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DUNU DK-3001 Pro: Unboxing


DUNU is one of the older chifi companies that I know of that managed to survive all the way into the “new world”, refreshing of its old “DK” series lineup and further announcing the release of its newest halo product: the Luna.

I still have fond memories of the original DUNU Trident DN-12, one of my first encounters with the chifi hype train that I was also personally a part of. Of course, nearly ten years later I’ve since learnt a lot and changed my ways, but it’s still a nice memory to go back to knowing that at some point I too, was once a bright-eyed, enthusiastic novice seeing the good in every set of headphones I listened to rather than the pedantic, jaded veteran that I am today.

The original DK-3001 was a DUNU IEM that I held to rather high regard, though it has been… quite a while since I last heard it (so long in fact, that it’s in my old measurements database but not in my new one). The DK-3001 Pro is a total overhaul sound-wise (I think?), though I unfortunately cannot confirm due to the rarity (or more accurately, the obscurity) of the original DK-3001. The DK-3001 Pro is just one step down the product lineup to the DK-4001, a model that used to be DUNU’s flagship until again, the Luna.

Hopefully, DUNU also learnt some new things over the years. Let’s see if the DK-3001 Pro remains competitive in the new world.

Product page:

MSRP: $480

Driver configuration: 4BA + 1DD hybrid

This DK-3001 Pro was kindly provided by Linsoul.


My unboxing posts are pretty much the only times I’ll ever talk about build quality, accessories and the like. I’m not really the person to ask about these things as I don’t really care about them that much.


  • Leather case
  • Tips
  • Cable with interchangeable connectors
    • 2.5mm balanced
    • 3.5mm SE
    • 3.5mm balanced
    • 4.4mm balanced
  • 3.5mm to 1/4″ adapater
  • Airline adapter

Cable: 4-core round braid. Pretty soft and pliable with little stiffness and good skinfeel.

Connection: MMCX. Feels very secure with a friction-type fit that prevents the cable from swivelling too easily.

Build: matte metal body, should withstand most abuse though the area that connects the main body to the MMCX housing could be a potential weak point.

Fit: feels alright to me, though I would personally prefer more points of contact with my ear for added security.

Isolation: below average (possibly due to venting).


  • Somewhat neutral signature with a tilt towards warmth.
  • Not the cleanest bass but can definitely extend down very nicely, with proper authority expected of a DD.
  • Tonally correct for the most part, no complaints here.
  • Biggest dealbreaker IMO: treble extension. Virtually no air in the mix and makes everything sound a little dull and bland in comparison to my other “technically proficient” sets.
  • Vastly prefer the DK-3001 Pro over the DK-4001.


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