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Graph Database Update (25/12/19)

Tentative ranks are now available for my patrons. “Cliffnotes” titles are also available, so if you’re someone who can’t wait just drop me a few bucks a month to get a sneak peek. For the rest, you’d have to wait until I get around to them whenever I have the time and/or motivation.


Audio Technica ATH-CKR7TW
ARC Mira
ARC Oculus
Aroma Star
BQEYZ Spring 1
Campfire Solaris SE
Effect Audio Symphony
Empire Ears Legend X SE
Horluchs HL4300
Jabra Elite 75t
Noble M3
Unique Melody Mason V3+


ARC Pollux (Sample 2)
B&O Beoplay E8 2.0
Campfire Solaris (Sample 4)
Effect Audio King Arthur (Sample 2)
FiR M5 (Sample 5, non-production universal)

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool.

Shoutouts to my big money Patreon boys:


And a special thanks to my newest Industry Standard Bloke, “Desertscrub”!

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