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Graph Database Update (01/10/21)

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Sennheiser HD580 (Silver screen)

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool (for headphones).

These new graphs are also available on SquigBot.

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15 thoughts on “Graph Database Update (01/10/21)”

  1. Hi, Crin. Thanks for the update.

    Do you have any info or links for the MiM Dark Magician? The measurement looks great but I can’t find any info on it anywhere. Does it perhaps go by another name?

    1. It is probably an IEM that only exists in physical audio stores (only in Singapore, as somebody else has pointed out). You’ll get the specs once you get a retail box, if MiM provides it (some companies actually don’t give any specs, for some certain reason…)

    1. Not good. Very high detail retrieval, but it has literally 0 soundstage depth and 0.1 imaging depth. As such, it’s extremely up-front. You can’t “see” the image but only sense the texture of the centre of each image.

      Think HD600/650 blob imaging and you’re on the right track.
      Overall, the Timeless is a niche set.

      1. Excuse me for asking, but are you Rikudou? If you’re not, you’ll be the second person I’ve seen who describes the soundstage as nonexistent, including its width. There are a few others who commented on about the lack of depth but thought the width is alright

          1. Yeah, so far this is the only person I’ve seen claim this too. Hoping to see other people’s thoughts soon.

  2. Also curious how the Moondrop Kato compares with the Aria. The measurements are very similar except the Aria has much more energy at 12-15kHz. I wonder how much difference that makes, and whether the Kato’s technicalities make up for the loss of top-end detail that this measurement difference would imply.

    1. There are a number of reviews (both video and written) on it by now. A question regarding the bass tuning has risen though; some people measured theirs to be lower than their Aria’s, and Moondrop themselves answered on Head-Fi that they did reduce the bass in comparison, yet on Crinacle’s measurements bass is nearly identical to the Aria’s

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