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Shozy Form 1.1: Unboxing


Not much to introduce here. Shozy is a Hong Kong company with roots in the DAC/amplifier/DAP industry, with their entry into the IEM scene being a more recent venture.

I’ve recently covered their 5BA BG, a clean-sounding IEM great for those seeking clarity. Of course, Shozy’s lineup is filled with some bad eggs as well (the Hibiki, Pola and V33 are prime examples of that) so it seems that they’re a mixed bag in terms of product consistency.

The Form 1.1 is their latest dive into the budget market, a relatively simple and generic hybrid IEM on paper. I’m not expecting it to revolutionise the price bracket, but here’s to hoping it at least presents some decent value.

Product pages:
Debuting on Drop:

MSRP: $75 ($60 “Super early bird price” on Drop)

Driver configuration: 1BA + 1DD hybrid

This Form 1.1 was kindly provided by Linsoul.


My unboxing posts are pretty much the only times I’ll ever talk about build quality, accessories and the like. I’m not really the person to ask about these things as I don’t really care about them that much.

Accessories: semi-hard case & tips.

Cable: 2-wire twist braid, cloth sheathing. Actually one of the better “budget” cables that I’ve tried so far; very flexible, soft to the touch and good texture overall.

Connection: flush 2-pin. Theoretically the weakest kind of connection out there, so this may be a potential failure point down the road.

Build: generic plastic shell, nothing much to comment on.

Fit: pseudo-custom shell shape. Very comfy for my kind of large & deep ears.

Isolation: surprisingly good for an IEM with a vented dynamic driver, though still wouldn’t beat the usual fully-sealed BA IEMs.

Initial impressions

  • Very good tonal balance in the upper mids, neither too harsh nor overly laid back.
  • Lower mids are very clearly coloured towards a heavier, almost cloying tone.
  • Treble emphasis is pretty well done though I can see some more sensitive taking offence to the boost. Not an issue for me though.
  • Lots of midbass emphasis; not my style as it doesn’t sound very “clean” and tends to bleed pretty liberally on bass-heavy tracks.
  • Pretty bad extension both ways.
  • Not very technical, not the most detailed but at least manages to differentiate itself from the wide pool of “average”, if just slightly.
  • Average imaging chops, maybe even slightly below.


Compensated to "crinacle Neutral Target"

Comparison courtesy of the Graph Comparison Tool

Big thanks to all who continue to support me on Patreon! The tentative ranks and review titles of the Form 1.1 will be available shortly.

And of course, my shoutouts to my very special big-money boys:


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