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Graph Database Update (11/12/21)

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64 Audio Duo
DUNU Zen Pro
FiiO FD7


Meze 12 Classics (V2)

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool (for IEMs).

These new graphs are also available on SquigBot.

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8 thoughts on “Graph Database Update (11/12/21)”

    1. Yeah, that’s impressive, and hopefully other makers believe now that they have to get it right when they make a 4K headphone. I don’t think I’ve seen any headphones that conform that closely to the Harman target, or any other target curve for that matter. And although Crinacle just does FR graphs, the distortion numbers are also pretty crazy.

      I’m gonna have to wait a couple years for the tech to trickle down, though. Or up my lotto game.

      1. I heard it at Can Jam. There’s nothing egregiously wrong with the tonal balance, but it’s sooo boring to listen to. It’s super compressed, has mushy transients and lacks the detail compared to a lot of the other flagships; especially the Hifiman planars.

        1. This is exactly my take away from hearing the Stealth at CamJam Socal. I heard it in between the LCD-5 and ZMF Verite Closed. It was very underwhelming by comparison. I REALLY wanted to love it too. The aesthetics and build quality are def $4k. But the sound? $1k.

    1. It looks different because the measurements’ normalization point is different. I also acknowledge that the shape of the whole frequency response does look different, that may be due to how the headphone is placed on the rig. Neither mean that crin’s measurement is the incorrect one. Unit variation may be also a potential factor that is causing this.

  1. Hi Anonymous,
    re. your comment about the stealth being too boring:
    I can imagine this pretty well. I own the Ether C and the AFC, both from DCA: they are the most boring of all my headphones, lacking so much in dynamics, e.g. making them for me fully unsuitable for listening to metal. I never bought further headphones from DCA…

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