Contribute to IEF’s new industry-standard headphone database!

Yes, I am finally going (almost) all-out on my headphone measuring endeavours.

As some of you may know, I currently host the world’s largest database of IEM frequency response graphs, currently at slightly over 700 individual entries (with over 2,000 data points including separate samples and model variants).

In short, I would like to do the same for headphones. I have already performed a small test-run with a Frankenstein’d rig comprising of an IEC60318-4 coupler and the MiniDSP EARS pinna, the results of which already come very close to common industry-standard rigs out there. But headphones are far more complicated to measure compared to in-canal earphones, so specialised equipment beyond what I have now is required for whatever data I gather to be fully compatible with academic target curves (Diffuse Field, Free Field, Harman etc.). As such, I had looked into upgrading my current rig with industry standard components from GRAS so that the acoustic impedance of my rig gets more in line with other measurement sources such as oratory1990.

Right now at a budget of $5,000, I plan to purchase the following components to upgrade my foldable rig:

  • GRAS RA0314 “Cheek plate”
  • GRAS GR1874 “Ear simulator holder”
  • GRAS SK6012 “Finger screws”
  • GRAS KB5000 “Large right anthropomentric pinna, 35 shore OO”
  • GRAS KB5001 “Large left anthropomentric pinna, 35 shore OO”

However if funding goes beyond the stated goal, I may simply purchase the full GRAS 43AG-7 setup and go from there.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that if I don’t hit my funding goal that this project isn’t going to happen. I’ve already set aside the funds required for this endeavour, so the purchase is going to happen either way. But I know a lot of people are interested in contributing to this potentially game-changing project, so I’ve decided to go ahead with a bit of crowdfunding with additional incentives to sweeten the deal.

16/08 edit: After further testing, it seems that my current IEC coupler (when attached to the KB5000/1) does not generate the “correct” results. As such, I’d have to get the full 43AG-7 setup anyways for the RA0402 coupler. The setup has already been purchased, but if you’d like to contribute further the campaign will be up till the database is finalised.

The donation goal has been shifted from $5,000 to $8,000 to reflect this added cost.