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Graph Database Update (29/05/21)

Some exclusive early-bird content are also available for my patrons. If you’re someone who can’t wait for my official thoughts on certain headphones & IEMs just drop me a few bucks a month to get a sneak peek. For the rest, you’d have to wait until I get around to them whenever I have the time and/or motivation.



Aurorus Borealis


Audeze LCD-2.2 Pre-Fazor (sample with stock pads is inaccurately named; changed to “with Dekoni Elite Velour pads”)
Focal Elear (sample 3 with stock pads is inaccurately named; changed to “with Elex pads”)

All data has been uploaded to the Graph Comparison Tool (for headphones).

These new graphs are also available on SquigBot.

Support me on Patreon to get access to tentative ranks, the exclusive “Clubhouse” Discord server and/or access to the Premium Graph Comparison Tool! With current efforts to measure more headphones, those in the exclusive Patreon Discord server get to see those measurements first before anybody else.

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Man Ho

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