Hype Monitor

The “Hype Monitor” is an ongoing project to monitor the popular products in the market today, as well as to record old hype that would have been lost to history otherwise.

Monitoring is based on data derived from common audiophile communities such as Head-Fi, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord. The determination of what is “hyped” usually means that the product in question is recognised over multiple platforms. 

(If you believe that any IEM belongs on this monitoring project but isn’t added yet, either email me at [email protected] or ping me on my various platforms such as Reddit or Discord.)

This project is currently a work-in-progress. It is not an exhaustive list of all currently-hyped IEMs nor a comprehensive historical compilation of previously hyped IEMs.

ModelHype StatusMSRPEstimated hype start
Tin HiFi T4Growing110Late 2019
BLON BL-03Peaking38Mid 2019
Sony MH755Sustained8Late 2018
Tin HiFi T2Sustained50Early 2018
Final Audio E2000Sustained45Late 2017
Campfire AndromedaSustained1100Mid 2016
Sony MDR-EX1000Revived500Mid 2018
JVC HA-FDX1Dying280Late 2019
Tin HiFi P1Dying170Mid 2019
Venture Electronics BiEDying25Mid 2019
Audiosense T800Dying300Mid 2019
Fearless S8Dying490Mid 2019
Moondrop KXXSDying190Early 2019
Tanchjim OxygenDying270Early 2019
KZ ZS10 ProDying45Early 2019
ikko OH1Dying140Late 2018
FiiO FH5Dying300Mid 2018
Noble K10Dying1850Late 2013
Sony MH1CDying25Late 2012
VSonic GR07DyingMid 2011
Fearless RolandDead1010Mid 2019
BGVP DM6Dead190Late 2018
Senfer DT6Dead38Late 2018
Moondrop CrescentDeadMid 2018
Moondrop Kanas ProDeadMid 2018
BGVP DMGDead130Mid 2018
iBasso IT01Dead110Late 2017
Massdrop PlusDead300Late 2017
IMR R1DeadLate 2017
KZ ZSTDead20Mid 2017
1More Triple DriverDead70Late 2016
TFZ 3SDead65Mid 2016
KZ ZS3Dead15Mid 2016
Rock ZirconDead15Late 2015
Audio Technica ATH-IM02DeadLate 2014
Xiaomi Piston 2DeadLate 2014
Ostry KC06DeadMid 2014
Zero Audio Carbo TenoreDead40Late 2013
Hifiman RE400Dead80Early 2013
Philips SHE3580DeadEarly 2012
Thermaltake IsurusDeadEarly 2012
Sennheiser IE80DeadEarly 2012
Yamaha EPH100DeadLate 2012
Sennheiser IE800DeadMid 2012
Monoprice 8320Dead7Late 2011
DUNU TridentDeadLate 2011
Shure SE215Dead100Mid 2011
FitEar MH334Dead1900Mid 2011
Head Direct RE0DeadEarly 2011
Klipsch S4Dead35Early 2011
Westone UM3XDeadMid 2010
Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10DeadMid 2010