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Graph Database Update (19/07/20)

Tentative ranks are now available for my patrons. “Cliffnotes” titles are also available, so if you’re someone who can’t wait just drop me a few bucks a month to get a sneak peek. For the rest, you’d have to wait until I get around to them whenever I have the time and/or motivation.


Acoustune HS1657
Acoustune HS1677
Acoustune HS1697
Edifier TWS6
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Freya
qdc Dmagic
MMR Homunculus
MMR Thummim
Origami Audio Silver
QoA Pink Lady
QoA Vesper
RHA TrueConnect
Shozy Rouge


qdc 8CL (8SL custom)

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool.

Baldr, Freya and Vesper has been temporarily removed as the units measured were not final.

Support me on Patreon to get access to tentative ranks, the exclusive “Clubhouse” Discord server and/or access to the Premium Graph Comparison Tool! My usual thanks to all my current supporters and shoutouts to my big money boys:

Man Ho

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