Graph Database Update (17/11/19)

Special thanks to user “gikigill” (Reddit, Head-Fi) for taking the time out of his day to meet up and contribute to the database. 

(With the exception of the Cupids which are review units.)


Atomic Floyd SuperDarts
Aurisonics Kicker
Cardas A8
Future Sonics G10
LH Labs Verb
MEE M6 Pro
oBravo Cupid
Pioneer SE-CX9
RHA T20i
Sony MDR-AS800
Sony XBA-40
Ultimate Ears UE900S


JVC HA-FD01 (Sample 3)
Sony MDR7550 (Sample 2)
Sony MH755 (Samples 4 and 5)

Also, additional thanks for letting me borrow two items from his collection: the Sony MDR-AS800 and the Pioneer SE-CX9. One is a unique piece of IEM technology, while the other is one of the best-tuned budget IEMs I have heard in a while. I’ll let you guess which is which, but you can expect a writeup on both of these in the future.

All the data for the entries above have also been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool. Go crazy.

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