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Oriolus Mellianus: First Impressions and Measurements

Here’s a little something to make up for the lack of public content the past few days.

The Mellianus is Oriolus’ top of the line flagship, sporting 10 balanced armature drivers and retailing at a whopping US$2,400.

This unit was graciously loaned to me by Head-Fi acquaintance ezekiel77so not too many glam shots due to the lack of packaging.

Initial impressions

It’s a rather thin-sounding IEM. The tuning does sound balanced but also somewhat underwhelming, with a strong focus on technicalities and not much else. Slightly bright-leaning tonality and benefits from the use of foams as it can take the hit in transient response.

The crispy, almost plasticky BA timbre comes rather strong in the Mellianus, which further solidifies that this is meant to fulfill more of a “monitor” type role rather than a natural listening one. FR-wise, it’s a tuning that I should like on paper but I find myself reaching for something warmer after just a few listening tracks.

The price doesn’t do the Mellianus any favours either. It’s an all-rounder kind of proposition that works as a one-size-fits-all recommendation, but then again the tuning is too similar to much cheaper models.

Full review in the coming days, which of course includes the final ranks. Patrons of my Patreon (all tiers) will get early access whenever it comes out.

An extra special thanks to all my current Patrons, especially to Denis and Ken. Y’all rock.

2 thoughts on “Oriolus Mellianus: First Impressions and Measurements”

  1. Excellent coverage. Has anyone tested/reviewed the Oriolus Reborn yesterday? Love to hear your thoughts.

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