Moondrop Kanas Pro: Unboxing

This Kanas Pro (as while as my Blessing) have been kindly provided by ShenZhenAudio. Special thanks to them for their continued support.

IEMs, cable, tips, done. Back to basics.

First impressions

It’s good. Solid tuning, everyone knows Moondrop follows the Harman target though I’d say that the Kanas Pro isn’t quite as close objectively speaking as the Blessing.

Those who know me should already know that I’m not a huge fan of the Harman Target myself, insteading opting for a different personalised target curve but that’s a separate topic. First thing that comes to mind is that the Kanas Pro sounds like a refined version of the MH755 (an already excellent Harman-style IEM in my books) with better tonality though not as controlled with bassline transients.

Considering the build (solid, heavy metal) and the sound of the Kanas Pro, there’s no doubt that it’s at the very least a “good” IEM. How good exactly, well I’ll need a bit more ear time to figure that out.

With the Harman Target overlaid
Harman Target compensated (grey = raw)

My thanks to all who have stuck with me through this content-light period and remained subscribed to my Patreon. Special shoutout to my big boys Phil and Denis for their generous support.

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