In-Ear Fidelity

Raw Measurements Database

Raw data files for measurements are also available for use at your own convenience. Access to this database is for $15 “Graphene Tier” Patrons and higher only.

For new subscribers, do allow up to 24 hours for me grant you access.

To make things clear, I will never paywall image graphs and they will be available in the normal graph database. However, for advanced users who want to do target curve compensations or direct comparisons, the raw files are a much better asset to use.

Basic tutorial (Room eq wizard)

For beginners, here’s a simple guide on how to use the raw data files to create any graph you wish off of my database using Room EQ Wizard, a free acoustics analysis software.

File > “Import frequency response” or simply Ctrl+i to open the .txt file. They will show up on the left.

Changing the colour of the graph lines is an option if you so desire.

To view the full graph, go to the “Overlay” tab around the top-centre of the window.

Here are the extra relevant buttons in the graph window that you might find useful:

Here are my default window settings if you need it:

y-axis: 30dB to 85dB
x-axis: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
Octave smoothing: 1/12