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Tin HiFi P1 Unboxing


The P1 is now currently Tin HiFi’s newest flagship priced at an MSRP of $169. It makes use of a micro planar-magnetic driver, similar to those used in Audeze’s iSine series but downscaled to fit in an actual IEM shell that can be fully sealed.

The P1 can be purchased on Linsoul and is currently on Drop till 27/06.

non-audio opinions

My unboxing posts are pretty much the only times I’ll ever talk about build quality, accessories and the like. I’m not really the person to ask about these things as I don’t really care about them that much.

Cable: Flexible and soft, though with very loose braiding. Not a fan myself.

Connection: MMCX. Not a very sturdy lock at least when compared with other expensive connectors I’ve tried back in the DIY days. Should be adequate as long as you don’t overuse it, though.

Build: Metal shell, looks strong enough to withstand a good amount of damage. As expected from the people who made the T2 and T3.

Fit: Shallow fit though ideal in this condition as the P1 does not have a ton of mid-treble. Nothing too egregious for my ears.

Summarised impressions

As I have had a hand in tuning the P1 (more details in my full review), my impressions are no longer “initial” in this case and will simply be a summary.

  • Laidback signature, warm tone characterised by suppressed mid-treble but also comes with a large upper treble emphasis
  • Good bass response, extends downwards very nicely
  • Below average imaging and soundstage presence
  • Blunted attack, slightly smeared transients
  • Good FR but lacking in technicalities

A full review is already up on my Patreon, with public release coming in a week.

For those who have not seen the measurements yet, here they are:

Front vent sealed

Per usual, thanks to all my supporters on Patreon. Shoutout to the big money boys Denis, Phil and “McMadFace” for their generosity.

4 thoughts on “Tin HiFi P1 Unboxing”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the review. I would like to know how do you seal such a tint vent with a permanent or at least semi-permanent effect?

      1. Sent the Tape back twice and the mmcx connector is poorly able to connected without the “ click” that denotes a substantial lock of the cable to iem. In addition, The sound was shrill to my uneducated ear.

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