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Tin HiFi T4: Unboxing


For the longest time, the T2 was the face of Tin HiFi. The upstart of the chifi world that seemingly came out of nowhere just to absolutely dominate the sub-$50 price bracket, and even today still remains as one of (if not the only) properly “neutral” IEMs in its price range.

Tin HiFi has had limited success with its subsequent releases, with the T2 Pro criticised for being too bright, the T3 ignored for being too similar to the T2, and as for the P1… while there was a massive hype surrounding it for a while, it fizzled out as quickly as it was built up. Didn’t help that I wasn’t the biggest fan of it either.

Now we have the T4. Remembering that Tin HiFi got its real start from 2 DDs, evolving into a hybrid and then a micro-planar driver, now it seems they have gone back to the fundamentals. Just a single dynamic driver, much like their forgotten T1.

I received some pre-production units before this for feedback, just like the P1. But unlike back then, I had no real feedback to give. Obviously I could nitpick till the end of time if I wanted to, but I didn’t really have any suggestions or solutions to re-tune the T4.

That should be real telling of what’s to come.

Product page:

MSRP: $110

Driver configuration: single DD

This unit was graciously provided by Linsoul.


My unboxing posts are pretty much the only times I’ll ever talk about build quality, accessories and the like. I’m not really the person to ask about these things as I don’t really care about them that much.

Accessories: hard case and tips.

Cable: 2-wire twist braid. Similar (if not identical) to the one used in the BGVP DMG. Supple and has a very nice feel.

Connection: MMCX.

Build: metal body, though feels weirdly light and almost plastic-like. Not sure how I feel about this.

Fit: bullet-style with over-the-ear cabling. Simple design that should work with most ears. Good insert depth, no complaints.

Isolation: average.


  • Neutral-bright signature, possibly U-shaped depending on your perspective.
  • Upper midrange can get a little intense but not as bad as the usual Harman-tuned suspects.
  • Bass is focused towards sub-frequencies, very clean but can lack punch depending on track and preference.
  • Very clean sound; no smearing, no haziness. Well defined notes.
  • Potential sibilance issues; treble is not as pronounced as something like the EX1000 but I can see this being too intense for some ears.
  • With its discontinuation, I believe that the T4 is the GR07 successor I’ve been waiting for all this time. That comes with the usual slew of weaknesses that the GR07 had, but the T4 manages to outperform it in certain aspects still (bass for instance).


Data has also been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I’m going on hiatus till mid-November. Just squeezing this little quick article in the little downtimes that I have.

As usual, thank you to my loyal Patrons and to my big money boys:


5 thoughts on “Tin HiFi T4: Unboxing”

  1. Say crin, I got the last email from Linsoul about these T4s, massive hype train, until I unsubscribed to the mailing list. If you don’t mind I’ll post up that email hype train & explain why I’ll never do business with Linsoul after responses I got from both Lily & Rea over on Amazon…short of it, is that they are dishonest/pratice deception, try to prey on ignorance…like they don’t think we can search on the net? under same category as your reddit rules: “Don’t be a dick” -both of those females were bigtime ‘dicks’ in my book, in their dishonest communications with me.

    Hope you will get a chance on the pre-release Kbear ‘Diamond’ with DLC (which hasn’t yet received as much hype train, that’s coming soon ;p)

    I know you are on vacation break, but maybe nxt yr you’d consider a quickly list of top picks for 11/11? break it down into categories like this post on HF:

    ^btw, my issue with Linsoul regards the recently discountinued top pick in the sub$50, orig.$119, category Linsoul tried to scam me into buying, for which it’s nearly a tie with the Blon 03. I also told Linsoul that based on your preliminary on the Shozy form1.1, I’d pass on them & never deal with the Drop again either, another baitNswitch company…glad I read the reviews of problems ppl have had with the Drop. While GR07x are discountinued, GR07AE are $130 on AliX, closest equiv?

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