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Graph Database Update (26/10/22)

e-Earphone Akihabara, in all its glory.

These new graphs are also available on SquigBot.

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9 thoughts on “Graph Database Update (26/10/22)”

  1. Awesome!
    Did you have a chance to listen as well? Can we expect some notes or ratings in a (not so) distant future?

  2. When are you going to measure the Hifiman Edition XS? Going to quit my premium subscription till then and gladly will pick it up again when it was measured

  3. It is a pitty the side is down.


    Sennheiser 58x & Momentum 4
    Hifiman Stealth Versions
    Focal Utopia 2022 & Bathys
    Meze 109 Pro

    Crinacle what are you doing the whole day?

  4. This site has been my gold standard for many years and I’ve extolled its virtues every place I can find. But I’m beginning to wonder what my premium subscription is going towards at this point—I’ve done all the comparisons of headphones that are pre-Harman relics of the previous decade and I’m starting to wonder if anyone’s home here?

    Your top five are all from 2016-2017. Nobody thinks the Susvara or the Utopia with their anemic bass and flat tuning are extraordinary anymore; I wouldn’t even bother with reviewing the 2022 Utopia because it’s the exact same headphone since 2016 except that its drivers don’t blow up anymore. Everything Focal has been revealed as hollow promises at this point—they just keep cranking out beautiful objects that sound as if they were tuned to frighten canines, with huge pre-Harman bass rolloffs and soundstages as wide as a snow globe.

    Speaking of Harman, no reviews of any Hifiman since the HEK V2? They’ve massively retuned their lineup since then—the HEK Stealth, Arya Organic and Ananda Nano are all beautifully tuned with truly physical bass responses. Even the Edition XS is a great headphone that is MIA here.

    Dan Clark’s Stealth/Expanse? Meze Elites? Audeze LCD-5? All of these, especially Hifiman’s offerings, are transforming the industry. You’re beginning to look a bit Luddite—I own most of the headphones I mentioned and I’d love to hear your take on them, or at least have their FRCs available to make your graph tool worthwhile.

    How about just starting with proof of life? Thanks…

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