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Graph Database Update (16/05/21)

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Audeze LCD-2.2 (Pre-Fazor)
AudioQuest NightOwl
Audio Technica ATH-AD2000
EKSA E900 Pro
ES Lab ES-1a
Hifiman HE5
Hifiman HE500
Sony MDR-SA5000
Stax SR-507


Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro (analytical pads, Dekoni Elite Velour pads, DIYAH filter)
Focal Elear (sample 3, Utopia pads)

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool (for headphones).

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Man Ho

8 thoughts on “Graph Database Update (16/05/21)”

  1. Finally a measurement of HE-500 on this site. I always think that HE-500 has one of the best tunings of Hifiman planars, better than some of the later models such as HE-560 and has more relaxed sound than Ananda/Arya.

    1. Dunno about the SK. Some Head-Fi members say that it is out-of-stock everywhere except for Japan, because it is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Let’s hope DITA carries a few in Singapore, or one of the other audio retailers there do, so crin can go test it out in his hometown 😉

      I’m excited about the SK too, interesting collab between these two sister companies. I just hope that it isn’t a reshelled A8000 (cuz the diaphragm material is the same, Beryllium) that comes with an OSLO cable, rather something better, making it more “worthy” of its price compared to the two current flagships of DITA and final, and proving that this collab is actually quite effective and giving some hope to customers that the two may come out with greater products than what they have now.

  2. I wonder if you are going to make any comments about Oluv’s latest creation.
    I think that he did a good job making a detailed neutral IEM with a pleasant tuning, but I’m confused about that big dip at 6 on your graph.

  3. I personally own HE-500 which sounds really good for me. Still HE-560 has superior sound but not worth almost double the price (at least at the time of my HE-500 purchase).
    The only complain with HE-500 is their upper treble area, above 10 kHz – it’s definitely too strong and it makes drum instruments sound weird.

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