocals, but otherwise quite colouredAB+4BAThird party custom36421431900
B+64 Audio A18S3000WarmWarning: the demo unit does not sound like the custom. Demos are sub-bass focused while customs are warm.BS-18BAThird party custom645773000
B+Clariar i6401200V-shapedAB+6BAZeppelin & Co demo unit6421431200
B+Empire Ears Legend EVO3100BassyB+A5BA 2DD 1BCZeppelin & Co demo unit644321350
B+★★Moondrop Kato190Harman-neutralAB+DDReview unit642143190
B+Jomo Trinity SS2800V-shapedHighly detailed, well separated imaging though severely lacking in treble extension.B+A2EST 4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit-36443212800
B+Massdrop Plus300Warm DF-neutralReference-targeted sound with excellent clarity and detail, with a slightly more fun tuning.AB+3BAReview unit3642143300
B+Oriolus Mellianus2400Mild V-shapeThin and sterile signature that isn't the most natural, but still technically proficient.B+A10BAThird party unit-46443212400
B+qdc 5SH900V-shapedFun, lively signature that retains high levels of performance.B+A5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit0644321900
B+Sony MDR-EX1000Discont.Bright DF-neutralOutstanding imaging and detail retrieval though can be intense to listen to.BS-DDThird party unit-364577500
B+Tanchjim Oxygen270Harman-neutralOne of the best-tuned DDs tuned somewhat to Harman. Defined and detailed.AB+DDReview unit642143270
B+Unique Melody Maestro V22000"Balanced"It's... there. An IEM that exists. Hard to find words for this one.B+A12BAStereo SG demo unit-36443212000
B+Soranik Ion1100WarmClearly inspired by the 334, follows the same strengths in female vocalsAB+5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit36421431100
B+★★Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro230Harman-neutralA less shouty interpretation of Harman with the same controlled yet impactful bass response.S-B2DDReview unit64757230
B+Sony MDR-EX800ST/MDR7550350Bright neutralA more forgiving, warmer version of the EX1000.BA+DDThird party unit-2705713350
B+Gaudio Nair862NeutralWell-tuned neutral monitor bottlenecked by timbre and resolution.A+B3BAReview unit701357862
B+★★AKG N400155Harman-neutralDoes away with the timbral issues of the Buds+ and sets itself as a superior.A+BDDPersonal unit701357155
B+★★Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro200Warm HarmanMore lower mids than your average Harman-tuned IEM, but works in its favour by being more pleasant.A+B2DDReview unit701357200
B+Sennheiser IE9001300U-shapedWell-resolving DD IEM with excellent treble control, though with somewhat weak mid-high harmonics.BA+DDReview loaner7057131300
B+A&K T8iEDiscont.Neutral with bass boostHard-to-dislike tuning with excellent clarity and resolution.BA+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit07057131200
B+Beyerdynamic Xelento1000V-shapedLike the T8iE, with a little more treble and upper mids.BA+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit07057131000
B+Moondrop Illumination800Warm neutralWell-tuned with natural timbre, ultimately marred by subpar detail retrieval and definition.A+BDDReview unit701357800
B+Prisma Azul300NeutralA well-balanced neutral monitor bottlenecked by sheer resolution and narrow imaging performance.A+B2BAReview unit701357300
B+Noble Khan2300U-shapedClean yet lean, solid low-end rumble but treble get splashy. Technical but lacking naturalness.BA+1Piezo 4BA 1DDThird party unit-57057132300
B+Apple AirPods Pro 2250Mild V-shapeA more exciting sound signature in comparison to its predecessor, with little in terms of drawbacks.A+BDDReview unit701357250
B+Elysian Artemis V2700NeutralA detailed, somewhat neutral-sounding IEM that should fit most people's tastes.B+A-3BAShowfloor demo unit744331700
B+DUNU DK-3001 Pro470Warm neutralWell-tuned and coherent. Does little wrong and very easy to like.A-B+3BA 1DDReview unit743143470
B+Acoustune HS1551500Warm V-shapeWarm and smooth tonality with a pleasing tuning not many would hate.A-B+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit3743143500
B+Custom Art Harmony 8.21300WarmSmooth and easy signature. No fatigue whatsoever. The definition of a lounging IEM.A-B+8BAPersonal unit57431431300
B+Etymotic ER4PT300Warm neutralSlightly rolled off treble with good detail and resolution, though imaging is too two-dimensional.A-B+BAPersonal unit-3743143300
B+FitEar TG3341400DarkLike the MH334 with quite a bit less trebleA-B+4BAPersonal unit47431431400
B+HUM Reference1300DF-neutralBasically sounds like a shallow-fit ER4S.A-B+BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-47431431300
B+64 Audio A6t1300WarmVery warm and intimate presentation, though overall tonal balance is somewhat preserved.A-B+6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit7431431300
B+Custom Art FIBAE 71450NeutralNeutral tuning with a more relaxed top end. Probably the best-tuned Custom Art.A-B+7BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit7431431450
B+FAudio Dark Sky1100V-shapedA-B+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit7431431100
B+JQ Hua Jiang750Neutral with bass boostSomewhat subdued and "safe" tuning with decent resolving ability.A-B+2EST 6BA 1DDThird party unit743143750
B+MiM Dark Magician500NeutralA-B+DDThird party unit743143500
B+Ultimate Ears UE4 ProDiscont.NeutralPretty much a mini-UE7.A-B+2BAAV One demo unit743143400
B+Jomo Quatre1500V-shapedNicely tuned hybrid that serves as a good all-rounder.A-B+3BA 1DDEuphoria Audio demo unit17431431500
B+Oriolus MK21100V-shapedLively yet non-fatiguing hybrid experience.A-B+3BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-27431431100
B+Ultimate Ears UE7 Pro850Warm neutralGood clarity and detail with boosted, warm bass and controlled treble.A-B+3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit743143850
B+Unique Melody Martian700Neutral with bass boostWell-tuned hybrid with excellent bass response and smooth midrange.A-B+2BA 2DDStereo SG demo unit2743143700
B+★★Etymotic ER3SE/ER3XR160Warm neutralAn ER4 with a bit less treble and upper extension.A-B+BAZeppelin & Co demo unit743143160
B+Audeze Euclid1300Mild V-shapeCertainly far better tuned than its predecessors with the same excellent technicalities.B-SPlanarReview unit767331300
B+64 Audio tia Fourte3600W-shapedUnique sound; high clarity and bass response with immensely wide staging, held back by a wonky tonality.B-S3BA 1DDE1 demo unit-3767333600
B+Vision Ears VE3.21200Warm neutralAlmost VE8-like in tonality, but lacks its technical abilities.AB3BAE1 demo unit7821571200
B+FAudio Minor520Mild V-shapeWell-balanced tonality and tuning, held back by middling technicalities.ABDDThird party unit782157520
B+Campfire Solaris (SE)1500"Balanced"Coherent and well balanced hybrid though with slight midrange hollowness.BA3BA 1DDE1 demo unit07857211500
B+Empire Ears Hero1350U-shapedWell-controlled bass emphasis with a less-well-controlled treble emphasis makes this hard to appreciate.BA3BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit7857211350
B+Jomo Trinity Brass2800WarmThe warmer of the Trinity models, sacrificing technical ability for a more pleasing and smoother tone.BA2EST 4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit27857212800
B+NCM Bella1050U-shapedPowerful bass combined with clean sounding mids, though perhaps a tad aggressive at times.BA8BA 1DDReview unit-17857211050
B+Sony XBA-N3300Neutral with bass boostExceptional tonal balance only limited by its slightly smoothed over definitionAB1BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit3782157300
B+Softears Cerberus2100Dark neutralLacking definition in the treble, otherwise a decently balanced tribrid IEM.B+B+2EST 4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit8643432100
B+AAW ASH800Warm neutralSmooth tonal balance with decent technicalities.B+B+6BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit3864343800
B+Empire Ears EVR800NeutralA nicely tuned flat-ish signature with good technical ability all around.B+B+3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-4864343800
B+Empire Ears Vantage1400V-shapedA Legend-X-mini, essentially. Nice alternative on a "budget".B+B+1BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit38643431400
B+HYLA TE-5T1300Bright U-shapeVery Japanese-sounding with a massive upper harmonic focus, too much for many genres.B-A+1Piezo 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-58673131300
B+iBasso IT04500U-shapedA nice improvement over the IT03 though midrange hollowness still exists.B+B+3BA 1DDE1 demo unit-1864343500
B+Acoustune HS1300350V-shapedA less warm, slightly brighter version of the coveted HS1551.B+B+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit864343350
B+iBasso AM05300NeutralWell-balanced tonality, slightly tilted towards brightness. Probably the best iBasso IEM yet.B+B+5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit864343300
B+Libratone Track Air Plus250Neutral with bass boostDeep and focused sub-bass response with a surprisingly balanced midrange tonality.A+B-2DDReview unit861373250
B+Tanchjim Darling420Warm DF-neutralA tad shouty but with excellent imaging performance.B+B+2BA 1DD864343420
B+★★Unique Melody 2HT “Terminator”200U-shapedTonality almost reminds me of a HYLA hybrid. Well tuned with strong technical performance.B+B+1BA 1DDThird party unit864343200
BEmpire Ears Valkyrie1600V-shapedLots of sub-bass with extremely thin mids. Adequate technicalities.BA-1EST 1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit8857311600
B★★Moondrop KXXS190Harman-neutralWell-tuned single DD with proper timbre and decent technicalities.A-BDDReview unit883157190
B★★Moondrop Starfield110Harman-neutralA cheaper KXXS.A-BDDReview unit883157110
B★★★Moondrop Aria80Harman-neutralA cheaper Starfield.A-BDDReview unit88315780
BAAW Canary2170V-shapedPoor implementation of the EST driver. Decent in tonality and timbre, but that's about it.BA-2EST 4BA 2DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit8857312170
BAcoustune HS1670800V-shapedMetallic and shrill timbre makes this hard to enjoy.BA-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit885731800
BDita Fealty1300Mild V-shapeThe more natural sounding and less technical of the Dita twins.A-BDDZeppelin & Co demo unit8831571300
BDita Fidelity1300V-shapedThe more technical and less natural sounding of the Dita twins.BA-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit-48857311300
BAya Siren600NeutralVery neutral, very well-tuned, though not very snappy in the treble.A-B2EST 4BAReview unit883157600
BEmpire Ears Valkyrie Mk21600V-shapedNot too dissimilar to its predecessor.BA-1EST 1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit8857311600
BFatfreq Sakura950NeutralA-B6BAShowfloor demo unit883157950
BFatfreq Tsuru800Bright neutralA-B3BAShowfloor demo unit883157800
BiBasso IT07900U-shapedMore similar to its predecessor the IT04, with more bass and less treble.BA-6BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit885731900
BJVC HA-FD01300Bright V-shapeUpper-mid forward signature can get a little shouty, but a decently technical DD still.BA-DDStereo SG demo unit885731300
BJVC HA-FD02300Bright V-shapeUpper-mid forward signature can get a little shouty, but a decently technical DD still.BA-DDStereo SG demo unit885731300
BKinera Nanna900Mild V-shapeSurprisingly well-extended for an EST implementation; somewhat blunted notes overall.A-B2EST 1BA 1DDE1 demo unit883157900
BSee Audio Kaguya1400U-shapedSomewhat mid-scooped, decent bass and treble extension though with underwhelming resolving ability.BA-4EST 4BAOardio demo unit8857311400
B★★Samsung Galaxy Buds130Harman-neutralA surprisingly well-tuned TWS with the technical chops to boot.A-BDDPersonal unit883157130
BSony WF-1000XM3230Neutral with bass boostProper tonality, solid technicalities yet with a consumer-friendly signature.A-BDDConnectIT demo unit883157230
BUltimate Ears UE18+ Pro Gen 31500"Balanced"Perceived more neutrally compared to the Gen 2; less emotional, more boring.BA-6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit08857311500
B★★★DUNU Titan S80Mild V-shapeA-BDDReview unit88315780
BCampfire Ara1300Bright neutralVery resolving set of IEMs, triggers the "uncanny valley" effect with its tuning.C+S7BAThird party unit949131300
BCampfire Solaris (2020)1500Bright V-shapeSimilar (but not identical) upper midrange problems to the original, with added sibilance.B-A4BA 1DDThird party unit9473211500
B64 Audio tia Fourte Noir3800W-shapedA bassier and warmer Fourte though also strangely sharper and less technical.B-A3BA 1DDE1 demo unit09473213800
BFinal Audio A80002000Bright V-shapeTechnically strong but going too far with the treble emphasis.B-ADDZeppelin & Co demo unit9473212000
BKumitate KL-Corona650NeutralWell-tuned with somewhat disappointing technical performance.AB-3BATreoo demo unit942173650
BUnique Melody Merlin V21000Warm neutralVery tasteful and coherent tuning, if lacking in sheer resolution.AB-4BA 1DDStereo SG demo unit9421731000
BDUNU Luna1700Mid-centricNeeds more work on the tuning front.C+S-DDReview unit989171700
B★★See Audio Yume
170Neutral with bass boostExcellent tuning with impeccable bass control, though with mushy transients and lacking detail.S-C+2BA 1DDOardio demo unit98791170
BNoble Tux 51300U-shapedDeep, sub-bass focus with potentially sibilant treble. Scooped midrange.B+B4BA 1DDStereo SG demo unit10043571300
BDita Dream XLS1850NeutralStandard Dita house sound with a non-standard bass roll-off. Decent, not amazing.BB+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit10057431850
B★★Samsung Galaxy Buds+150Harman-neutralTuned even closer to the Harman IE target compared to the original.B+B2DDPersonal unit1004357150
BDUNU DK-4001900U-shapedA little shrill with slight cutbacks in tone compared to the DK-3001 Pro.BB+4BA 1DDReview unit1005743900
BThieAudio Legacy 9 (L9)550BassyBass a little too slow and sluggish with minor quirks in the midrange-treble transition.B+B8BA 1DDThird party unit1004357550
BAAW AXH (2019)430Bright neutralSharp treble though not to the point of being piercing. Decent rendition of the bright-neutral signature.BB+4BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit-31005743430
BAcoustune HS1501500Warm V-shapeA more textured, bassier and more energetic version of the HS1551.BB+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1005743500
BAKG N50051000Neutral with bass boostAmazing bass control only let down by plastic timbre.B+B4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit10043571000
BDita Truth BrassDiscont.Warm V-shapeVery nice tonal characteristics with good bass, though nothing special technically.B+BDDZeppelin & Co demo unit10043571050
BFearless S4290V-shapedTonally accurate though can be a little heavy with its upper midrange.B+B4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1004357290
BFearless S5H330V-shapedSimilar if not identical to the S4, though with a little less upper mids.B+B5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1004357330
BFearless S6Rui390V-shapedSimilar to the S4/S5H though with smoother upper mids and treble response.B+B6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1004357390
BFiiO FH5260Neutral with bass boostStellar bass response and decent technical ability, not much to fault.B+B3BA 1DDE1 demo unit1004357260
B64 Audio A4t1000Neutral with bass boostGood tonal balance but lacking in definition and low-level detailingB+B4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit10043571000
BAcoustune HS1655Cu750V-shapedDeep V-shape signature with some odd treble spikes; very Acoustune.BB+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1005743750
BAcoustune HS1657750V-shapedDeep V-shape signature with some odd treble spikes; very Acoustune.BB+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1005743750
BAcoustune HS1677900V-shapedDeep V-shape signature with some odd treble spikes; very Acoustune.BB+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1005743900
BAroma Witch Girl W123150Warm V-shapeWarm response balanced out by a sparkly treble emphasis; good technicalities, if a little narrow-sounding.BB+12BAAV One demo unit10057433150
BAudiosense DT600250Neutral with bass boostB+B6BAReview unit1004357250
BAune Jasper300Mild V-shapeA little shouty but overall a well-balanced tonality that's more pleasing than divisive.B+BDDReview unit1004357300
BBGVP DM7300Warm neutralMuch more tonally-balanced take on the popular DM6.B+B6BAReview unit1004357300
BCraft Ears Aurum1500Neutral with bass boostB+B2EST 4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit10043571500
BDUNU DK-2001300V-shapedSlightly warm-tilted with a bit of treble spiciness.B+B3BA 1DDReview loaner1004357300
BDUNU EST 112490NeutralGood tonality, though the treble extension is its big Achille's Heel.B+B2EST 1BA 1DDReview unit1004357490
BHUM Dolores1700NeutralSlightly bright-tilted neutral, lacks upper treble extension.B+B2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit10043571700
BOriolus Isabellae600Mild V-shapeB+BDDThird party unit1004357600
BPEARS SH2860NeutralAn odd take on neutrality but not the worst.BB+2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit1005743860
BShuoer EJ07850Dark neutralTuned almost Etymotic-like but with underwhelming treble extension bottlenecking it all.B+B4EST 2BA 1DDReview unit1004357850
B★★Tanchjim New Hana (2021)180Harman-neutralB+BDDReview unit1004357180
BUnique Melody Maven2000V-shapedDecently resolving, decent tonality; not bad, not amazing.BB+11BAStereo SG demo unit10057432000
Bqdc Anole V3600VariableThe bassier of the Anole brothers. Better timbre but worse technicalities.B+B3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1004357600
Bqdc Anole V61100VariableThe more mid-centric of the Anole brothers. Better technicalities but worse timbre.BB+6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit10057431100
BSony XBA-A3480Warm neutralCoherent hybrid with a warm-ish tilt to its tone.B+B2BA 1DDThird party unit1004357480
BSony XBA-Z5700"Balanced"All-rounder. Somewhat neutral both in FR and tonality.B+B2BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit1004357700
BJH Roxanne1745WarmRich and smooth, perfect for male vocalsBB+12BAA2A Melbourne demo unit410057431745
BVSonic GR07XDiscont.NeutralJack of all trades. Has all the fundamentals down to a T.B+BDDPersonal unit1004357350
BMoondrop Kanas ProDiscont.Warm V-shapeSomewhat Harman-esque in tuning, not the best in terms of resolution.A-B-DDReview unit1043173180
BAcoustune HS16971150V-shapedA little wonkier than your average Acoustune but still retains the signature V-shape.B-A-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit10473311150
B★★Audiosense DT200150NeutralExcellent tonality. Just excellent tuning overall.A+C+2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit1041391150
BFiR VxV1000Mild V-shapeInterested coloured take on a neutral reference signature. A little uneven in the mids.B-A-4BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit10473311000
BOriolus Percivali2000Neutral with bass boostLacking body and very thin in the notes. Not recommended for sub-tenor instruments.B-A-2EST 2BA 1DDE1 demo unit10473312000
B★★ThieAudio Legacy 4 (L4)200Neutral with bass boostWell-tuned if technically lacking in comparison. Could use some more power in the bass.A-B-3BA 1DD1043173200
BVision Ears EVE 201550V-shapedSolid technicalities in tandem with an uninspired tuning.B-A-6BAE1 demo unit10473311550
BBose SoundSport Free200NeutralSolid tonal balance with wide soundstage, though not the best in detailing.A-B-DDConnectIT demo unit1043173200
B★★★Moondrop Chu20NeutralAn extremely well-tuned neutral IEM with a slightly bright and metallic tilt.A+C+DDReview unit104139120
BJomo Tango1400V-shapedDeep V-shape signature with a warm tilt; good technicalities.C+A6BAShowfloor demo unit11291211400
BMoondrop Crescent30Neutral with bass boostWell-executed V-ish signature that's neither harsh nor bloated.AC+DDThird party unit112219130
B★★★Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0
(PurePlay Z3)
90DF-neutral with bass boostProbably the closest thing to an ER2XR in TWS form.AC+DDJaben Melbourne demo unit112219190
BFearless La Hire610NeutralWell-tuned neutral-style monitor with subpar treble extension.BB2EST 2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1145757610
BARC Mira410NeutralA well-tuned basic setup with strengths in versatility.BB2BAShowfloor demo unit1145757410
BGaudio Clariden862V-shapedSomewhat reminiscent of a more mid-y Andromeda, though with extra wonkiness.BB3BAReview unit1145757862
BThieAudio Legacy 5 (L5)250Warm neutralA little lacking in the upper-mids but otherwise a competent set.BB4BA 1DD1145757250
BSennheiser IE300300V-shapedFairly mainstream tuning with a treble response that's well done given its emphasis.BBDD1145757300
BAAW Mockingbird1450NeutralA "nothing special" kind of sound that is neither wrong nor exciting, even on a technical level.BB8BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit11457571450
BAudio Technica ATH-E70400Neutral with bass boostClean and clear sound with a slight warm tilt without losing treble sparkle.BB3BAJaben Melbourne demo unit1145757400
BEmpire Ears Bravado700V-shapedA basic hybrid sound with big bass and energetic treble.BB1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1145757700
BEmpire Ears Nemesis1600V-shapedA lot more treble compared to the Vantage.BB3BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit111457571600
BFidue A91 "Sirius"900Warm V-shapeUniquely tuned hybrid. Not very powerful DD bass with Diffuse-Field midrange.BB4BA 1DDLMUE demo unit1145757900
BFitEar F/A111780Warm neutralA laid-back take on reference with Suyama's FitEar colouration mixed inBBBAJaben SG demo unit31145757780
BFitEar Parterre1200WarmIntimate, smooth and laidback soundBB2BA?Jaben SG demo unit211457571200
BHUM Pristine Reference1400WarmGood detail pickup and generally inoffensive. Much better than the universal.BB2BAThird party custom211457571400
BAcoustune HS1004Discont.Bright V-shapeProbably the most unique-sounding Acoustune in the safest way; slightly warmer with more focused treble.BBDDThird party unit1145757200
BAroma Yao2500WarmCompetent tonality, good technicalities, nothing terrible but certainly expected more.BB12BAAV One demo unit11457572500
BAya Trident800U-shapedSomewhat strange tuning that seems to try to do everything, but results in a slightly wonky tonality.BB4EST 4BAReview unit1145757800
BFitEar MH335DW2250WarmWarmer than your average 334 with a little more congested. Kind of like a custom-TG334.BB5BAJaben SG demo unit11457572250
BKinera Nanna 2.0900V-shapedBass is a tad uncontrolled and the mids could use more refinement. The original is arguably superior.BB2EST 1BA 1DD1145757900
BKumitate KL-REF Type SDiscont.VariableTriggers uncanny valley hard. Presentation is always slighty off in some area that I can't pinpoint.BB3BA 2DDShowfloor demo unit11457571360
BOriveti OH300300V-shapedMore similar than different to the OH500. Non-offensive tuning with decent technicalities.BB2BA 1DDJaben Melbourne demo unit1145757300
BOriveti OH500500V-shapedMore similar than different to the OH300. Non-offensive tuning with decent technicalities.BB4BA 1DDJaben Melbourne demo unit1145757500
BSony XBA-H3350Warm neutralCoherent hybrid with a warm-ish tilt to its tone. Similar to the XBA-A3.BB2BA 1DDThird party unit1145757350
BTanchjim Prism600V-shapedBB2BA 1DDReview unit1145757600
BTRI Starshine500Bright V-shapeA good example of "too much of a good thing": treble extension. Sibilance issues abound, but otherwise fine.BB2EST 2BAReview unit1145757500
BUFOEar UFO-112350V-shapedWell-controlled bass response with a peaky, slightly shouty midrange and treble profile.BB2BA 1DDReview unit1145757350
BUnique Melody Mirage1100Mild V-shapeTonally-balanced, technically acceptable, nothing much to criticise though no big praises either.BB3BAStereo SG demo unit11457571100
BVision Ears VE51400NeutralTuning that avoids any fatiguing peaks, at the cost of midrange coherency.BB5BAE1 demo unit11457571400
BXENNS UP700Neutral with bass boostBB2EST 4BA 1DDReview unit1145757700
BPeriodic Audio Be300Mild V-shapeMeaty with decent sparkle in the treble, whilst remaining clear and clean.BBDDReview unit1145757300
BSennheiser IE400 Pro350V-shapedHeavy bass boost balanced out by good treble energy along with decent midrange tonality.BBDDConnectIT demo unit1145757350
BShozy & Neo BG280Bright neutralWell balanced tuning with decent resolution, though suffers from slight timbral issues.BB5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit1145757280
BShure SE8461000Neutral with bass boostDeep reaching bass but with an odd tonality in the rest of the spectrum.BB4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit11457571000
BStealthsonics U9 JDM1100Neutral with bass boostDoes away with the timbre issues of the standard U9.BB8BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit011457571100
BACS Encore1130NeutralGood all-rounder. No slouch in the technicalities.BB3BAJaben SG demo unit11457571130
BFLC8SDiscont.VariableVery good technicalities with a well-tuned signature. Filters change the sound a lot.BB2BA 1DDPersonal unit1145757330
BRhapsodio GalaxyDiscont.V-shapedLively and engaging but avoiding fatigue still. Rare comboBBDDZeppelin & Co demo unit111457571450
BRhapsodio Solar1550Mild V-shapeAn all-rounder to a fault. Truly a master of none.BB10BAZeppelin & Co demo unit-111457571550
B-Fearless Lancelot1300WarmRather generic tuning with no redeeming qualities for its price and status.B-B+2EST 6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit11673431300
B-ARC Oculus570WarmRelaxing, warm signature with sub-par resolving ability.B+B-3BAShowfloor demo unit1164373570
B-Itsfit R3305NeutralSimilar to the lauded UERM, but without its resolution nor sparkle.B+B-3BAReview unit1164373305
B-Audio Technica ATH-IM02Discont.Warm neutralAs with most GQ setups: well-balanced, excellent tuning and decent technical ability.B+B-2BAThird party unit1164373190
B-Audio Technica ATH-LS200250NeutralSomewhat Diffuse-Field neutral with its own quirks. Good technical ability.B+B-2BAStereo SG demo unit1164373250
B-Custom Art FIBAE Black500Warm neutralSmooth, neutral-ish signature that serves as an all rounder.B+B-1BAThird party custom1164373500
B-Audio Genetic AG2450WarmWarm, smooth presentation... perhaps a little too smoothed over for my liking.B+B-2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit1164373450
B-Dita Truth Answer Edition450V-shapedClassic Dita V-shape; free of bloat, though notably forward and a little harsh on the ears.B-B+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1167343450
B-Dita Truth750V-shapedClassic Dita V-shape; free of bloat, though notably forward and a little harsh on the ears.B-B+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1167343750
B-Lime Ears LE2600NeutralAs with most GQ setups: well-balanced, excellent tuning and decent technical ability.B+B-2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1164373600
B-Soranik Bastille Signature?V-shapedUpper-mid and sub-bass forward, mids are scooped and can get hollow.B-B+4BA 1DDEar.Inc demo unit116734399999
B-Jabra Elite Active 65t190NeutralExcellent tonal balance and timbre, though technical ability isn't the best.B+B-DDConnectIT demo unit1164373190
B-Sony MH755Discont.Harman-neutralClean notes, proper sub-bass extension and a tonal balance beyond expectations.B+B-DDPersonal unit11643738
B-Unique Melody MacBeth600U-shapedExtremely clear but may be too thin for some.B-B+1BA 1DDThird party unit1167343600
B-★★Tin HiFi T3 Plus70Mild V-shapeB+B-DDReview unit116437370
B-Sony MDR-AS800APDiscont.Neutral with bass boostExtremely well-balanced tuning but with unfortunately middling technicalities.S-CDDPersonal unit118711170
B-★★Tin HiFi T2 Plus60Warm neutralA solidly-tuned, inoffensive signature with middling technicalities.A-C+DD122319160
B-Moondrop Sparks90Harman-neutralA tad too shouty and lacking low-level detail, but nothing too egregious as a whole.A-C+DDReview unit122319190
B-Alclair Studio3750Neutral with bass boostCompetent tuning if limited by detail retrieval and upper treble extension.A-C+3BAEar.Inc demo unit1223191750
B-Audio Lokahi240Neutral with bass boostA-C+7BAThird party unit1223191240
B-Eartech Dual Driver350WarmVery pleasant and smoothing tuning bottlenecked by subpar technical ability.A-C+2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1223191350
B-JBL LIVE 300TWS150V-shapedKind of Harman-ish, but not. Heavy on the bass and sharp in the treble.A-C+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1223191150
B-JVC HA-FW03250Warm DF-neutralSlightly shouty but balanced out by a warm mid-bass hump. Lacking overall definition.A-C+DDJaben SG demo unit1223191250
B-Nostalgia Benbulbin900Neutral with bass boostA-C+4BA 1DDE1 demo unit1223191900
B-Shure Aonic 3160NeutralSlightly bright-tilted neutral, lacks upper treble extension.A-C+BAConnectIT demo unit1223191160
B-★★★Tripowin Lea26Mild V-shapeA-C+DDReview unit122319126
B-Tin HiFi T4110Bright neutralA worthy successor to the legendary GR07.BB-DDReview unit1305773110
B-Vision Ears VE4.21440V-shapedDecently tuned monitor with adequate resolution, but nothing that hasn't been done before for cheap.B-B4BAE1 demo unit13073571440
B-Elysian Cora (2019)1230Neutral with bass boostA decent hybrid weird slightly odd midrange tonality.B-B4BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit13073571230
B-ARC Pollux285NeutralWell-tuned neutral single-BA IEM.BB-BAShowfloor demo unit1305773285
B-Colorfly Quintet900Mild V-shapeB-B4BA 1DDReview loaner1307357900
B-Empire Ears ESR1000Bright V-shapeHas the technical chops but is sharp and fatiguing.B-B3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit13073571000
B-Aroma Early600Neutral with bass boostCapable V-shaped hybrid. Could use a little more control in the bass.BB-1BA 1DDAV One demo unit1305773600
B-Clear Tune Monitors CT-6E1000NeutralGood, well-balanced tonality though falls apart from the treble upwards.B-B6BAJaben SG demo unit13073571000
B-Dita Sakura 71Discont.V-shapedVery upper-mid forward. Would appreciate the shout being dialed way down.B-BDDShowfloor demo unit13073571000
B-DUNU Titan 1110BrightBright, almost DF-ish in tonality. Shouty but with open imaging and decent detail.BB-DDThird party unit1305773110
B-DUNU Titan 3140Bright neutralA more reined-in variant of the Titan 3's sound, more peaky but also slightly more resolving.B-BDDThird party unit1307357140
B-Earsonics Purple1500NeutralProbably the most "normal-sounding" Earsonics IEM. Still some tonal problems but not horrible.B-B5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit13073571500
B-Eternal Melody EM-5900WarmVery warm, bordering on bloated. Could use a little less lower mids or a bit more upper mids.BB-5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit1305773900
B-Fatfreq Hayabusa1320Mild V-shapeB-B8BAShowfloor demo unit13073571320
B-Fearless Shangri-la230V-shapedB-B4BA 1DDReview unit1307357230
B-FiiO FA9450NeutralMore of a downslope-neutral kind of tonality. A bit above average as far as technical performance goes.BB-6BAAV One demo unit1305773450
B-Final Audio B3500Warm neutralProbably the best tuned of Final's B-series. Reminiscent of the E-series with BA characteristics.BB-2BAShowfloor demo unit1305773500
B-InEar StageDiver SD-2400NeutralAs with most GQ setups: well-balanced, excellent tuning and decent technical ability.BB-2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit1305773400
B-QoA Adonis220Mild V-shapeSomewhat balanced tonality if not for a bit of bass bleed. Not the most technical.BB-2BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit1305773220
B-Shanling ME200180V-shapedSlight mid-scoop going on. A little shouty, a little bassy, but not bad overall.BB-1BA 1DDE1 demo unit1305773180
B-Tralucent 1 Plus 2.2Discont.Bright V-shapeDecently tuned hybrid if a little inconsistent and past its prime.BB-2BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit130577399999
B-Unique Melody Miracle V21050Mild V-shapeSlight downsloping signature with a treble spike for sparkle.B-B6BAStereo SG demo unit13073571050
B-VSonic GR07 Bass EditionDiscont.NeutralRather than a bassier GR07, this seems more like a darker GR07.B-BDDLMUE demo unit130735790
B-Meze Rai Penta1100Warm V-shapePleasing tonality with subpar technical ability.BB-4BA 1DDE1 demo unit13057731100
B-VSonic GR07 ClassicDiscont.Mild V-shapeWell-balanced, well-tuned, good technicalities. The $100 benchmark since ever.B-BDDLMUE demo unit1307357100
B-Apple AirPods Pro250NeutralSomewhat Diffuse-Field tuning with a smooth and natural midrange tonality.BB-DDThird party unit1305773250
B-Aroma Witch Girl S900WarmPretty good technicalities but with a rather generic tuning.C+B+5BAAV One demo unit1349143900
B-Sennheiser IE800S1200WarmVery subtle refinement to the original IE800.C+B+DDJaben Melbourne demo unit13491431200
B-Shure Aonic 4260Neutral with bass boostGreat tuning, but severely lacking upper octave air and extension.B+C+1BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit1344391260
B-Sennheiser IE800800WarmGood bass with shimmery treble. Downsloping response with slightly wonky tonality.C+B+DDJaben SG demo unit11349143800
B-Westone W801500Warm neutralNicely balanced, intimate and slightly dry. Perhaps the least Westone-sounding Westone.C+B+8BAA2A Melbourne demo unit313491431500
B-★★★CCA CRA14U-shapedB+C+DDReview unit134439114
B-Aroma Ace3700NeutralReally odd take on neutrality. Not the worst... but it's not natural by any means.CA-12BAAV One demo unit142111313700
B-Hifiman RE400Discont.Bright neutralThe legend still holds up well today. Solid tonality with average technicalities.A-CDDPersonal unit1423111180
B-NXEars Sonata200NeutralPretty solid neutral tuning, though not very resolving and with one-dimensional imaging.A-CBAZeppelin & Co demo unit14231111200
B-Ambient Dynamics AD-006 “Lyndale”200Warm neutralB-B-1BA 1DDReview unit1467373200
B-Anthem Five E4400Neutral with bass boostThe all-rounder; nothing stands out but nothing sounds terrible either. Safe, but perhaps too safe.B-B-4BAReview custom1467373400
B-Aure Elixir2000Mild V-shapeSort of wonky-but-not tonality that reminds me of some of Audiosense's weird IEMs.B-B-3BA 1DDEar.Inc demo unit14673732000
B-Aure Flame2000Mild V-shapeA little better managed than the Elixir but not a massive improvement. Reminds me of a budget FH5.B-B-?Ear.Inc demo unit14673732000
B-Craft Ears Argentum850V-shapedB-B-2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1467373850
B-Fatfreq Reference Pro370NeutralB-B-3BAShowfloor demo unit1467373370
B-INAIR M360140V-shapedA weird cross between an earbud and an IEM. Interesting sound though nothing special performance-wise.B-B-DDThird party unit1467373140
B-qdc Fusion920WarmDulled transients and lacks detailing. Tonality is merely okay.B-B-4BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit1467373920
B-qdc Neptune200Warm neutralTuning and configuration is simple but goes a long way when implemented well.B-B-BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1467373200
B-qdc Uranus200WarmSounds like another variation of the qdc Fusion. Not sure which is worse though.B-B-1BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit1467373200
B-Shanling ME700 Lite500NeutralRather radical change from the original ME700; far less warm with more upper-mid emphasis.B-B-4BA 1DDReview unit1467373500
B-Tin HiFi P2350Warm U-shapeA good upgrade over the original in terms of technicalities, but the bothersome sibilance still exists.B-B-PlanarReview unit1467373350
B-ikko OH1140V-shapedWell controlled sub-bass focus, high clarity and has an inherent "Asian" signature.B-B-1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1467373140
B-Ultimate Ears UE6 Pro700"Balanced"A capable hybrid with little weaknesses.B-B-1BA 2DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit1467373700
C+Empire Ears Wraith3500Dark neutralA Zeus with almost nonexistent treble and clarity.C+B4EST 7BAZeppelin & Co demo unit14891573500
38Warm V-shapeVery pleasing and safe tuning with subpar technical detailing.BC+DDReview unit148579138
C+Itsfit Fusion950"Balanced"Hard to pinpoint its exact signature, but the result is an odd tonality.C+B1MS 2BA 1DDReview unit1489157950
C+Urbanfun YBF-ISS01460V-shapedClear detailing marred slightly by an almost generic and sharp tuning.C+BDDReview unit148915760
C+Shozy Form 1.175Warm neutralRelaxing, non-fatiguing listen with minor cutbacks in detailing.BC+1BA 1DDReview unit148579175
C+Shozy Form 1.4200Warm neutralVery similar to the Form 1.1 in both tone and technicalities.BC+4BA 1DDReview unit1485791200
C+ThieAudio Legacy 3 (L3)130NeutralBalanced tonality with a laid-back signature, nothing much to fault nor to praise.BC+2BA 1DDReview unit1485791130
C+BGVP DM6200Warm V-shapeWarm tilt in tone, decent detail retrieval though definition is a little too smoothed over.C+B5BAThird party unit1489157200
C+Campfire Polaris V1600V-shapedPseudo-Japanese tuning focusing on female vocals and a very lively signature.C+B1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1489157600
C+Fearless HyperS 12BA900DF-neutralSimilar if not identical to the S10 Genie.C+B12BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1489157900
C+Fearless S10 Genie700DF-neutralSounds like an attempt at DF-neutral gone wrong. Tonally evokes a sense of "uncanny valley".C+B10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1489157700
C+FiiO FH7450V-shapedWhat is otherwise a pretty good hybrid marred by a strange tonality.C+B4BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit1489157450
C+Alclair Electro1500Neutral with bass boostA decent performer in its own right, but nothing that its cheaper brothers aren't already doing.BC+2EST 4BAEar.Inc demo unit14857911500
C+Alclair Studio4950Mild V-shapeTransients are a little mushy and lacking snap, but at least the tuning's halfway decent.BC+4BAEar.Inc demo unit1485791950
C+Aroma Twins1700VariableSwap between "too warm" or "too bright". Extremely coloured on both ends of the spectrum.C+B7BAAV One demo unit14891571700
C+Astell & Kern T9iE1300U-shapedFeels like a more neutral take on the T8iE, though I'm not sure if it works. Sounds off overall.C+BDDAV One demo unit14891571300
C+DUNU Falcon Pro220WarmC+BDDReview unit1489157220
C+EarFun x Oluv Free ProDiscont.Dark neutralPretty inoffensive overall, though clarity takes a hit due to the dark tilt in tonality.BC+DDReview unit148579170
C+Empire Ears Phantom LE2500WarmA slightly more balanced Phantom, that is to say it's not complete lower-mid bloat.C+B5BAConnectIT demo unit14891572500
C+Fender Ten 51200Neutral with bass boostProbably Fender's best IEM. Well-tuned but lacking in resolution.BC+5BA 1DDE1 demo unit14857911200
C+FiiO FD5350V-shapedPretty standard V-shaped tuning though surprisingly proficient in technicalities.C+BDDAV One demo unit1489157350
C+FitEar Monet 171550Warm V-shapeSomewhat bloated and sharp-sounding at the same time. Very coloured and very spicy, not for everyone.C+B4BAJaben SG demo unit14891571550
C+ikko OH10200V-shapedYour standard "chifi V" but done fairly well. Decently technical.C+B1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1489157200
C+Lime Ears Aether R1350VariableA downgrade from the original with weirder midrange tonality.C+B6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit14891571350
C+SeeAudio Bravery280Neutral with bass boostBC+4BAReview unit1485791280
C+Shozy Black Hole800BrightSeems to go for a neutral tuning with the bass roll-off but ends up with a fatiguing and sharp presentation.C+BDDZeppelin & Co demo unit1489157800
C+Sony MDR-EX600200"Balanced"Significantly different from the EX800/EX1000. Notable hole in the upper mids.C+BDDThird party unit1489157200
C+Soranik SP3250Bright V-shapeThin-sounding, a little strong with the BA timbre and can be fatiguing.C+B3BAShowfloor demo unit1489157250
C+Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 Pro200VariableMostly just variations of "warm". Pleasant tuning but lacking detail and clarity.BC+3BAReview unit1485791200
C+Tansio Mirai TSMR-5430Warm V-shapeAlright tonality, decent detailing but nothing that makes it stand out.BC+5BAReview unit1485791430
C+Tralucent 1 Plus 1.2650WarmWARNING: the IEM is not compatible with eartips. Sounds alright, but also an extremely stupid design.BC+1BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit1485791650
C+Tripowin x HBB Mele50V-shapedBC+DDReview unit148579150
C+Unique Melody Mini MEST600V-shapedBone conduction driver doesn't seem to be doing much. Just your average V-shaped BA IEM.C+B1BC 3BAReview unit1489157600
C+Vision Ears VE61500Warm neutralA little incoherent and could use more midrange evenness.C+B6BAE1 demo unit14891571500
C+Whizzer A15 Pro120DF-neutralInteresting Etymotic-like DF tuning, though far more thin-sounding and rather shouty.BC+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1485791120
C+Stealthsonics U91100NeutralAn otherwise capable hybrid caught out by nasally and odd midrange.C+B8BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit14891571100
C+KZ E1060DF-neutralA little bright, almost edging on shoutiness, but overall a decent attempt at neutrality.BC+4BA 1DDReview unit148579160
C+★★QCY T535NeutralAn odd take on a reference-style signature, but definitely not the worst attempt out there.BC+DDThird party unit148579135
C+Campfire Jupiter800"Balanced"Great clarity and staging though with odd upper midrange.C+B4BAConnectIT demo unit11489157800
C+FAudio Major1400V-shapedPiercing sharp treble and overwhelming bass makes this hard to listen to.CB+DDThird party unit154111431400
C+FitEar Private 3331500BrightVery exciting and sharp signature. Fatiguing and not for everyone.CB+3BAJaben SG demo unit-5154111431500
C+JVC HA-FX99X-B170Neutral with bass boostSurprisingly well-controlled bass boost with a slightly warm tilt. Limited resolution.B+CDDThird party unit15443111170
C+Lypertek Bevi50NeutralSolid, well-balanced tonality. Narrow imaging and subpar resolution.B+CBAJaben Melbourne demo unit1544311150
C+Mangird MT4200Neutral with bass boostB+C3BA 1DDReview unit15443111200
C+Whizzer HE0180V-shapedA pretty well-done V-shaped tonality, though limited by its resolving ability.B+CDDReview unit1544311180
C+Kumitate KL-REF Type-S1350VariableWell tuned but unfortunately suffers from very odd timbre.CB+3BA 2DDThird party unit154111431350
C+ThieAudio Voyager 3 (V3)160Warm V-shapeSlightly esoteric signature that somewhat works.C+B-3BAReview unit1649173160
C+NiceHCK NX7 Pro132Bright V-shapeSuperb midrange tonality marred by a painfully piercing treble response.C+B-1Piezo 4BA 2DDReview unit1649173132
C+Tanchjim Hana160Mild V-shapeSomewhat strange upper-midrange tonality. Not a "mini-Oxygen".C+B-DDReview unit1649173160
C+AAW A3H Pro V2370WarmDecent technicalities with well controlled bass and treble rolloff.B-C+2BA 1DDPersonal custom1647391370
C+Campfire Atlas1300BassyGobs of bass with added treble sparkle that prevents complete congestion and muddiness.C+B-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit416491731300
C+Campfire Dorado1000WarmExtremely coherent albeit slightly congested. Great for intimacy lovers.B-C+2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit16473911000
C+Campfire Vega1300V-shapedPowerful bass, sharp treble and muffled midrange.C+B-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit16491731300
C+Elysian Artemis600WarmThick, warm and smooth signature without complete sacrifice in technicalities.B-C+3BAReview unit1647391600
C+★★Final Audio E100030NeutralBalanced tuning with good clarity and acceptable resolution. Surprising pick.B-C+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit164739130
C+Final Audio E200045V-shapedNot too dissimiliar to a GR07, though lacking in that last octave of bass extension.B-C+DDE1 demo unit164739145
C+Final Audio E300055WarmA warmer, bassier E2000.B-C+DDE1 demo unit164739155
C+Final Audio E4000180V-shapedRather standard sounding, non-offensive and neutral in tone.B-C+DDE1 demo unit1647391180
C+Final Audio E5000280WarmLess treble than the E4000 for a slightly different flavour.B-C+DDE1 demo unit1647391280
C+iBasso IT01S200V-shapedBalanced tuning, slight lean towards brightness. Should be pleasing for most ears.C+B-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1649173200
C+1Custom SA05?Warm V-shapeWarm lower-mid response balanced out by a forward treble presentation.B-C+5BAJaben SG demo unit164739199999
C+AAW A3H Plus250Warm neutralA lot more balanced compared to the 2019 version. Good tonality if limited by resolution.B-C+2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1647391250
C+AAW Halcyon1500Warm V-shapeFilters change the bass response. Congested presentation and lacks definition.B-C+4EST 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit16473911500
C+AAW x Custom Art Project 4+2750VariableCompetent tuning overall, though lacking definition and clarity.B-C+4BA 2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1647391750
C+Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2100U-shapedA lot of sub-bass and a lot of treble. Fun, but very fatiguing.B-C+DDConnectIT demo unit1647391100
C+Craft Ears Cuprum800U-shapedC+B-2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1649173800
C+Custom Art FIBAE 4900WarmWarm, bordering on bloat. Could use some extra sharpness in its attack to round it off.C+B-4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1649173900
C+DUNU DN-1000200NeutralBalanced, almost conservative tonality. A bit uncontrolled in the treble but otherwise not bad.B-C+2BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit1647391200
C+Eartech Triple Driver450WarmStandard lower-mid focused signature with almost the bare minimum of treble required to balance it all out.C+B-3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1649173450
C+Eternal Melody EM-5H750DarkJust a worse EM-5 in every way. Odd midrange and no treble extension to speak of.C+B-5BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1649173750
C+FiiO FH3150V-shapedDoes come off as sort of a broken FH5, but the FH5 elements are mostly there.C+B-2BA 1DDE1 demo unit1649173150
C+★★★Final Audio E500
20NeutralVery well-balanced though plagued by the usual E-series QC problems.B-C+DDPersonal unit164739120
C+HYLA Nerva-X2750WarmPretty dead-sounding, and the lack of treble extension isn't doing it any favours.B-C+10BAZeppelin & Co demo unit16473912750
C+IMR Zenith550VariableAssuming blue filters, probably the best tuned IMR IEM. Every other filter is garbage.B-C+1Piezo 1DDThird party unit1647391550
C+JH Audio JH16v21300Warm V-shapeShades of a downsloping response regardless of bass setting. Too coloured and too much.C-A-10BAZeppelin & Co demo unit164133311300
C+JH Audio Rosie1000Warm V-shapeOne of the better-tuned JH IEMs. Still has some bloat issues and unnaturally sharp.B-C+6BAZeppelin & Co demo unit16473911000
C+JH Audio Roxanne 22300Warm V-shapeThe usual JH house sound of a downsloping response with a painful treble spike.C-A-12BAAV One demo unit164133312300
C+KBEar Aurora170V-shapedB-C+DDReview unit1647391170
C+★★Moondrop Spaceship20Warm DF-neutralShouty with a slight warm tilt as a counterbalance. Not the worst DF-ish IEM out there.C+B-DDThird party unit164917320
C+NiceHCK NX7 Mk3120U-shapedPiercing treble probably due to the piezo driver. Competent tonality otherwise.C+B-1Piezo 4BA 2DDReview unit1649173120
C+qdc 3SH500WarmProbably the worst-tuned qdc IEM. Noticeable upper-mid scoop results in lacking bite and energy.B-C+3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit1647391500
C+Shuoer Tape130V-shapedDecent technicalities but it basically screams in your face.C+B-MSOardio demo unit1649173130
C+Tanchjim Cora50V-shapedWell-controlled bass boost, though coupled with a slightly odd midrange tonality.B-C+DDOardio demo unit164739150
C+Tralucent 1+Xplus1200U-shapedWARNING: comes with solid tips. Decent once you get a proper seal, but nothing exceptional.C+B-1Planar 1BA 1DDReview unit16491731200
C+Intime Sora45U-shapedWell controlled bass boost with slightly skewed tonality. Potential is there.B-C+DDThird party unit164739145
C+Oriolus Forsteni375U-shapedSpacious staging, good clarity, but thin in the mids and overly sharp.C+B-2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1649173375
C+Periodic Audio Mg100WarmNot the most clear or detailed but a very clean sound with good timbre.B-C+DDReview unit1647391100
C+TFZ King Pro170V-shapedPowerful yet controlled bass response, good snap in the treble, doesn't sacrifice too much in the midrange.C+B-DDThird party unit1649173170
C+Tin HiFi T250NeutralWell-balanced tuning and an all-rounder signature that works for most.B-C+2DDReview unit164739150
C+Tin HiFi T380Mild V-shapeSomewhat generic hybrid signature, tuned well with good transient ability.B-C+1BA 1DDReview unit164739180
C+Fostex TM2300V-shapedA little thin, a little bright and a little shouty, but not bad overall.C+B-DDThird party unit1649173300
C+Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro150V-shapedImpressive sub-focused bass response, limited by its shouty and sharp midrange and treble.B-C+1BA 1DDThird party unit1647391150
C+Edifier TWS580V-shapedGood tone and bass response, but unfortunately lacking detail retrieval.B-C+DDThird party unit164739180
C+Final Audio Heaven II90Bright neutralSolid technical ability though might be a little too sterile at times.B-C+BAA2A Melbourne demo unit164739190
C+Vive XE800Discont.Mild V-shapeA mini GR07. Need I say more?B-C+DDThird party unit164739130
C+Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3250WarmA much-needed improvement over its predecessors, but still comes with suppressed upper harmonics.B-C+DDShowfloor demo unit1647391250
C+Audiosense AQ3180BassyWell-controlled bass despite the emphasis, limited by overall resolving ability.BC2BA 1DDReview unit16857111180
C+Ambient Acoustics MAD243500WarmCB24BAReview loaner168111573500
C+Audiosense DT100110NeutralBCBAReview unit16857111110
C+Edifier TWS6120U-shapedWell-controlled bass response, though can come off as a bit hollow and pulled-back.BCBAThird party unit16857111120
C+Fatfreq Reference150NeutralBCBAShowfloor demo unit16857111150
C+JH Audio x L-Acoustics Contour XO1950VariableNot as much of a downsloping response as your average JH IEM, but treble issues are further exacerbated.CB10BAConnectIT demo unit168111571950
C+Lark Studio LSX1700Warm V-shapePretty weird tonality with no real direction. No specialties but at least isn't completely horrible.CB10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit168111571700
C+MMR Homunculus1700Warm neutralNot the worst thing out there, but also nothing special about it.CB2EST 1BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit168111571700
C+MMR Thummim4500V-shapedMore resolving than the Homunculus, but also comes with bass bloat.CB4EST 4BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit168111574500
C+Moondrop SSP40Warm DF-neutralExtra bass on top of the SSR does help it a little, but also results in a more hollow presentation.CBDDReview unit1681115740
C+Neusonik direm E350Harman-neutralSounds like an attempt at a MH755.BCDDReview unit1685711150
C+NF Audio NM2+170Bright V-shapeTonality can get a little intense and is fairly underwhelming, though surprisingly resolving.CBDDReview unit16811157170
C+Noble Sage600Warm neutralProbably the safest tuning in Noble's arsenal. Expectedly limited in sheer technicalities.BC2BAStereo SG demo unit16857111600
C+★★★Samsung AKG EO-IG95510V-shapedThat freebie you get with Samsung phones. Surprisingly competent and worth keeping.BCDDPersonal unit1685711110
C+JH Audio JH13v2 Performance Series1000V-shapedGood all rounder, slightly warmer and more coherent than the custom versionCB8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit168111571000
C+JH Audio Angie1400Warm V-shapeSomewhat mid-centric though in various strange ways. Treble issues not as serious as its brothers.C-B+8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit176133431400
C+ThieAudio Legacy 2 (L2)100NeutralB+C-1BA 1DDReview unit17643133100
C+Audio Technica ATH-SPORT7TW200U-shapedClean bass and decent midrange tonality, though comes with strident treble.C+C+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1829191200
C+FiiO F9100Bright V-shapeGood technicalities, average timbre, perhaps a little excessive on the highs.C+C+2BA 1DDReview unit1829191100
C+iBasso IT03260U-shapedExcellent bass and clarity. Hollow midrange and somewhat metallic treble.C+C+2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1829191260
C+1Custom SA03300Warm V-shapeWarm lower-mid response balanced out by a forward treble presentation.C+C+3BAJaben SG demo unit1829191300
C+Aroma Star300V-shapedFairly normal "single BA tuning", nothing exceptional nor terrible.C+C+BAAV One demo unit1829191300
C+★★CCA C1040V-shapedSurprisingly well-tuned hybrid from a KZ-style company. Definitely the best in its lineup.C+C+4BA 1DDOardio demo unit182919140
C+Craft Ears Craft TWO400Warm neutralGeneral downsloping response; not the worst performer but nothing that stands out either.C+C+2BAEar.Inc demo unit1829191400
C+DUNU DN-2000300"Balanced"Lacking that necessary bite and forwardness in the upper mids, but otherwise fine.C+C+2BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit1829191300
C+DUNU DN-2002380WarmSlightly bassier and warmer version of the DN-2000.C+C+2BA 2DDJaben SG demo unit1829191380
C+FiiO F9 Pro150Bright V-shapePretty indistinguishable from the original F9.C+C+2BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit1829191150
C+Final Audio B2300NeutralFairly normal "single BA tuning", but severely lacking in upper treble extension.C+C+BAShowfloor demo unit1829191300
C+Final Audio Heaven 4170Warm neutralThe black sheep of the "Final single BA" lineup. More normal sounding and also the warmest sounding.C+C+BAJaben SG demo unit1829191170
C+ikko OH7950V-shapedWell-controlled bass response, though the rest leaves a lot to be desired.C+C+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit1829191950
C+JVC HA-FW02370V-shapedVery warm yet with some shoutiness. Too many conflicting things going on.C+C+DDJaben SG demo unit1829191370
C+KBEar TRI I3200V-shapedSurprisingly decent tonality, though somewhat average in the grand scheme of things.C+C+1BA 1DD 1PlanarThird party unit1829191200
C+LH Stella1300Warm U-shapedSlightly bloated, odd colouration, not a great hybrid presentation.C+C+2BA 1DDReview unit18291911300
C+Meccaudio ME20300NeutralUneven in the upper mids and treble, but otherwise fine.C+C+2BA 1DDE1 demo unit1829191300
C+Moondrop Nekocake50NeutralC+C+DDReview unit182919150
C+★★Moondrop Quarks15Warm DF-neutralC+C+DDReview unit182919115
C+Neusonik direm PRO?V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+C+DDReview unit182919199999
C+Noble Sultan2900V-shapedSomewhat generic tuning, poor technicalities, lacking treble extension, overpriced.C+C+2EST 4BA 1DDStereo SG demo unit18291912900
C+NocturnaL Eden950NeutralA weird take on neutrality. Limp bass, uneven mids, not very resolving.C+C+5BATreoo demo unit1829191950
C+Soranik BMT180V-shapedGood sub-bass presence but a bit too intense and forward in the upper mids.C+C+EST DDShowfloor demo unit1829191180
C+★★Tanchjim Tanya25Warm DF-neutralC+C+DDReview unit182919125
C+Tin HiFi P1 Plus170Warm neutralC+C+PlanarReview unit1829191170
C+VSonic Ares200V-shapedThe true "GR07 Bass Edition", but not necessarily in a positive direction.C+C+DDLMUE demo unit1829191200
C+VSonic VSD1SDiscont.WarmBloated and overly-warm, but not the worst VSonic IEM out there.C+C+DDLMUE demo unit182919130
C+IMR R2 Aten500VariableDecent sounding mids with bass that ranges from bleeding to non-existent.C+C+1Piezo 1DDThird party unit1829191500
C+Shozy & Neo CP165WarmReference-style tuning, decent tonal balance, solid technical ability.C+C+3BALMUE demo unit1829191165
C+TFZ Secret Garden200V-shapedDecent bass response and peaky treble, not much to say.C+C+2DDLMUE demo unit1829191200
C+Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro1150BassyQuite a bit of low-end emphasis. Overly-congested and smeared transients.C+C+4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit18291911150
C+Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT40V-shapedA well-tuned V-shaped signature that maintains solid midrange and excellent clarity.C+C+DDPersonal unit182919140
CNoble Savant 2500WarmDecent tonal balance with subpar detail retrieval.B-C2BAStereo SG demo unit18473111500
CFiiO FH5s280V-shapedVarying degrees of "V-shape". Sounds like a regression from the original.CB-2BA 2DDReview unit18411173280
CAdvanced Evo X60NeutralA well-balanced Bluetooth IEM. A very nice surprise.B-CDDZeppelin & Co demo unit1847311160
CAudeze LCDi4 (No Cipher)2500"Balanced"Low distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre.DS+PlanarStereo SG demo unit218418312500
CFiiO F325U-shapedWell-balanced U-shaped sound that's rather atypical of a chifi dynamic IEM.B-CDDE1 demo unit1847311125
CFiiO F565V-shapedTypical chifi V-shaped sound, nothing much to report on.B-CDDE1 demo unit1847311165
CAroma Witch Girl Pro1100WarmDownsloping response that sounds muted. Treble extension is its big weakness.CB-4BA 2DDAV One demo unit184111731100
CBGVP ES121500VariableSlightly honky midrange tonality with the usual EST tweeter roll-off.CB-4EST 8BAOardio demo unit184111731500
CBQEYZ Spring 1140V-shapedPiezo treble is notably sharp and unpleasant, while overall detail and clarity is surprisingly high.CB-1Piezo 1BA 1DDThird party unit18411173140
CDita Project 71Discont.WarmToo much of a downward tilt; clarity is lost and overall technicalities aren't up to par either.CB-DDShowfloor demo unit184111731000
CEartech Quad Driver600WarmWarm and congested presentation. Noticeably coloured and not the most natural.CB-4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit18411173600
CFearless Provence140Neutral with bass boostB-C2BA 1DDReview unit18473111140
CFinal Audio B1750V-shapedThe most V-shaped of the B-series. Fatiguing, sharp treble and slightly bloated bass.CB-1BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit18411173750
CFuture Sonics MG5HX875V-shapedTypical V-shaped DD signature with minimal focus on technicalities.CB-DDThird party custom18411173875
Cikko OH1S200Bright neutralCB-1BA 1DDReview unit18411173200
CMangird Tea300"Balanced"In a weird place, tonally. Not quite wrong enough to be "wonky", but certainly not right either.CB-6BA 1DDReview unit18411173300
CNocturnaL Gorham350V-shapedSomewhat well-tuned with no errant peaks or dips, though limited by its resolution.B-C2BATreoo demo unit18473111350
CSennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
(High-End Sound Tuning mode)
350Neutral with bass boostBig improvement in tonality over the stock MTW2. Treble peaks and unruly bass are tamed.B-CDDZeppelin & Co demo unit18473111350
CSimgot EK3350Bright neutralTechnically decent if a little spicy up in the treble.CB-2BA 1DDReview unit18411173350
CSimphonio VR12300Mild V-shapeCB-DDThird party unit184111732300
CSoranik ION-4350Neutral with bass boostFairly detailed with good imaging performance, though tuning needs more refinement.CB-1EST 2BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit18411173350
CStax SR-001 Mk1 w/ CES-A1Discont.NeutralSounds surprisingly dull and undetailed for a "true" electrostatic.B-CElectrostaticThird party unit1847311199999
CStax SR-001 Mk2Discont.Mid-centricSlight technical improvement over the Mk1, though tuning remains largely the same.CB-ESTThird party unit18411173350
CSymphonium Aurora250Warm neutralFair standard warm-neutral tuning, limited by resolution.B-C2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit18473111250
CTralucent 1 Plus 5.22380"Balanced"Tonally all over the place with a persistent lack of energy and bite in the higher frequencies.CB-5BAJaben SG demo unit184111732380
CMassdrop x NuForce EDC3100NeutralWell tuned, though not the most technical nor the most natural sounding.B-C3BAReview unit18473111100
COriolus Finschi180BrightEnergetic and bright, overall a well built hybrid that can be strident for some ears.B-C2BA 1DDE1 demo unit18473111180
CAKG N40400VariableA rather typical hybrid tuned to the Harman Target. Nothing special especially for the asking price.B-C1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit18473111400
CEmpire Ears Zeus-XIV2730Bright neutralTop tier detail and resolution with poor tone and timbre reproduction.DS14BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit-418618332730
CAudeze LCD-i3 (No Cipher)900"Balanced"Low distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre.DSPlanarReview unit1861833900
CKumitate KL-Sanka B1250Bright U-shapeVery, very spicy tuning that's not for everyone. Big bass response and sharp, piercing highs.D+A-3BAShowfloor demo unit188157311250
CKumitate KL-Sanka K1250Bright U-shapeVery, very spicy tuning that's not for everyone. Big bass response and sharp, piercing highs.D+A-3BAShowfloor demo unit188157311250
CIMR RAHDiscont.VariableNot much point to the filter system when it's just varying degrees of mediocre.C-B1Piezo 1Planar 1DDThird party unit19013357470
CMoondrop SSR40DF-neutralProbably as close as one can get to "true DF", though it's extremely shouty as a result.C-BDDReview unit1901335740
CAcoustune HS1503400V-shapedShrill, odd timbre and way too intense for normal listening.C-BDDZeppelin & Co demo unit19013357400
CAudeze iSine 10/20 (No Cipher)400UniqueLow distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre.DS-PlanarStereo SG demo unit1901837400
CEmpire Ears Phantom1800WarmHeavy, rich and decadent. Way too coloured and ultimately a one-trick pony.C-B5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit5190133571800
CFitEar EST1300WarmSmooth and relaxing listen, though definition is not its strong suit.BC-1EST 1BAJaben SG demo unit190571331300
CAmbient Acoustics MAD162500Warm V-shapeC-B16BAReview loaner190133572500
CInEar StageDiver SD-4600Warm V-shapeNeeds more upper mids. Weird tonality caused by a mid-scoop.C-B4BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit19013357600
CKBEar F140Warm neutralFairly normal "single BA tuning", nothing exceptional nor terrible.BC-BAReview unit1905713340
CStax SR-002500"Balanced"Somewhat technical as expected of its estat tech, but sounds rather uneven and honky.C-BElectrostaticThird party unit19013357500
CTRI Starlight800U-shapedPainful sibilance due to uncontrolled upper treble.C-B4EST 2BA 1DDReview unit19013357800
CJH Audio Layla2725VariableSuppressed upper mids and odd treble tuning. Decent technicalities.C-B12BAJaben Melbourne demo unit190133572725
CHifiman RE20002000Mild V-shapeLively sound with great technicalities and substandard tonality.C-BDDA2A Melbourne demo unit190133572000
CBLON BL0543Bright V-shapeA more technical but far less pleasing BL03.CC+DDReview unit2021119143
C1Custom SA02
Discont."Balanced"Odd take on neutral with a coloured tonality.CC+2BAJaben SG demo unit20211191200
CBGVP DMG140BassyDecent tonal balance though bass response is not up to par.C+C4BA 1DDReview unit20291111140
CFiiO FA1100NeutralA pretty standard reference-style tuning that just works.C+CBAConnectIT demo unit20291111100
CFinal Audio LAB 1Discont.WarmPretty standard tuning that doesn't live up to its build, pricing or prestige.CC+2BAThird party unit202111911500
CFocal Sphear150Mild V-shapeGood timbre, good bass and well-balanced tuning.C+CDDZeppelin & Co demo unit20291111150
C64 Audio A2e500V-shapedA rather interesting "V-but-also-not" signature. Can get a little hot in the treble.CC+2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit20211191500
CAAW Halycon1450VariableA little too sluggish in the bass with fatiguing treble.CC+4EST 2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit202111911450
CAzla 01R Mk2500V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC+DDThird party unit20211191500
CAzla Horizon300V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit20211191300
CCampfire OrionDiscont.Warm V-shapeUneven mids and lacking treble extension.CC+BAConnectIT demo unit20211191350
CCCA CSN15V-shapedC+C1BA 1DDThird party unit2029111115
CClear Tune Monitors CT-200500NeutralFairly decent neutral tuning if not for the odd roll-off on both extremities.C+C2BAJaben SG demo unit20291111500
CCustom Art Ei.3Discont.Mild V-shapeOddly tuned upper mids, underwhelming detailing, mediocre imaging.C+C3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit20291111400
CCustom Art FIBAE 2550WarmSlight downsloping response with a generally platable tonality but uneven treble.CC+2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit20211191550
CEarFun x Oluv Free50BassyBassy bordering on bleeding into the mids. Somewhat non-fatiguing but lacking resolution.C+C2DDPersonal unit2029111150
CEternal Melody EM-6W?WarmA slight improvement over the EM-6 but still has issues with mid-bass bloat.CC+6BAZeppelin & Co demo unit2021119199999
CFatfreq 20.8950WarmCC+8BAShowfloor demo unit20211191950
CFiiO FH190V-shapedSurprisingly better tuned than its successor. Sparkly but non-sibilant treble with good bass response.C+C1BA 1DDE1 demo unit2029111190
CFinal Audio F4100350"Balanced"Unique "Final single BA" sound; coloured mids and one-note treble.CC+BAJaben SG demo unit20211191350
CFinal Audio F7200550"Balanced"Unique "Final single BA" sound; coloured mids and one-note treble.CC+BAJaben SG demo unit20211191550
CFinal Audio Heaven 7700NeutralUnique "Final single BA" sound; coloured mids and one-note treble.CC+BAJaben SG demo unit20211191700
CFinal Audio Heaven SDiscont.Warm V-shapeUnique "Final single BA" sound; coloured mids and one-note treble.CC+BAJaben SG demo unit20211191350
CFitEar Aya1650WarmSlight warm tilt in tonality with uneven mids.CC+BAJaben SG demo unit202111911650
CGrado iGe100U-shapedGenerally mid-scooped with emphases in sub-bass and mid-treble.C+CDDJaben SG demo unit20291111100
CHorluchs HL4300700Mild V-shapeNothing much to praise or rag on. Average tonality and technicalities.CC+3BAThird party unit20211191700
CJomo Salsa1050Warm V-shapeSlightly bloated and sharp-sounding signature, and somewhat odd midrange tonality.CC+4BAShowfloor demo unit202111911050
CKlipsch T5 True Wireless200Neutral with bass boostA little nasally with muted upper mids with the usual limitations of a TWS.CC+DDThird party unit20211191200
CKumitate KL-Meteo850V-shapedVery bassy with a lower-mid scoop. A bit of an odd tonal profile all things considered.CC+4BATreoo demo unit20211191850
CKumitate KL-Sanka1200Warm V-shapeKind of a "nothing IEM" if I'm honest. Nothing bad nor good to say about it.CC+3BAShowfloor demo unit202111911200
CKZ EDX Pro14V-shapedC+CDDReview unit2029111114
CKZ ZAS80V-shapedCC+7BA 1DDReview unit2021119180
CKZ ZAX60V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.C+C7BA 1DDReview unit2029111160
CKZ ZS10 Pro50V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.C+C4BA 1DDReview unit2029111150
CKZ ZSN Pro X20V-shapedC+C1BA 1DDReview unit2029111120
CKZ ZSX50V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.C+C5BA 1DDReview unit2029111150
CLG Tone Free150U-shapedSub-bass boosted with a slight downsloping bias. Not the worst in terms of TWS.C+CDDZeppelin & Co demo unit20291111150
CMeze 12 Classics70V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC+DDAV One demo unit2021119170
CMonoprice Monolith M-TWE100V-shapedFeels like an attempt on a Harman-ish response, but ends up in an odd V-shape instead.C+CDDThird party unit20291111100
CNocturnaL Avalon500Warm V-shapeToo warm, too bloated, treble spike doesn't do enough to balance it all out.CC+3BATreoo demo unit20211191500
COnkyo E900Discont.V-shapedSharp and fatiguing, needs a bit more refinement up top.CC+2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit20211191430
CQoA Pink Lady150V-shapedSounds like a slightly warmer and less balanced version of the Adonis.CC+2BA 1DDE1 demo unit20211191150
CQoA Vesper70V-shapedPretty much a dead ringer for the Pink Lady.CC+1BA 1DDE1 demo unit2021119170
CRhapsodio Infinity Mk23600WarmNothing exceptional in either tonality or technical performance.C+C6BAReview loaner202911113600
CShanling ME500270V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC+2BA 1DDE1 demo unit20211191270
CShozy B2450WarmBass bleeds into the mids though treble somewhat balances it out.C+CDDShowfloor demo unit20291111450
CShure Aonic 5450NeutralThe spiritual successor to the SE535. A slight tonal problem but still equally dead with no extension.C+C3BAConnectIT demo unit20291111450
CSimgot EN700 Pro150V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+CDDJaben SG demo unit20291111150
CSony WF-XB700150U-shapedVery intense U-shaped signature leaning towards the bass. A little too imbalanced, but not the worst.C+CDDConnectIT demo unit20291111150
CTansio Mirai Land600VariableCC+2EST 3BA 1DDReview unit20211191600
CTFZ 2S50V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+CDDLMUE demo unit2029111150
CTFZ 4S100V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+CDDLMUE demo unit20291111100
CTFZ Exclusive 150V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+CDDLMUE demo unit2029111150
CTFZ Exclusive 5100V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+CDDLMUE demo unit20291111100
CTFZ Mylove60V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC+DDLMUE demo unit2021119160
CTralucent 1 Plus 2.32100Warm V-shapeBloated, oddly recessed mids, and not all that technical either.CC+2BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit202111912100
CVenture Electronics BIE20V-shapedGeneric V-shaped DD with alright midrange tonality and technicalities.C+CDDThird party unit2029111120
CVSonic VC02Discont.Warm U-shapeSevere upper-mid depression with sibilant treble.CC+DDLMUE demo unit2021119170
CWestone W20350WarmA darker, arguably inferior variation of the typical GQ driver sound.C+C2BATreoo demo unit20291111350
CYamaha EPH100Discont.V-shapedInteresting W-shaped signature with recessed lower and upper midrange.CC+DDThird party unit2021119170
CKinera Odin800NeutralSounds like a rather basic tuning and a resolution not fitting of its driver count.C+C8BAZeppelin & Co demo unit20291111800
CSymphonium Audio Aurora220Warm neutralSolid tuning, though average in technicalities.C+C2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit20291111220
CTin Audio T2 Pro50Bright neutralA T2 tuned with less sub-bass and more treble. High clarity but may not be for everyone.CC+2DDReview unit2021119150
CVSonic VS7120WarmA less fatiguing, less technical version of its predecessor.C+CDDReview unit20291111120
CAlpha&Delta D695BrightWell balanced bright response. Good detail and doesn't sound odd in any place.C+CDDReview unit2029111195
CEarsonics EM10/Grace2300WarmOddly low dynamics makes this sound rather dead and lifeless.C+C10BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit2202911112300
CAcoustune HS2000MX “SHO-笙-“2000BrightDADDZeppelin & Co demo unit204183212000
CCustom Art FIBAE 3625Mid-centricA clarity-focused IEM. Weak in staging, perhaps too thin on the note weight.C-B-3BAReview unit-420613373625
CFatfreq 20.6810WarmC-B-6BAShowfloor demo unit20613373810
CFearless Barcelona120BassyC-B-1BA 1DDReview unit20613373120
CFitEar Private 2221050Bright V-shapeSharp, almost piercing treble with surprisingly little air extension.C-B-2BAJaben SG demo unit206133731050
CFitEar Private C435Discont.DarkQuirky tuning with barely any treble extension. Not the most natural IEM.C-B-5BAThird party unit2061337399999
CIMR Aten550VariableBass noticeably bleeds into the mids, with the classic piezo treble sharpness.C-B-Piezo DDThird party unit20613373550
CVSonic GR01Discont.NeutralDead-flat on FR and also dead-flat in imaging and dynamics.B-C-2BALMUE demo unit20673133190
CFearless Roland1010DarkAn almost total lack of treble results in a muffled, dark presentation.D+B2EST 2BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit214157571010
CAudiosense AQ7500UniqueSub-bass boost, odd midrange and rolled-off treble. Not for everyone.D+B6BA 1DDReview unit21415757500
CJH Audio Lola1600VariableNoticeable upper-mid recession and seems to work only with distortion guitars. Everything else is a wash.D+B6BA 2DDAV One demo unit214157571600
CLear LCM-BD4.21030Bright V-shapeHarsh, overly-textured and extremely fatiguing. Excellent technical ability completely shut down by tuning and timbre mismatch.DA-4BA 2DDTreoo demo unit214183311030
CTin HiFi T2000110V-shapedPretty standard chifi V-shaped sound, nothing special.CC2DDReview unit222111111110
CCampfire Satsuma200WarmBasically a rehashed Comet in a negative profile fit.CCBAConnectIT demo unit222111111200
CAAW A3H (2019)290V-shapedEmphasised midbass and upper mids. Generic hybrid.CC2BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit222111111290
CCampfire Comet200WarmRolled-off at the top end, warm and bassy single-BA sound reminiscent of Final's offerings.CCBAZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111200
CCreative Aurvana Trio250WarmSurprising lack of BA timbre, but still rather average in technicalities.CC3BAConnectIT demo unit222111111250
CElysian Eros400WarmTypical "dual driver" sound. Not very impressive.CC2BAShowfloor demo unit222111111400
CFearless Start180V-shapedTypical chifi V-shaped sound, nothing much to report on.CCDDMusic Sanctuary demo unit222111111180
CFitEar Air 2/Titan1700Warm V-shapeGeneric hybrid sound. Doesn't really perform up to par either.CC1BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit2221111111700
CiBasso IT01110V-shapedNothing really stands out as "excellent" to me, but it does a lot of things well and little wrong.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111110
CAdvanced S200050V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit22211111150
CAlclair Versa350Warm V-shapeNo further comments; fairly standard warm-ish signature with middling technicalities.CC2BAEar.Inc demo unit222111111350
CAlpha & Delta KS3150Mid-centricShouty, lacking bass extension and ultimately too oddly coloured.CCDDReview unit222111111150
CAtomic Floyd SuperDartsDiscont.U-shapedFocused and sharp treble response with a fairly well-controlled bass response.CC1BA 1DDThird party unit222111111300
CAudio Technica ATH-ANC300TW200V-shapedWeirdly bloated, weirdly sibilant, not the best presentation.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111200
CAudiosense T800300V-shapedGeneric tuning that's nothing special in terms of tonal accuracy nor technicalities.CC8BATreoo demo unit222111111300
CBGVP DMS150WarmSomewhat downsloping response but lacking that last bit of treble air.CC6BA 1DDReview unit222111111150
CBGVP DS1 Pro50V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC2BA 1DDReview unit22211111150
CBLON BL0123V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDD22211111123
CBLON BL-A8 Prometheus85Warm V-shapeCCDDReview unit22211111185
CCatEar Mia80BassyGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDReview unit22211111180
CCCA C1250V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.CC5BA 1DDOardio demo unit22211111150
CCCA CST20V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC2DDThird party unit22211111120
CDynamic Motion DM200H180V-shapedGeneric V-shaped hybrid without any special traits.CC1BA 1DDThird party unit222111111180
CEmpire Ears Bravado Mk2800BassyVery recessed and unfocused mids with poor bass control.CC2EST 1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111800
CFatfreq Musician150Warm neutralCCBAShowfloor demo unit222111111150
CFearless Tequila400NeutralLow dynamics, no treble extension, boring tuning.CC6BA 1DDReview unit222111111400
CFiiO FD170V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDAV One demo unit22211111170
CFiiO FH1S80V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC1BA 1DDE1 demo unit22211111180
CFitEar Air 22050Warm V-shapeSimilar if not identical to the FitEar Titan.CC1BA 1DDJaben SG demo unit2221111112050
CFitEar Fitear900WarmSounds like an even warmer variation of the F111.CCBAJaben SG demo unit222111111900
CFlicker Ear Norma450DarkExtremely warm, lacking definition and clarity.CC4BAThird party custom222111111450
CiBasso IT0090V-shapedBasically a IT01.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit22211111190
CiBasso IT01X120V-shapedCCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111120
CiBasso IT03w260Bright V-shapeIts sibilant and sharp treble is a tough trait to endure.CC2BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111260
CIMR R1 ZenithDiscont.VariableNot very detailed with a persistently odd tonal balance regardless of filters used.CC1Piezo 1DDThird party unit222111111650
CJomo Jazz500Warm neutralFeels like an attempt at an all-rounder signature, but forgot about tuning in upper treble.CC2BAShowfloor demo unit222111111500
CJomo x Pantheon Percussion P3500V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC2BA 1DDReview unit222111111500
CKBEar TRI I470V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC1BA 1DDReview unit22211111170
CKinera BD005 Pro60Mild U-shapeFar better balanced in tonality than the original. Could use more damping the treble though.CC1BA 1DDConnectIT demo unit22211111160
CKinera IDUN DeluxeDiscont.NeutralDoesn't sound too different from the original, though it depends on which unit you get...CC2BA 1DDThird party unit222111111150
CKinera IDUN140Warm neutralWARNING: wide unit variation noted. Varies between "weird V-shape" and "trying to be neutral".CC2BA 1DDE1 demo unit222111111140
CKZ BA1060V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.CC5BAReview unit22211111160
CKZ DQ630V-shapedCC3DDReview unit22211111130
CKZ ED16Discont.U-shapedSibilant, sharp, and lacking any finesse in the bass.CC2BA 1DDThird party unit22211111120
CKZ ZSN Pro20V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.CC1BA 1DDOardio demo unit22211111120
CMEE M6 Pro60V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDE1 demo unit22211111160
CNF Audio NF2u200Warm neutralFairly balanced tonality, lacking treble extension and resolution.CC2BAReview unit222111111200
CNoble Savanna500Bright neutralFairly balanced tuning if not for a rather distracting treble spike.CC4BAStereo SG demo unit222111111500
CNuarl NT110120V-shapedSimilar to the NT100.CCDDStereo SG demo unit222111111120
CPeacock Audio P1200V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDReview unit222111111200
CQKZ AK610V-shapedCCDDThird party unit22211111110
CQoA Mojito400NeutralAverage tuning, average technicalities.CC6BAReview unit222111111400
CRHA MA750100Mild V-shapeSomewhat shouty with a conservative bass boost.CCDDStereo SG demo unit222111111100
CRHA T20i200V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDStereo SG demo unit222111111200
CRHA TrueConnect100U-shapedGoes too far with the bass boost and treble can get a little too hot sometimes.CCDDConnectIT demo unit222111111100
CSatolex Tubomi DH298-A1Bk50V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit22211111150
CSatolex Tubomi DH302-A1Bs130V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111130
CSatolex Tubomi DH310-A1SS200V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111200
CSatolex Tumuri DH303-A1100V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111100
CShuoer H27110V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC2BA 1DDReview unit222111111110
CSony XBA-300300V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC3BAThird party unit222111111300
CSony XBA-40Discont.V-shapedGeneral downsloping response with an odd upper midrange tuning.CC4BAThird party unit222111111730
CSoundmagic E1140Mild U-shapeA little suppressed in the upper mids but somewhat balanced out by a midtreble emphasis.CCDDE1 demo unit22211111140
CSymphonium Mirage170WarmAttempted neutral tuning that dies after the mids.CCBAMusic Sanctuary demo unit222111111170
CTechnics EAH-AZ70W250U-shapedSounds a bit all over the place. Weird lower-mid hole, sharp treble, no clear direction of what's going on.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111250
CTFZ Balance 2M200V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDLMUE demo unit222111111200
CTFZ Exclusive 360V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDLMUE demo unit22211111160
CTFZ Tequila 1150V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC2DDLMUE demo unit222111111150
CTFZ Ti Galaxy30V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDLMUE demo unit22211111130
CTiandirenhe TD125V-shapedGeneric V-shaped DD with alright midrange tonality and technicalities.CCDDThird party unit22211111125
CTin HiFi T1 Plus30V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDD22211111130
CTin HiFi T5130V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDReview unit222111111130
CTipsy Dunmer Pro200Bright V-shapeRather forward treble and gets intense real fast.CC2BA 1DDReview unit222111111200
CTipsy Dunmer120BassyBass bleeds into the mids. The bassier of the Dunmer twins.CCDDReview unit222111111120
CTripowin TC-0150V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDReview unit22211111150
CTRN V9050V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CC4BA 1DDThird party unit22211111150
CUnknown Custom UCD-2220Warm V-shapeA common 2-driver signature with passable resolution.CC2BAE1 demo unit222111111220
CWhizzer A1570Warm U-shapeSlightly bloated, slightly sharp, not a great combination.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit22211111170
CZero Audio Carbo Basso ZH-DX210-CB50V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit22211111150
CZero Audio Duoza ZH-DWX10100Warm V-shapeA bit too far with the lower-mid emphasis. Some sibilance is noted.CC2DDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111100
CJH Billie Jean350V-shapedFollows the JH house sound but otherwise nothing special.CC2BAAV One demo unit222111111350
CJVC HA-FW01380DarkVery heavy and very dark sounding IEM whose signature marrs technical ability slightly.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111380
CNuForce HEM1150NeutralReference tuning with tonal balance. Unfortunately limited by its technicalities.CCBAE1 demo unit222111111150
COriveti New Primacy300Warm neutralRather balanced, almost neutral hybrid. All rounder.CC2BA 1DDJaben Melbourne demo unit222111111300
CRose BR5 Mk2305NeutralNot a bad IEM, though plagued by BA timbre. Not the most technical but it does the job when called for it.CC5BAThird party unit222111111305
CShure SE535500NeutralTonally dead. One-note bass. No treble worth mentioning.CC3BAStereo SG demo unit222111111500
CSimgot EN700100Bright V-shapeGood clarity and energetic signature.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111100
CStealthsonics U2250V-shapedSharp, emphasised treble and boosted bass, sounds more mainstream than audiophile.CC1BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit222111111250
CTFZ 5S80V-shapedWarm and somewhat slow in transients. Good timbre, average tuning.CCDDLMUE demo unit22211111180
CUltimate Ears Triple Fi 10 "TF10"Discont.WarmDecent tonality and timbre. Not as detailed as the new kids on the block but has the fundamentals down.CC3BAPersonal unit222111111380
CKZ S250V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.CC1BA 1DDReview unit22211111150
CEdifier TWS150V-shapedDecent bass response, subpar treble, overall passable.CCDDThird party unit22211111150
CAAW W100Discont.V-shapedBassy and has that typical "chifi DD" sound.CCDDJaben SG demo unit222111111400
CAVIOT TE-D01b/TE-D01d177V-shapedStandard V-shaped siganture with passable transients.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111177
CCampfire Lyra II700V-shapedCampfire's take on a V-shaped dynamic sound. Wouldn't call it exceptional.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111700
CEarsonics SM3Discont.WarmNon-fatiguing, relaxing listen. "Normal".CC3BAAV One demo unit222111111400
CFostex TE1001800Warm neutralA little boring and dead in dynamics. Not fun but not really reference either. Average.CC1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit2221111111800
CJH Michelle500WarmStill sounds typically "JH" with a slightly V tuning, with slower transients and a non-fatiguing signature.CC3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111500
CMEE Pinnacle P1200Warm V-shapeUpper midrange emphasis with soft, warm bass. Nice for mainstream listening.CCDDZeppelin & Co demo unit222111111200
CNuarl NT01150Warm V-shapeGeneric V-shaped tuning with not much clarity or detailing capability.CCDDOardio demo unit222111111150
CNuarl NT100100V-shapedGeneric V-shaped tuning that doesn't stand out technically from other similar IEMs.CCDDOardio demo unit222111111100
CTFZ King100V-shapedBetter tuned than the 5S with a little extra treble which improves clarity and overall staging.CCDDLMUE demo unit222111111100
20V-shapedStealth-revised. Latest version is just another KZ-type signature.CCDDThird party unit22211111120
C-FiiO FA7300WarmBoring, overly warm tuning that lacks detailing.C-C+4BAConnectIT demo unit22413391300
C-Acoustune HS1003Discont.V-shapedIntensely V-shaped resulting in thinned-out, recessed mids.C-C+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit22413391200
C-Advanced M440V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C+C-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit2249113340
C-Audio Technica ATH-IM03450Warm V-shapeDecently technical but ruined by its sibilant treble.C-C+3BAStereo SG demo unit22413391450
C-Audio Technica ATH-LS300400Warm V-shapeSeems alright up till the treble. Very odd treble timbre.C-C+3BAStereo SG demo unit22413391400
C-Audio Technica ATH-LS400580Warm V-shapeSeems alright up till the treble. Very odd treble timbre.C-C+4BAStereo SG demo unit22413391580
C-AZLA Orta130V-shapedUneven mids, peaky treble, not a great listen.C-C+DDZeppelin & Co demo unit22413391130
C-CCA C16100V-shapedShouty and bassy at the same time. Not a great combo.C-C+8BAThird party unit22413391100
C-Clear Tune Monitors CT-500 Elite800"Balanced"Just a weird-sounding tuning that doesn't seem to fit any kind of classification.C-C+5BAJaben SG demo unit22413391800
C-Custom Art FIBAE 1Discont.BrightPeaky, uneven mids and probably more uneven treble.C-C+BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit22413391350
C-Earsonics ES2300Mid-centricSlightly honky and lacking extension on both ends.C-C+2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit22413391300
C-Earsonics ES3400U-shapedTypical Earsonics weirdness, though bass is well-controlled.C-C+3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit22413391400
C-Final Audio FI-DO6SS ANT20Discont.WarmUnique "Final single BA" sound; coloured mids, one-note treble and a more downsloping response.C-C+BAJaben SG demo unit22413391300
C-Final Audio Heaven 8700WarmUnique "Final single BA" sound; coloured mids, one-note treble and a more downsloping response.C-C+BAThird party unit22413391700
C-Gold Planar GL20150WarmThe usual "open-backed planar IEM" sound of "wonk".D-A+PlanarThird party unit22421113150
C-Hidizs Mermaid MS4250V-shapedGeneric V-shape tuning with middling technicalities.C-C+3BA 1DDThird party unit22413391250
C-HUM TT500NeutralA misguided attempt at neutrality with virtually no treble extension.C+C-2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit22491133500
C-IMR R1550VariableJust various shades of wonky. Not recommended for the shout-intolerant.C-C+2DDThird party unit22413391550
C-InEar StageDiver SD-3600WarmToo much warmth, not enough balance and definition.C-C+3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit22413391600
C-Noble Dulce Bass700Warm V-shapeA little bloated with the barest amount of treble required to balance the lower mids out.C-C+5BAStereo SG demo unit22413391700
C-Shozy Black Hole Mini650Warm V-shapeThe bass roll-off issue of the original is somewhat fixed, though at the cost of everything else.C-C+DDReview unit22413391650
C-Tin HiFI T136WarmCould use some more high frequency response. Seems like squandered potential.C+C-DDOardio demo unit2249113336
C-VSonic VSD2SDiscont.Warm V-shapeDangerous combo of recessed upper mids and strong treble emphasis.C-C+DDLMUE demo unit2241339130
C-VSonic VSD3SDiscont.U-shapedDangerous combo of recessed upper mids and strong treble emphasis.C-C+DDLMUE demo unit2241339150
C-Tin HiFi P1170Warm neutralOne of the rare few IEM-style planars with proper tonal balance without EQ, but lacking detail retrieval.C+C-PlanarReview unit22491133170
C-Ultimate Ears UE5 Pro600WarmDead dynamics, overly warm and congested.C+C-2BAJaben SG demo unit22491133600
C-Jabra Elite 75t180U-shapedOverdone sub-bass response, sharp treble, thin midrange.C-C+DDConnectIT demo unit22413391180
C-HarmonicDyne P.D.1380U-shapedD+B-1Planar 1DDReview unit23015773380
C-Acoustune HS1001Discont.V-shapedVery very deep V-shape resulting in recessed mids, bloated bass and piercing highs.D+B-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit23015773150
C-Earsonics ES51150"Balanced"Very, very uneven tuning. No clear direction, just sounds wrong.D+B-5BAZeppelin & Co demo unit230157731150
C-Earsonics Velvet850U-shapedLower-mid recession pushed too far with your usual Earsonics weirdness.D+B-3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit23015773850
C-FitEar Private 2231030BrightSharp and fatiguing presentation. Treble really needs taming in this one.D+B-3BAJaben SG demo unit230157731030
C-Meze Rai Solo200V-shapedVery wonky upper-midrange tuning that's also shouty at the same time.D+B-DDE1 demo unit23015773200
C-FiR M2800V-shapedShrill, unnatural tone in an otherwise acceptable technical package.DB1BA 1DDShowfloor demo unit24018357800
C-AAW Nightingale1000"Balanced"Horribly tuned midrange that sounds wrong and lacks energy.DBPlanarZeppelin & Co demo unit240183571000
C-Earsonics S-EM91500"Balanced"Honky, no upper mids, not a great experience. DB9BAZeppelin & Co demo unit240183571500
C-EarWerkz Legend OmegaDiscont.WarmTuning that is really a product of its time. Does not hold up well today.DB8BAThird party unit2401835799999
C-Fender FXA91300DarkPretty severe downsloping response, also results in low clarity and resolution.DB6BAE1 demo unit240183571300
C-Tipsy Aurora80Warm neutralVery well-tuned, but not technical at all.BDBAReview unit2405718380
C-Spiral Ears SE5U2000"Balanced"Weird phasing, horrible tonal balance with near zero regard for treble.DB5BAThird party custom240183572000
C-Anthem Five E2150BassyLots of bass and not a lot of treble to balance it out. Alright midrange tone but resolution is poor.CC-1BA 1DDReview unit (custom)244111133150
C-1More Quad Driver200"Balanced"Okay-ish technical ability in a mainstream tuning. Can get congested.CC-3BA 1DDJaben Melbourne demo unit244111133200
C-Advanced M380BassyToo much bass results in heavy tonal imbalance. Not great for timbre sticklers.CC-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit24411113380
C-Audio Technica ATH-IM01200WarmBloated and congested presentation. Needs more treble extension.C-CBAStereo SG demo unit244133111200
C-Aurisonics KickerDiscont.V-shapedRather generic tuning though with narrow staging and limited resolution.C-CDDThird party unit244133111250
C-Brainwavz B400150NeutralDulled transients and dynamics makes this a boring listen.CC-4BAThird party unit244111133150
C-Campfire Solstice1500WarmDoesn't sound like an Andromeda at all. A muddy, husky mess.C-C5BAE1 demo unit2441331111500
C-Cardas A8350"Balanced"A really weird take on neutrality. At least the bass is relatively well-controlled.C-CDDJaben SG demo unit244133111350
C-Cayin YB04500"Balanced"An odd take on neutrality that sounds weird and uneven.C-C4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit244133111500
C-Custom Art FIBAE ME800WarmDownsloping signature, bloated bass, and imprecise treble.C-C6BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit244133111800
C-Custom Art Pro330v2Discont.WarmBoxy mids, slightly bloated, congested imaging, not great.C-C3BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit244133111680
C-Eternal Melody EM-4?"Balanced"Downsloping response with uneven mids.C-C4BAZeppelin & Co demo unit24413311199999
C-Eternal Melody EM-6?"Balanced"Uneven mids, odd tonality, sounds like someone shoved drivers in there without any tuning.C-C6BAZeppelin & Co demo unit24413311199999
C-Fatfreq Eden220"Balanced"A strange sounding monitor with no clear direction in its tuning.C-C2BAThird party unit244133111220
C-Fatfreq Musician Plus220WarmC-C2BAShowfloor demo unit244133111220
C-Fatfreq Musician Pro370WarmC-C3BAShowfloor demo unit244133111370
C-Fatfreq Reference Plus220Warm neutralC-C2BAShowfloor demo unit244133111220
C-Grado GR8300Warm neutralWeird mids, somewhat hot treble. Not... great.C-CDDJaben SG demo unit244133111300
C-Heir Audio Tzar 350Discont.BrightIts detail would be appreciated if it didn't come with ear-splitting treble.C-C2BAThird party unit244133111480
C-HiBy WH3150V-shapedGives off that "generic V-shape" impression, but it's weirder than that on more listening.C-C1BA 1DDZeppelin & Co demo unit244133111150
C-Kinera SIF30V-shapedBloated bass with sharp and sibilant treble.C-CDDE1 demo unit24413311130
C-KZ AS1050V-shapedNothing much to say; typical KZ-style tuning with shouty midrange and subpar technicalities.C-C5BAThird party unit24413311150
C-KZ ES430V-shapedHas that ZS5/ZS6 signature: boosted bass and oddly piercing treble.C-C1BA 1DDThird party unit24413311130
C-KZ ZS530Bright U-shapeGoes way too far with the treble emphasis. Very sharp and very fatiguing.C-C2BA 2DDThird party unit24413311130
C-KZ ZS650Bright U-shapeGoes way too far with the treble emphasis. Very sharp and very fatiguing.C-C2BA 2DDThird party unit24413311150
C-KZ ZSR40Bright U-shapeGoes way too far with the treble emphasis. Very sharp and very fatiguing.C-C4BA 2DDThird party unit24413311140
C-MUNITIO Bullet In-EarDiscont.V-shapedDeep V signature with bloated bass and piercing highs.C-CDDE1 demo unit244133111180
C-Phonak PFEDiscont.WarmSomewhat warm-ish and non-offensive tonality, but with very flat-sounding dynamics.CC-2BAThird party unit244111133600
C-Pioneer SE-CX9300BassyFinal-ish single BA tuning with the interesting "bass exciter" technology vibrating your ears with bass.CC-Exciter BAPersonal unit244111133300
C-Shozy Rouge180V-shapedSounds surprisingly to certain units of the Kinera IDUN (the same driver config too).C-C2BA 1DDReview unit244133111180
C-Shure SE425300NeutralReinforces the fact that Shure somehow hates upper treble.C-C2BAJaben Melbourne demo unit244133111300
C-TRN BA570V-shapedLow resolution, passable tonality.CC-5BAThird party unit24411113370
C-Ultimate Ears UE900S400WarmVery, very boxy and nasal midrange. Limited technical ability.C-C4BAThird party unit244133111400
C-Westone W30400WarmFairly balanced as far as Westones go, but still suffers from subpar definition.C-C3BATreoo demo unit244133111400
C-Zero Audio Carbo Doppio ZH-BX700250NeutralSeverely lacking in treble extension and detailing.CC-2BAZeppelin & Co demo unit244111133250
C-Sennheiser IE40 Pro100NeutralAn odd take on a balanced signature that sounds dead and lifeless.CC-DDConnectIT demo unit244111133100
C-Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless300V-shapedSimilar but not identical to its wired counterpart. A weirdly tuned V-shaped response.C-CDDZeppelin & Co demo unit244133111300
C-Shanling ME100120V-shapedAn odd take on the typical "chifi DD" sound, rolling off the bass for extra clarity at the expense of tonality.C-CDDReview unit244133111120
C-Stealthsonics U4500WarmAn odd character, simultaneously bassy and thin at the same time.C-C4BAShowfloor demo unit244133111500
C-Ultimate Ears Live2200WarmSoft, muddy, low resolution and lacks any sort of definition.CC-6BA 1DDMusic Sanctuary demo unit2441111332200
C-AAW Nebula Two150U-shapedExcellent clarity and wide staging due to semi-open design. DD bass manages to shine through.CC-1BA 1DDNull Audio demo unit244111133150
C-Campfire Nova500Neutral with laid-back trebleSomewhat dead-sounding with no shimmer or sparkle in the upper registers.C-C2BAConnectIT demo unit244133111500
C-Fostex TE-02WPDiscont.Neutral-brightBalanced and clear. Very good value.CC-DDA2A Melbourne demo unit24411113330
C-Heygears Anora80Neutral with laid-back trebleVery good tuning, well-balanced signature.CC-BALMUE demo unit24411113380
C-Super Audio "Supermeme" 2BA+2DD150V-shapedA decently tuned V-shaped hybrid with energetic upper midrange. May be intense for some.C-C2BA 2DDPersonal unit244133111150
C-HiBy Crystal6Discont.Bright V-shapeSurprisingly thin and sharp-sounding thing. At least it's somewhat technical.D+C+6BAZeppelin & Co demo unit24815791450
C-Kumitate KL-Kanon1250VariablePot adjusts bass and lower mids. Intense V-shape, bright-and-shouty, and everything else in-between.D+C+4BAShowfloor demo unit248157911250
C-Shuoer Singer70V-shapedLess "sing" and more "scream". Needs those upper-mids toned down, desperately.D+C+EST DDReview unit2481579170
C-Shuoer Tape Pro130V-shapedAn attempt to fix the original Tapes by targeting not the upper mids, but the treble. Just makes things worse.D+C+DDOardio demo unit24815791130
C-Tin HiFi T2 Evo60Bright V-shapeD+C+DDReview unit2481579160
C-Yinyoo Ash20V-shapedWonky tone and sharp treble is not a great combo.D+C+1BA 1DDThird party unit2481579120
C-Cayin Fantasy800BrightDB-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit25618373800
C-Earsonics EM321100U-shapedLots of bass, recessed lower mids, strange upper mids, just an oddball all round.DB-3BAZeppelin & Co demo unit256183731100
C-JH Audio Jolene1800VariableReally only usable at-or-near max bass settings. Honky, lacking upper mids and just wonky overall.DB-8BA 4DDAV One demo unit256183731800
C-Ocharaku Flat-4 Akakeyaki800BrightAs with the other Flat-4s, rather weird and imaging with an intensely shouty and uneven midrange.DB-2DDThird party unit25618373800
C-Ocharaku Flat-4 Akazakura800Bright V-shapeAs with the other Flat-4s, rather weird and imaging with an intensely shouty and uneven midrange.DB-2DDThird party unit25618373800
C-Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede Type 1Discont.Bright V-shapeAs with the other Flat-4s, rather weird and imaging with an intensely shouty and uneven midrange.DB-2DDThird party unit2561837399999
C-Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede Type 2750BrightAs with the other Flat-4s, rather weird and imaging with an intensely shouty and uneven midrange.DB-2DDThird party unit25618373750
C-Ocharaku Flat-4 Ti Plus1000Bright V-shapeAs with the other Flat-4s, rather weird and imaging with an intensely shouty and uneven midrange.DB-2DDThird party unit256183731000
C-UFOEar UFO-111200U-shapedTruly wild-and-whacky tonality that makes most instruments sound wrong. Pretty decent resolution though.DB-1BA 1DDReview unit25618373200
C-Rhapsodio Zombie1800BassyNot the cleanest bass and with coherency issues that shouldn't exist for an IEM of its asking price.DB-8BA 1DDReview unit256183731800
C-Advanced Elise30BassyBoomy and heavy sounding. Smoothed over details but not the worst out there.C-C-DDZeppelin & Co demo unit26613313330
C-Campfire Polaris V2500BassyOverwhelming amounts of bass only slightly balanced out by a midtreble emphasis.C-C-1BA 1DDThird party unit266133133500
C-Elysian Minerva900Warm V-shapeWonky tone with blunted notes, not very revealing.C-C-4BAShowfloor demo unit266133133900
C-Fearless Crystal Pearl200WarmVeiled, weird sounding and lacking details.C-C-2BAMusic Sanctuary demo unit266133133200
C-1More Dual DriverDiscont.WarmSomewhat bala