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  1. “Disclaimer: the lifetime pledge requirement will increase periodically.
    This content is available exclusively to members of crinacle’s Patreon at “Silver tier” or higher tier, or having at least $24 pledged in total.”

    With slower Wi-Fi ‘business’ connection, older Safari browser; couldn’t even get the Patreon link to fully load; currently using Verizon tethered to my ip. I do not see anywhere to do this ‘lifetime pledge’ of $24 or more…post the link on this page? Consider $$$ you could make if you did a 1mo subscription/access price to the comparison graph for those who would be like me, only want to use it infrequently, couple Xs/year, say around Blk Friday or 11/11 sales when I might buy something. I’m not a rabid hp/iem forum reader, too busy for that.

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