In-Ear Fidelity

Ranking list update (23/06/19)

I haven’t been doing well with keeping up-to-date with the ranking list’s changelog, so here’s just a general update on what has been changed today and in the last few months.


  • Oriolus Mellianus
  • Shanling ME100
  • Sony IER-Z1R
  • Sony MH755
  • Tin HiFi T2
  • Tin HiFi T2 Pro
  • Tin HiFi T3


  • Jomo Flamenco Pre-2018 (updated model)
  • VSonic GR09 (forgotten how it sounds, too long since last listen)


  • Campfire Solaris (A+ → A)
  • Audio Technica ATH-LS200 (B → B-)
  • Final Audio E1000 (C → C+)
  • Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 “TF10” (B → C+)
  • Kinera Odin (C+ → C)
  • Kinera Idun (C → C-)

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