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Graph Database Update (15/02/21)

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Special thanks to AV One Singapore for providing the demo units for today’s round of measurements. Do visit them via the banner below:

The Diana Statement

I know that people will definitely start asking me questions regarding the Diana measurements due to… certain events, so I’ll do my best to say as much as I can without saying anything at all.

In measurements, there are no “sides”. Only sample points. Ergo, I take no sides. As far as my own methodology is concerned, both versions of the Abyss Diana did not require too much fiddling around to get a proper front-volume seal. There are definitely headphones that I have had far more problems with getting a seal on, for instance Sony’s studio monitors (MDR-7506/V6/CD900ST and the like).

That said due to the single-channel nature of the GRAS 43AG, I measure headphones one side at a time. Hence, the measurements that I generate (and by extension, measurements on IEF as a whole) are typically in the assumption of an optimal fit. As such, the bass response reported in my measurements are typically of the best case scenario, which may not necessarily be the case in practicality given factors such as head shape, head size, hair amount, presence of glasses, just to name a few variables.

TL;DR: nobody is 100% right or wrong. Such is the way of the graph.

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  1. Are we getting proper reviews of the Fostex lineup? They’re relatively popular <$1000 end-game options, and those graphs seem interesting.

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