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Graph Database Update (14/05/24)

The JM-1 Target has also been added to the 5128 IEM database.

For those asking “what is that?”, here’s a neat little article as an explainer. 


7Hz Sonus
7Hz Timeless
Advanced Sleeper
Acoustune HS2000
Ambient Acoustics AD-006 “Lyndale”
Audiosense AQ3
Audiosense DT100
BQEYZ Winter
Dita Project M
Drop (Massdrop) Plus
DUNU DK-3001 Pro
Elysian Annihilator (2023)
Empire Ears x Massdrop Zeus
Empire Ears Zeus-XIV
FAAEAL Hibiscus
Fatfreq Scarlet Mini
Fatfreq Reference Pro SE
Fearless Barcelona
Fearless Provence
Fearless Shangri-la
Fearless Tequila
Final Audio E500
Hidizs MP145
I/O Volare
Ice Lab Prismatica
JVC + Drop HA-FDX1
KBear Aurora
Kiwi Ears Dolce
Kiwi Ears Quartet
Kiwi Ears Quintet
Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite
Letshuoer Singer
Letshuoer S12
Letshuoer EJ09
LZ A2 Pro
Magaosi K5
Moondrop Chu DSP
Moondrop SSR
Moondrop KXXS
Moondrop Kanas Pro
Moondrop Blessing 2
Moondrop Illumination
Moondrop S8
Moondrop Solis 2
Nightjar Singularity
ND X12
Ocharaku Donguri Kaede
Periodic Mg
Periodic Ti
Periodic Be
Pioneer SE-CX9
QKZ x HBB Khan
QKZ VK4 (Revised)
QoA Mojito
Raptgo Hook-X
Samsung x AKG EO-IG955
Shozy Form 1.1
Shozy Form 1.4
Shozy Ceres
Shozy V33
Sony AS800
Tangzu Zetian Wu
TFZ No.3
TinHiFi T4
TinHiFi P1 Max
ThieAudio Voyager 3
ThieAudio Hype 2
ThieAudio Hype 4
ThieAudio Hype 10
ThieAudio Monarch Mk3
Tripowin Piccolo
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TP10
Tripowin x HBB Mele
Ucotech RE-2
Ultimate Ears 10 (TF10)
Ultimate Ears 5 Extra Bass (SF5EB)
Unique Melody Mini MEST
XENNS Mangird Tea
Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid (Mi Quad)
ZiiGaat Nuo
ZiiGaat Cinno
ZiiGaat Cincotres

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool (for IEMs).
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5 thoughts on “Graph Database Update (14/05/24)”

  1. Thanks crin for the update to the database. Would you be doing this more often seeing as part of your load as a reviewer has been lifted? Much appreciated either way

  2. Nice! I just use this tool so much I long for the further population of these databases lol
    I’ve always set up EQ by hearing, but having a measured reference helps a lot to have a starting point.
    Maybe Crin has already noticed, but, for some reason, there are some models that don’t show when you select, like the SA6 mk1 and mk2 Switch On.

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

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