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Magaosi K5: Unboxing


As someone whose mother tongue is Chinese (though fluency is a different question), the brand “Magaosi” is pronounced “Ma-gao-si” in my head. The Western tongue says it differently, with many YouTubers I know calling it “Maga-o-si” instead.

Not at all relevant to this article, but I found it an interesting useless fact.

Magaosi, from my perspective, is brand that seems to be really popular with the budget crowd, but has never really managed to enter the mainstream audiophile consciousness (case in point: me). Models such as the DQ4, BK50 and MGS401 seem to have gathered a little bit of traction in terms of popularity, but I honest-to-god have not heard about these models until I had to research the brand today.

The K5 is actually one of Magaosi’s older releases, though there have already been rumours spreading around that it’s a rebadged Shozy BG. Or maybe the BG is a rebadged K5. Who knows.

Product page: Amazon affiliate link
(Super* Review gets a commission off the above link. I do not receive any cut.)

MSRP: $180

Driver configuration: 5BA

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My unboxing posts are pretty much the only times I’ll ever talk about build quality, accessories and the like. I’m not really the person to ask about these things as I don’t really care about them that much.


  • Leather case
  • Tips
  • Bluetooth cable
    • Charging cable

Cable: 4-core round braid. Very tight braiding, so the texture of the cable is really bumpy. Passable, I guess.

Connection: MMCX. Nothing else special about it.

Build: clear acrylic/resin shell with fully-filled internals. Feels sturdy with an almost unibody-like finish, no weak points as far as I can tell.

Fit: pseudo-custom. Fits me fine.

Isolation: good.


  • The Magaosi K5 is sonically identical to the Shozy & Neo BG.

Just read my review on the BG. It’s basically my thoughts on this K5 anyways.

One of these graphs are of the Magaosi K5 while the other two are Shozy BGs.
Can you tell which is which?


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