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KZ S2 TWS Mini-review: Beater

This post also acts as an update for the TWS Buyer’s Guide.

The KZ S2 launches on Indiegogo at an early-bird price of $30, $20 off its $50 MSRP.


"The Beater"

Frequency response measurement

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Product page:
Available now on Indiegogo at early-bird launch prices

MSRP: $50 ($30 early bird)

Driver configuration: 1DD + 1BA

These impressions and conclusions are based on its $50 MSRP.

The name of the S2’s game seems to be “adequate performance for bottom-dollar price”, and to that I think KZ has done it. The S2’s sound quality does not impress and neither does its plasticky build quality, but for $50 you don’t have much grounds for complaining.

The S2 has a mainstream sound signature; elevated bass and treble for an exciting V-shaped response, though the shape of the V is slightly biased towards the treble. Unfortunately the S2 strays into sibilance, a flaw that is arguably its biggest sonic dealbreaker, but overall there’s nothing too offensive about the S2’s sound, tonally or technically.

Unfortunately the existence of the S2 in KZ’s lineup seems like a mystery, especially when you can get their very own E10 for just $10 more.

Now the ergonomics are different between the two of course; the E10 has those odd ear hooks that some have complained about, while the S2 is a more traditional “bud”-type fit that should work for more people. But in terms of sound, the E10 has a better tonal balance and does not come with the sibilance that the S2 has.

But if you absolutely have to spend $50 on a TWS set (or simply taking advantage of its $30 Indiegogo special price), the S2 is an adequate pick. Just don’t expect too much.

Grade: C

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This is a shorter review than usual since I typically wait to “collect” a bunch of TWS impressions and post them in a bigger article, but since the S2 is being launched this very moment I might as well post my impressions and verdict if it helps inform potential buyers make a better decision.

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2 thoughts on “KZ S2 TWS Mini-review: Beater”

  1. I signed up via Indiegogo (#500!) but on the strength of this and another review I ‘ve let it go and got a refund. My Bomaker Sifi is probably better for me than the KZ.

  2. Please can you also review the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 and ADV M5-TWS which is supposedly tuned to Harman target curve?

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